My Favorite Easter Crafts for Kids

As Easter approaches, I get out my trusty craft binder and look for the very best Easter Crafts for Kids. I've selected my favorites and am sharing them with you here. Some are my own ideas, some I've collected over the years from other crafters, and some are from trusted websites. I've added any hints and tips I've learned along the way to make these crafts as kid-friendly as possible.

I hope you find an Easter Craft that will work for you and your children or for a classroom full of eager crafters.

Stained Glass Window Eggs

Hang this Easter Kid's Craft in a window

Stained Glass Craft Sun Catcher Easter Here’s a craft that resembles a stained glass window when complete. This craft can be adapted for any holiday by changing the shape of the outline and the colors of tissue paper used. For Easter, use a cross or an egg shape: Here’s an egg (and bunny) shaped template you can print out, then reduce or enlarge from FamilyFun.

Tips and Hints: the size of the “window” should be proportional to the age of the child. A young child may “burn out” before he or she is finished with a large window cut out. My 12 year old was able to make a full sized sun catcher from a 9″x12″ sheet of construction paper. But a younger child will probably need a shape about 1/2 of a sheet of paper.

Directions follow…

How to make Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Really does look like stained glass


Construction paper

Clear Contact Paper (find at Walmart)

Glue or glue stick


Hole punch

Suction cup hanger

Colored tissue torn into approx. 1″ pieces

1. Cut out an egg shape from the center of a piece of construction paper. Repeat, using the first sheet as a guide so the sheets are identical.
2. Cut out a piece of clear contact paper about an inch larger than the egg shape and attach it to one of the pieces of construction paper making a “window”.
3. Have an assortment of torn tissue paper ready to use in various colors.
4. Attach pieces of tissue paper to the sticky side of the “window” of the egg shape until it’s fully covered.
5. Using glue or a glue stick, glue down construction paper #2 to construction paper #1, lining up the eggs to match exactly. Be sure to glue right up to the edge of the egg shape. Allow to dry if using glue.
6. Cut another piece of contact paper a little larger than the egg shape and carefully press it down on top of the tissue covered egg to seal everything.
7. Trim around egg leaving about 1/2 inch of the construction paper for a border.
8. Punch a hole at the top of the egg and hang in a window.

Easter craft for kids

***Here’s an example of this craft we made with a Valentine’s theme.

Easter Placemats

Leave it plain or decorate it

Easter crafts for kids Don’t forget about the tried and true woven placemat. There are many methods for making placemats – this is the method I use with kids. You leave the main sheet of construction paper intact at one edge. You’ll see what I mean.

We used Easter colors for this placemat. I made the strips rather wide at 1.5 inches (which works out perfect for 9 x 12 construction paper). I made them wide so that we could decorate it with thumbprint art on the resulting squares. Weaving in a strip or two of white paper is great for the thumbprint art since it shows up best on white paper.

Easter placemat craft for kidsFor younger kids, weaving the placemat is probably enough for one sitting. Older kids could add the thumbprint art especially if they had 2 craft sessions. I’ve written an article (listed below) all about thumbprint art if you’d like to learn more, but here’s a quick example of a cute cat to get you started.
This is just one idea for using thumbprint art. FamilyFun has another Easter craft using thumbprint art to make an Easter Card and it’s really very cute.

More about Thumbprint Art

Fingers + Ink pads = fun

In this article I give more fingerprint art examples and a link to the very best thumbprint art book guide book in the whole wide world!

Importance of Crafting with Kids

My fondest memories are those of sitting around tables with groups of kids watching them make crafts. As they sit and create, they talk among themselves and fellowship. For me, these are scenes of present day quilting bees where folks take time to create and become better friends through conversation.

Easter Paper Doll Chains

Three designs to choose from

Easter paper chain dolls Here’s an Easter Paper Doll Chain which can be made from any number of simple Easter symbols. Kids always LOVE paper chains sometimes called paper dolls. We made this duck shape we found online, but bunnies, eggs or flowers would be cute too. I’m going to make a couple more and add them here.

I cut our paper to 10 inches long (it had been 11″) and folded it back and forth every 2″. This made 5 layers of paper. Or you can leave the paper 11″ long and fold in half and half again to get 4 layers (refold to make accordion style). The more layers, the harder it is to cut. Use a copier to get your shape just the right width to match the width of your paper.

Decoupage Glass Bottles or Jars

Amazing results

Easter craft decoupage jar This one is pretty simple once you’ve got your supplies ready. Spread out newspaper over work tables, portion out the Mod Podge (decoupage glue) to kids and this craft won’t be as messy as you think.

Cleaned glass jar of any variety
Decoupage glue*
Crepe paper (I call it streamer paper) or colored tissue paper torn into approx. 1 inch pieces
Paint brush

*I use Mod Podge brand in a matte finish. I like the matte finish better than the glossy. Mod Podge can be found at any craft store.

What to do:
1. Apply Mod Podge to glass jar with paintbrush one section at a time (so it doesn’t dry out too fast).
2. Using your fingers, apply pieces of torn papers to wet Mod Podge overlapping paper pieces.
3. Seal paper pieces with another coat of Mod Podge on top.
4. Let dry

It’s fine to decoupage the bottom of the glass jar too, just turn it upside down to dry.

Decoupage craft Easter decoupage jar craft

Easter Flower Bouquet

Flower shapes OR egg shapes work well for this craft

Easter flower craft for kids

This original idea comes from a featured craft at Two Hearts Together. Here’s how I made mine: Cut flower shapes out of colorful paper. I found these three flower shapes in an old clip art package. I used some cardboard to make sturdy templates of the shapes. For the paper, I used scrapbook paper, but construction paper or kid-colored flowers from a coloring page will work too. Tape the cut out flowers onto wooden sticks (I used wooden skewers because I had them handy). Stick them in floral foam or display them in a vase.

Easter scrapbook paper Easter scrapbook paper tulip template

Tips and Hints: If you decide to use scrapbook paper or construction paper, PRE-CUT the paper into squares a little larger than the flower templates (as shown above) before handing it out to children. This will save them frustration from handling a large piece of paper and will save paper too as kids tend to trace things in the center of a sheet of paper – no matter how large it is.

Combine the 2 crafts above

Spring flowers in a pretty decoupaged bottle

Easter Flower Craft I think this would be a fantastic project to make for an elderly person, a sick neighbor or a teacher or school principal. I stuffed white tissue down into the bottle because the sticks weren’t long enough to make varying heights. This worked OK, but if the mouth on the jar had been wider, I would have put a piece of floral foam into it. I could have then adjusted the sticks much more easily.

Another idea (I hadn’t thought of until just now) would be to decoupage the bottle with small pieces of the same scrapbook paper the flowers are made from. The flowers would match perfectly to the bottle. The paper pieces would have to be small though as that paper is thicker than crepe paper. If I attempt this, I’ll post it here.

Easter Chick with Wings Craft

Card or Decoration

Easter chick craft This Easter Chick Craft is from Kaboose and it gets a thumbs-up. The instructions call this an Easter card, but I’m simply using it as a decoration. FamilyFun has included a template for the egg shape, chick legs and beak. You’ll also need a willing set of hands to be traced for the chick wings (shouldn’t be too hard to find). My “baby” is almost as tall as I am, but still enjoys holiday crafts so I enlarged the egg shape on the provided template for a better match to the size of her hands.

Easter Lamb

Cotton balls and clothespins

Sheep cotton Easter craft This Easter Lamb Craft is irresistibly cute. I saw this craft in a girl’s club workbook many years ago and have loved it ever since. This is one of my daughter’s favorite Easter crafts. I think because the sheep are so cute.

Sheep template
White Card Stock
Black marker
2 clothespins per sheep
Cotton balls

1. Trace sheep template onto white card stock and cut it out.
2. Draw in face of sheep with black marker on both sides of sheep’s head.
3. Attach clothespins (sheep legs) to sheep body testing to make sure sheep stands up properly.
4. Using a zig zag or crosshatch pattern, squeeze glue onto sheep body.
5. Add cotton balls to sheep’s body being careful to not cover the ears and tail. Cotton balls can be used full size or for smaller cotton balls, pull each cotton ball in half and re-roll into balls in the palms of your hands.
6. Let dry.

sheep template cut out add clothespin legs glue on cotton balls finished sheep lamb project

I don’t have a pdf file of this sheep template to offer, but I scanned it and am posting it below. Feel free to right-click on the sheep and “save as” to use for this project. This will give you an outline you can tweak to your liking.

More Easter Kid's Crafts

There's something for all ages

*New - From Katrina's Kreations: Easter Themed Candy Bar Wrappers
Make your own Bunny Candy Bar Wrappers. You gotta see it. This blogger even provides a template!
Pencil top decoration
By cutting a series of slits in folded paper, you can spruce up an old pencil with a paper flower.
Bejeweled Cross
The instructions are to paint the cross white, but I simply started with white card stock to skip that step. And I also skipped using the acrylic gloss sealer. Removing these steps makes this craft very do-able and kid-friendly. This would be nice hung in a window. Update: see a picture of this craft below.
Smores in a Jar for Easter (gift-in-a-jar treat/craft)
Use all sorts of Easter goodies to make this GIAJ (gift-in-a-jar).
Jeweled Paper Eggs
Here's another neat idea with scrapbook paper. Cut out egg shapes from scrapbook paper and decorate with faux gems. Glue gems on eggs, or use sticky-backed gems for this project.
Duck Paper Plate Craft
"This easy-to-make duck is a cute craft that is made from a single paper plate and construction paper." If you didn't want to paint paper plates, I think you could use yellow poster board and trace around a kitchen plate as a template.
Amazing decorated plastic eggs
Don't miss this craft for older children. This artist shares her method for decorating plastic eggs with permanent markers. The results are breath-taking. Another wonderful craft article here on Squidoo.
Handprint Lilies
I'm going to make one of these ASAP and post the photo here. From our friends at FamilyFun.
Easter coloring pages
If you are short on time and simply need an Easter Coloring Page, you'll want to visit this site (another wonderful article on Squidoo) that is CHOCKED FULL of links for specific Easter printables.
Tape textured eggs
How unusual. Add strips of masking tape to eggs and paint them. Makes for a very unique Easter egg.
Decorated Easter t-shirt
I enjoy making holiday t-shirts and this one looks really neat. I can see my 12 year old diving right into this project.
Bunny Tangrams from FamilyFun
A great way to add a little geometry to a craft. Make bunnies from geometric shapes.
Beaded cross necklace
Description states "Ages 8 and up". This cross is made from a piece of leather lacing and beads. We will try and make one of these and post the photo. Update: We made this necklace and I've posted a photo below. The results are beautiful, just remember 2 things: You MUST use the specified suede or leather lacing in 1/8" width (other string-like materials won't work right - we tried). Also, the lacing must remain untwisted for the entire length of the lace to make the cross work right. Definitely for older kids
Beaded Easter Egg - for adults or teens who want an extended project
These eggs covered in tiny beads are a treasure. Excellent instructions included. We are going to make one of these and I'll post it here.
Simple bunny ears for kids
Kids love head gear. Here's an all time favorite craft perfect for Easter time - the famous bunny ears hat.

*New - Easter Games and Activities

For Parties and Gatherings


Easter bead cross necklace

Easter Beaded Cross Necklace
*Please see my notes in “More Easter Crafts” above

Easter cross craft

Bejeweled Easter Cross Craft
*Please see my notes in “More Easter Crafts” above

Check out these other craft articles

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