Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Baby Shower Game Ideas

You have very little time and you want everyone to have a good time at your baby shower, now just relax, thats right.

Take comfort knowing that what I'm about to tell you will allow you to get what you need and allows everyone to have the most fun at your shower, too.

Your baby shower is your big event.  The games you and your guests play will make it so.  What that means to you is; your baby shower game ideas can make your party.  Your games and the stories your friends will be telling can keep your special day alive for weeks and months to come.

Ideas for your Baby Shower games are a key and can help break the ice and allow folks to bond.  Plus you'll be the envy of moms all over.

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Baby Shower Game Secret: 

You can take a simple game and make it an outstanding game and it's not magic but it feels like it.  You do this with the excitement you bring to the planning and your shower. Also creating even more excitemnt in the days and weeks before your shower.

This is your party (and for me), parties are all about fun.  What you do is plan for FUN, FUN and more FUN and all this with just simple mind-set.  What you do and your attitude can assure this.

>>>Keep your video and still camera handy. Better yet,  pick a friend to get those great shots. At my baby shower I got my brother to be my 'photog'…Dan gott'a pretty good eye (but not as good as mine  :o)  

-my instructions were the key

I said: "Dan, Listen carefuly and do exactly what I say; when the games start, I want you to get in close and get plenty of actions shots.  Focus on the fun."  Well, Dan is the Man (I just love that boy) and all the girls just love him, too. 

Dan got amazing shots of the action.  PLUS he even made color prints right on the spot…so everyone had memories to carry away with 'em, featuring their faves.

 Thank-you Dan.


Easy and Time Saving

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I’ve been getting call for weeks about what a great time everyone had, even big buzz all the neighborhood.

–KISS (keep it simple SIMPLE)
Keep your games simple, easy rules and a game the girls are familiar with means it’s gonna’ work like a charm. Remember baby shower games that don’t need a bunch of prep or supplies are best. Here’s a few games to get ya started.

The Baby Shower Baby Animal Game
Give the girls paper and pens then read off different animals and see if they write down what the babies are called. Example: Cat-Kitten, Whale-Calf, Lion-Cub, Monkey-Infant, Giraffe-Calf, Horse-Foal, Duck- Duckling, Sheep-Lamb, Goat-Kid, Fish-Fry.

Your Baby Shower Memory Game
Now on to test your friends powers of observation and memory, WhooHOoo … -

Sound like fun :o) Pick someone to walk in a room holding a box full of things you have put together. Have ‘em go round the room giving each person a chance to peek for 30 seconds

Go -S L O W L E Y

Then ask this person to leave the room. Now ask 10 questions about the person carrying the box. Examples: Was she wearing a watch? What color are her eyes? Did her shirt have pockets? You get the idea; right?

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GOOD Baby Shower Games Allows for Your FUN

How Big is Baby Game
Bring in a roll of TP pass it around each person gets to tear off the amount they think will wrap round mom to bee. The “Winner” it the girl who’s length of toilet paper is the closest to mom to be’s size.

Look Out Moms, It’s The Diaper Doo–Doo Game. Yuck :o)
Take half a dozen disposable diapers and drop in different candy bars in each diaper and let them sit in the sun or a warm place to melt. Get the idea; Label them 1 through 6…

Pass the “dirty diapers” around and the winner is the one who can identify the most correctly. Some candy bars that work well are Tootsie Rolls (big-size), Milky Way Bars, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Mars, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, and Reeses.

Games for the Kids

If you happen to throw a shower were kids need to tag along…

Mario, Mario on the wall who’s the fairest of ‘em all? Princess Zelda, of course

-Yes, when it comes to baby shower games a wii does not make it, for mothers or moms-to-be. But for the kids, do bring all.

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