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Photo by James Cridland

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Through Squidoo I share the coastal/beach experience I adore with people who don't have the opportunity to experience it themselves. - angelatvs

I write, design and use Squidoo to make my words come alive. I use iPhone images and as you can see I love color, texture and typography. - BritFlorida

My passions are cooking and camping. Here at Squidoo, I write about cooking, crafting and renovating. - chaltom

I’m Darlene, and I have an interest in nature, animal welfare and art. I use Squidoo to educate people about the environment, green practices, birds and animal welfare. - Desertdarlene

Squidoo helps me share and preserve stories and photos of my many years of travels and experiences. - EditorDave

My name is Hannie and I adore art. I’m honing my writing skills at Squidoo, while making my designs well known and sharing tips on ceramics, design or photography. - hmommers

I’m a dog-lover. Squidoo is a great place to both promote my dog business and share my dog training experience. - Hope

On Squidoo I can show off my knitting work, teach others, and encourage those who are also undertaking this rewarding craft. - jennabee25

I’m Joanna and I’m a body painter. This is a place where I can let people in on my knowledge of body paint and makeup! - JZinoBodyArt

Squidoo is a place where I can share my love for art with the artistic community and supplement my charity work at Planting Hope Int'l. - KitandCaboodle

My name is Pat and I enjoy photographing birds, displaying my photos at Squidoo and letting people know more about these amazing creatures. - patgoltz

I’m a chauffeur in Las Vegas. I write about not only the city of Las Vegas, but also gardening, preparedness, holiday art, and animals. - RiaB

Bird photography is one of my loves. My goal at Squidoo is to inspire respect for nature by showing its incredible beauty. - steve_kaye

England’s Lake District is amazingly beautiful. At Squidoo I reveal how to best experience what makes it special -- everything from hikes, lakes, and mountains to historic villages, poets, and leisure activities. - whitemoss

As a professional historical interpreter I use Squidoo to spread awareness and appreciation of Northeastern Native American history and culture. - WoodlandIndianEDU

I’m Mickie. My passion is saving books. On Squidoo, I let people know how they can save the world one book at a time! - Mickie_G

I love sea kayaking and at Squidoo, I happily introduce the sport to people who have never kayaked, or are new to kayaking. - nightcats

Squidoo is where I write about and share my life: family, animals, entertainment, and the beauty and history of my native California! - lhbeninger

Dance is one of my passions. I use Squidoo to share my spirituality & love of the Caribbean, music, dancing, cooking, jewelry, gardening & health. - FreshStart7

Savate is my passion, and on Squidoo, I share my interest in it, canne de combat and other martial arts. - savateuse

Squidoo is the place I get to hone my skills as a writer/marketer, write about what I love -- dogs, old movies, and music -- and enjoy other lensmasters' work. - Margot_C

This is where I share my enthusiasm for dancing fun -- everything from wedding dances to Halloween line dances. - DancingCowgirlDesign

Squidoo helps me express my love of animals and encourage the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. - Flycatcher

I'm a youth librarian and I use Squidoo to plan storytimes, keep booklists, readaloud tips, craft links and storytime props. - tfsherman

I write about my gardening hobby, as well as pets and crafts for kids, on Squidoo. - lilymom24