ChessScribe – Chess Notation App for iPhone and iPad

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ChessScribe - Chess Notation is Simplified!

Have you ever struggled to understand your handwriting on a Chess notation scoresheet? Have you torn or lost an important Chess game scoresheet? Would you like to focus on your game rather than on getting your notation right? Have you had to enter the games into a Chess program after your match, move by move in order to analyze the game?
If yes, read on..

ChessScribe is an iOS app that allows you to notate your chess game visually on your favorite iOS device, the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. ChessScribe allows you to drag and drop your moves just as you see them on the board. It allows you to see algebraic notation during and after the game, and email your game to yourself and your coach instantly after the game is completed.

ChessScribe has no Chess engine, and it does not give you an unfair advantage in the game, apart from the fact that it is convenient, and easy to use. There is no additional hardware to buy. You already have the device in your pocket. Now put it to use for your Chess games too. Never lose another notation sheet! For less than the cost of two scoresheet booklets you can get ChessScribe! The makers of ChessScribe are Chess players with a goal to make taking notation as painless and easy as possible.

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