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If you play AoC, this list of best age of conan guides will surely come in handy. Get some of these and you will learn how to make age of conan gold by dominating the tradehouses, how to use Age of Conan powerleveling techniques to get to lvl80 in under a week, and how to pwn noobs in PvP with whatever class you're playing. Having an AoCRiches guide would give you an unfair advantage in making AoC gold, for example... Or the AoC fast leveling guide which will allow you to get to lvl80 in shortest time possible. We are not here to fool around - we are here to win!

All guides listed on this page are read through, reviewed, and rated according to their content and quality, so make sure you choose the correct one for you.

Age of Conan Gold Making Guide

Wondering how that other guy can have 600 gold on his character?

AoCRiches Gold Guide

So, you want to get that Swift Horse mount for 150 gold and have no idea how you will ever be able to save that much. Or, you want full crafted gear with best gems. Or, your guild is working on a tier 3 city… There are a lot of money sinks in Age of Conan, and never enough gold. Some players seem to be filthy rich though… Ever wonder why? Here’s your answer.

This here is the most comprehensive handbook for making gold in Age of Conan I’ve ever seen. It even contains secret strategies used by those annoying Chinese gold farmers that you will now be able to use to your advantage! But ‘farming’ gold isn’t the only thing this guide writes about. It will also tell you how to make hundreds (literally!) of gold in the Tradepost, the most efficient resource harvesting strategies, and how to profit from your crafting professions.

AoCRiches does not sell Age of Conan gold (that’s illegal). They sell information on how to make lots of gold fast! You know how the saying goes: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

The guide comes with free lifetime updates. MMORPGs are everchanging games, after all, and you always want to be the richest guy on your server :)

Rating: *****

Age of Conan Leveling Guide

Gets you to lvl80 in under a week!

Age of Conan Leveling Guide

Age of Conan Leveling Guide has to be the longest AoC guide I’ve laid my hands on. Contains extremely detailed, step-by-step leveling strategies & maps to get you to lvl80 in less than a week (completely legally, of course – we are against using bots, cheats or exploits in multiplayer games!). It actually tells you everything, even which quests to take (and which ones to skip), which routes to take, and what to buy in order to ensure the fastest XP gain possible.
  • Full 1 – 80 Leveling Path To Max Your Character In Under 1 Week!
  • Color Maps With Waypoints Show You EXACTLY Where To Go!
  • This Leveling Guide Is For Any Class Or Race! Take Your Pick!
  • No Hacks, or Cheats – Legit Ways To Storm Through The Levels!
  • Full Support 24/7 Just Send The Author A Quick Email And He Will Help!
The guide also comes with free lifetime updates. Age of Conan is often patched and updated, after all, and you always want to stay on the top!

Rating: *****

Age of Conan Strategy Guide

Professional and comprehensive guide from KillerGuides.

This unofficial “Age of Conan University” will show you the most efficient way to the level cap, help you choose and acquire the best gear and skills for your character, suggest the best feat builds, and offer interesting and uncommon gold making strategies.

As you can see, this is a generic Age of Conan guide which covers most areas of the game (but perhaps doesn’t cover any of them very extensively). It has 143 pages of content at this time; buying this guide will also get you lifetime updates.

Rating: ****

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Is buying MMORPG guides worth it?


Definitely! It gives me an advantage over the other players. I don't have to learn the hard way.

zerohours says:

Well u have to know which guide to choose. Cause often there are crappy guides that are useless and written by noobs who just rewrite the game manual lol. But there are soem really great guides which u buy and they really help you improve. I read some great WoW guides but its really hard to find good WoW guides now since there are 10000s or useless ones around lol.

drizz78 says:

i don't want to browse forums for hours just to find the info I need.i want all that stuff ready for me on the golden platter -so I can be #1 on my server. Show me a shortcut, and ill use it; show me a best PvP build for my char, and i'll spec for it....

No! I prefer to find out and learn everything by myself. It's more fun this way.



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