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I'm a massive music fan and I like quizzes, so if you're the same then please relax and enjoy the following 50 questions. All questions relate to singers who have recorded material in famous bands and have gone on to enjoy some sort of success as a solo artist. No prizes then for guessing that I've included Michael Jackson in there somewhere.

Some are cryptic, a few are downright tough, and a few or the multiple-choice answers are just plain silly. I've given you 5 choices for each, so you stand to get an average of 20% just by guessing. But if you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with a little bit of pride, try aiming a little higher! :)

I've given each set of 5 questions the names of traditional anniversaries. There's no reason why - just go with it. I thought it made the Contents Table more appealing, but it just looks like Ivana Trump's Christmas list!

Enjoy and please feel free to tell us your score. Oh, and you can leave a comment in the Guestbook too if you like.

Paul McCartney Talking About Leaving The Beatles

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1 - 5: Wood

And we're off!

6 - 10: Tin

11 - 15: Crystal

Go for it, you're doing great!

15 - 20: China

21 - 25: Silver

Almost halfway there....

Take a break - You're halfway there!

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26 - 30: Pearl

31 - 35: Coral

Rock on!

36 - 40: Ruby

41 - 45: Sapphire

Is your brain fried yet? :)

46 - 50: Gold

The final hurdle - nice work!

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