Beading Tutorials: Christmas Projects

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Festive Holiday Beading Patterns and Crafts

Whether you're a beginner or expert, you can enjoy creating your own custom holiday decorations, jewelry or accessories, with Christmas Beading.

Using beads in a few classic Holiday colors, anyone can create unique and beautiful items that will be the envy of everyone at the office party. From ornaments, to necklaces, to center pieces, the possiblities are endless.

Techniques used in these free projects include: netting, herringbone weave, right angle weave (RAW), peyote stitch, leaf fringe, stringing and bead embroidery.

Beaders and crafters are welcome to print these instructions for personal use only.  You can print the entire page, or highlight the tutorial that you want to use and choose "Print Selection".  Remember to reuse the paper! These tutorials may not be republished or distributed in any form.

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Full List of Projects:

Easy Beaded Ornament Cover

Create a Simple Netted Christmas Ornament

Beaded Christmas Ornament

This simple netted ornament design is easy to create, and can be adapted and embellished to suit just about any style or taste. These instructions will use two seed beads colors, but you can create your own patterns for interesting and colorful beaded ornaments. Use these pretty decorations on your tree, wreaths, garlands and more!

You can learn more about netting stitch with this Seed Bead Netting Tutorial.


Small round glass ornament.
Seed beads, size 11/o or 10/o in gold and green
Beading thread
Beading needle


Step 1) Thread your needle on a comfortable length of thread and string one seed bead, sliding it down until you have an 8 inch tail. Stitch back through the bead again and pull tight to create a stop-bead.

Step 2) Pick up the following pattern of seed beads:

1 green, 5 gold, 1 green, 6 gold, 1 green, 7 gold, 1 green, 6 gold, 1 green, 5 gold, 1 green, 4 gold, 2 green

Slide the beads down to the stop bead.

Step 3) Stitch back through the green bead second from the end, and pull tight. If you have trouble getting the beads to snug up, you can also push the stop bead up to tighten the beadwork.

Step 4) Pick up the following beads: 4 gold, 1 green, 4 gold. Skip the first green bead from the previous row, and stitch down through the next green bead. You should now have a diamond-like shape at the top of the bead strand.

Step 5) Pick up 6 gold beads, 1 green, and 7 gold. Stitch down through the adjacent green bead in the previous row.

Step 6) Pick up 6 gold beads, 1 green, and 5 gold. Stitch down through the first green bead added in the previous row.

Step 7) You will now need to perform a turn to start the next row. Pick up 4 gold beads, and 2 green. Stitch up through the first green bead again and pull tight.

Step 8) Pick up 4 gold beads, 1 green, and 5 gold. Stitch through the adjacent green bead in the previous row.

For this row and each following row, you can keep track of your stitches by making sure to sew through the green beads that have only one strand of beads passing through them.

Step 9) Continue adding rows using the netting technique, using the pattern of 4-5-6-7-6-5-4. Periodically check the length of your beadwork against the ornament, until you have a panel of netting that is about ¼ inch short of covering the entire sphere. You will need to stop at the top of the beadwork – the opposite side as the stop bead.

Netted Beadwork Tutorial

Step 10) Wrap your beadwork around the ornament, and pick up 4 gold beads. Stitch through the top green bead from the first row. This will begin connecting the first and last rows together.

Step 11) Continue zipping up the netting, crossing back and forth between the gap and using the 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 pattern. Retrace the thread path once to tighten and secure the beadwork.

Netted Ornament Tutorial

Step 12) Weave the working thread and tail thread into the beadwork, tying a few knots between beads. Trim the threads.


To create a more snug beaded covering, you can cinch up the top and bottom of the netting by adding a few beads between each point.

Try adding fringe and tassels to the bottom of the ornament. You can also embellish the netting with other beads, such as stars or teardrops.

Netted Ornament Variation

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Christmas Beading Patterns

Repeating patterns for any project.

You can turn these simple patterns into bracelets, banners, a table runner, bookmarks and more! Just use your imagination. These patterns are great for Delica or cylinder seed beads, but can also be used with Czech or Japanese round seed beads, cube beads, pony beads, or any small beads that fit together evenly with flat beadweaving.

These patterns are free to beaders and crafters for personal use. To save or print, just right click on the picture. Patterns may not be republished or distributed. Copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

Peyote, Gourd, or Brick Stitch

Silver Bells Repeating Peyote Stitch Pattern

Silver Bells

Starry Night Sky Christmas Peyote Pattern

Starry Night Sky

Peyote Stitch Christmas Stocking Pattern

Christmas Stockings Over the Mantle

Herringbone, Square Stitch or Loom Weaving

Christmas Tartan Herringbone Pattern

Christmas Tartan

Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper Herringbone Pattern

Wrapping Paper

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Christmas Beaders

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Holiday Bead Colors

Easy Color Palettes to Go!

Classic red, white and green bead palettes are easy to create with a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. For more holiday palette ideas, check out Christmas Delights.

Making Beaded Poinsettias

A quick little holiday themed video showing a beaded poinsettia being created. You can get full instructions to make your own flower beads with the Leafy Petal Poinsettia Bead Tutorial.
powered by Youtube

Gift Box Ornament

Technique: Right Angle Weave

Beaded Gift BoxThis tiny 3-D beaded ornament is great to hang from the tree, or to decorate a center piece for your dinner table.

You could also try making them in different colors for party favors year-round. They would make great wedding favors in the bride’s colors.

Materials Needed:

Size 10o or 11o seed beads in two colors
One size 4o or “E” bead
Beading thread (Fireline is recommended)
Beading needle

Beaded Box:

Step 1) Following grid A in the pattern below, create a square of basic right angle weave.

Step 2) At the end of the last row, exit the top-most bead (highlighted in blue, grid A). Grasp the RAW square with your thumb and forefinger so that only the top row of beads is shown.

Try to maintain this position as you stitch the next two rows, so that the beadwork will take on the desired shape.

Step 3) Pick up 3 beads to begin the first row of grid B. Follow the pattern using right angle weave, to complete a second square that is the same size as the first.

4) At the end of the last row, exit the side bead of the cluster, and begin the first row of grid C.

As you add squares C-F you will need to use beads from previous squares to connect the box shape. You can count stitches as you go, keeping in mind that in each row, there will be 6 “vertical” beads.

Step 5) Complete each square in order, connecting the edges of the box shape together. If you add new thread, secure the tail immediately to reduce tangling.


Step 1) Once the box is assembled, weave around and exit from the third bead in the middle row (highlighted in orange, grid F).

Step 2) Pick up 4 ribbon colored seed beads, the 4o bead, and 4 seed beads. Stitch into the fourth bead in the middle row.

Step 3) Weave around and stitch back through the last 4 seed beads and the 4o bead again. Pick up 19 seed beads.

Step 4) Stitch back through the first bead added, and the 4o bead. Repeat to form a second loop.

Step 5) Exit from the 4o bead again, and pick up 10 seed beads. Skip the last bead added, and stitch through the next 9 beads, and the 4o bead.

Repeat to form a second fringe.

Step 6) Stitch back down through the connecting seed beads and into the box. Secure the thread with a few knots and trim.

Step 7) To hang your gift box from the tree, insert a wire ornament hook under the 4o bead and twist it to close.

Wrapped Christmas Present

“Wrapped Christmas Present”

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Beads of Christmas


A wonderful holiday bead inspiration video from the fabulous folks at Happy Mango Beads – my favorite source for unique, natural, vintage, and exotic beads.
powered by Youtube

Tree Lights Bracelet

Techniques: Peyote Stitch, Leaf Fringe

Beaded Christmas Lights BraceletThis fun festive project uses leaf fringe to mimic Christmas lights and pine boughs for a chunky and sparkling holiday bracelet.

Materials Needed:

Seed beads in the following colors:

Dark Brown
Dark Green
Bright Green

Toggle Clasp
Black or Brown Beading Thread
Beading Needle

Step 1) Secure a stop-bead on 2 yards of thread, leaving a 6 inch tail. Using dark brown beads, create a panel of flat, even count peyote stitch that is 10 beads long and 10 beads across.

Step 2) After adding the last bead, pick up 3 beads, and stitch down into the next row of beads. Pull tight to form a picot.

Step 3) Stitch back up to the top of the panel and add another picot. Exit the beadwork again from the next stack of beads.

Step 4) Pick up 4 beads, one half of the clasp, and 4 beads. Stitch down into the next stack of beads and pull tight. Retrace the thread path through the bead loop again to add strength.

Step 5) Stitch through the beadwork and add two more picots to the last half of the panel.

Step 6) Weave through the beadwork to exit the other side. Secure the tail and trim, but leave the working thread.

Repeat steps 1-6 for the other half of the clasp.

Step 7) Fasten the clasp, and measure the length of the clasp and peyote panels. Subtract this length from the desired length of the bracelet. The result will determine the length of the bead strand in step 8.

Step 8) With the working thread from one panel, pick up enough dark brown beads to match the appropriate length for the bracelet plus one inch. Make sure that the number of beads is divisible by 3.

Step 9) Stitch into the last row of the other peyote component, opposite the thread tail. Weave around, and exit the next stack of beads.

Step 10) Pick up another strand of brown beads, that is the same length as the strand in Step 9 and stitch it to the opposite panel.

Step 11) Continue adding beads in this manner until the working thread is about 6 inches long. Secure the thread in the beadwork and trim.

Pick up the remaining tail thread and continue adding strands until you have a total of 10 strands between the clasps.

Step 12) Secure any tail threads and trim. Secure a comfortable length of thread in one side of the beadwork and stitch through the first 3 beads in one strand.

Step 13) Pick up 5 dark green beads and slide them down to the beadwork.

Stitch back through the 4th bead added and pull tight.

Step 14) Pick up 2 dark green beads and stitch back through the first bead added. Stitch through the next three brown beads in the strand.

Step 15) Pick up 1 black bead and 4 blue beads.

Stitch back through the 3rd blue bead added and pull tight.

Step 16) Pick up 2 blue beads, and stitch back through the black bead, and the next three brown beads in the strand.

Step 17) Continue adding “leaves” and “lights” in this manner, placing different colored lights randomly along the strands. Add and end thread in the peyote panels as needed.

Step 18) When all ten bead strands have been covered with fringe, secure the working thread with a few knots and trim.

Wear your bracelet to a holiday concert!

Bracelet Variations

Create a set of different bracelets as party favors for a holiday dinner party.

Christmas Lights on Snowy Evergreen Branches

“Christmas Lights on Snowy Evergreen Branches”

- Use a variety of green shades and finishes for the pine “leaves”.

- Make the lights white and blue, or gold and silver.

- Add even more foliage and lights with fringes of leaves along each bracelet strand.

- Use red beads with daisy chain stitches instead of lights to create a holly berry bracelet.

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Memory Wreath Ornament

Technique: Bead Embroidery

Beaded Christmas WreathThese easy to make embroidered ornaments are a great craft to do each year. The beads are added using the back-stitch technique.

Materials Needed:

Seed beads in red, white and two shades of green
Green craft felt
Sewing thread
Beading needle
Round stencil, about 2 inches diameter
Marker or seamstress chalk

Wreath Front:

Step 1) Trace around your stencil on a piece of felt. If desired, make a smaller circle in the centre as a guide.

Step 2) Thread the needle with a double length of thread and knot the ends three times. Stitch up through the felt, exiting just inside the circle.

Step 3) Pick up four beads and slide them down to the felt. Lay them along the circle, and stitch down into the felt as close to the last bead as possible. Pull tight.

Step 4) Stitch back up through the felt, between the 2nd and 3rd bead. Stitch through the last two beads again.

Step 5) Pick up four beads, and repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a ring of beads. Use red, white and green beads at random, or in a pattern of your choice.

Stitch through the first bead added at the end of the ring to close it.

Step 6) Create a second ring of beads, just inside the first. Pick up three beads at a time in this round, and each following round.

Add and end thread as needed. When the circle is about half full (or you have reached the centre ring) secure the thread at the back of the felt with a few knots and trim.

Wreath Back:

Step 1) Create another circle on a piece of felt, and draw the date or two-digit year in the centre.

Step 2) Use back-stitch to cover the numbers with beads. Stitch through the numbers once more to secure them.

Knot the thread at the back of the felt and trim.


Step 1) Cut out the felt circles. Thread the needle with another double length of thread.

Step 2) Stitch through the wreath front, exiting at the top edge. Apply a bit of glue to the back of the felt, and press the two circles together.

Step 3) Allow the glue to dry, then add the picot edging and bail.


Step 1) Pick up 3 beads, and stitch through the wreath from back to front. Pull tight.

Step 2) Stitch up through the 3rd bead.

Step 3) Pick up two beads, and stitch through the wreath from back to front.

Step 4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the entire edge of the ornament is edged in beads.

Step 5) Stitch up through the first bead in the edging, and pick up enough beads to create a loop for hanging the ornament.

6) Stitch down into an adjacent edge bead. Bring the thread up through the beadwork at the front of the wreath.

Step 7) Knot the thread as close to the beadwork as possible. Trim the excess thread, and use the eye of the needle to hide the knot under the beads if necessary.

Hang your ornament for all to see!


- Fill in the centre of the wreath with a contrasting color such as gold or yellow.

- Personalize your ornaments with initials, and give them as gifts.

- Stitch a tiny bow to the top of the wreath before adding the edging, or make one with bead loops.

Angelic Harmony

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Beaded Ornaments

Using a variety of materials and techniques, you can transform your home or office into a winter wonderland.

This guide can help you to create an entire collection of custom ornaments that express your own personal style. Impress your holiday guests with your unique tastes and fabulous talents!

Holly Berry Bracelet

Techniques: Herringbone, Daisy Chain, Leaf Fringe

Beaded Holly ChainThis festive chain can be used for a bracelet or necklace. The base is made with a variation of tubular herringbone weave. Daisy chain stitch and leaf fringe create the look of fresh holly.

Materials Needed:

Gold, red, and green seed beads
Beading thread
Beading needle
Clasp (optional)

Herringbone Base:

Step 1) On about 3 yards of thread, pick up 4 gold beads and slide them down, leaving an 8 inch tail.

Step 2) Stitch through all four beads again to form a ladder. Pick up two more gold beads, and stitch through the previous two again.

Step 3) Stitch through the first stack of beads in the ladder, the last stack, and the center stack to form a ring.

Step 4) Pick up 2 beads, and stitch down through the top bead in the next stack.

Step 5) Stitch up through the top bead in the next stack and pull tight.

Step 6) Pick up 1 bead and stitch down into the next stack.

Step 7) Step up through two beads in the next stack. Pick up two beads, and stitch down into the next stack.

Step 8) Continue adding two beads at a time, and stepping up through two beads after each stitch, until the rope is the desired length.

Add and end thread as needed.

Step 9) Attach a clasp as desired.

Holly Fringe

STep 1) Exit the beadwork about 3 beads down from the clasp. Pick up 6 green beads and slide them down to the beadwork.

Step 2) Stitch back down through the fifth green bead and pull tight. Snug up the beads if necessary.

Step 3) Pick up 3 green beads, and stitch through the first green bead from the previous step. Stitch into the beadwork away from the clasp.

Step 4) Stitch over to the next row in the base and pick up 1 green bead and 6 red beads. Slide them down to the beadwork.

Step 5) Stitch up through the first red bead added and pull tight.

Step 6) Pick up 1 red bead and stitch through the fourth red bead from the previous step.

Step 7) Pick up 5 green beads and create a leaf. Stitch back through the three center beads in the red cluster and the first green bead. Re-enter the beadwork.

Step 8) Continue adding leaves and berries in this manner, alternating between the herringbone rows.

Space the fringe randomly, or in a pattern of your choice.

Step 9) Secure the tail threads with a few knots between beads and trim.

Wear your new chain to a holiday party!

Christmas Holly with Berries

“Christmas Holly with Berries”

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Easy Beaded Crystal Snowflake Ornament

powered by Youtube

Candy Cane Lariat Necklace

Technique: Twisted Tubular Herringbone

Christmas Lariat NecklaceThe use of green, white and red beads with twisted tubular herringbone creates the look of a candy cane. Opaque white beads with transparent red and green looks the most realistic, but you can use your favorite style of beads to make a fun and festive necklace.

Materials Needed:

Seed beads in the following colors:
Transparent Red
Transparent Green
Opaque White
2 Silver Charms (optional)

Beading Thread
Beading Needle

Herringbone Rope:

Step 1) On a comfortable length of thread, pick up two white beads, and stitch through both again. Working in ladder stitch, add one red bead, two white beads and one green bead.

Step 2) Stitch the ladder into a ring, and exit from the green bead. Pick up one green and one white bead.

Step 3) Stitch through the white bead in the ladder, to the left of the green. Pull tight.

Step 4) Stitch up through the next white bead. Continue working in tubular herringbone following the color pattern of the bead ladder. (Green and white, white and red, white and white.)

Step 5) At the end of the third round, step up through 3 green beads instead of 2. Continue adding rows, stepping up through three beads at the end of each round. Create a twisted herringbone rope that is at least 40 inches (102 cm) long, adding and ending thread as needed.

Step 6) When the last round is complete, stitch back up into the previous stack and exit the top of the beadwork. Stitch down into the stack of beads to the right of the working thread.

7) Step up to the right, and continue stitching the bead stacks together. Exit the top of the tube.


Add a fringe of your choice to the tube end and/or attach a charm as follows:

Step 1)Pick up 3 white beads, a charm, and 3 white beads. Stitch down into the stack directly opposite from where the working thread is exiting.

Step 2) Retrace the thread path through the dangle to add strength.

Step 3) Exit the top of the beadwork again, from an empty stack. Pick up three white beads, and stitch down into the next bead stack. Pull tight to form the beads into a picot. Repeat for the opposite side.

Step 4) Secure the thread within the herringbone rope and trim.

Step 5) Thread a needle on the tail thread, and repeat steps 1-4 to finish the opposite end of the rope.

Wear your necklace to a family gathering!

Merry Christmas, Candy Canes

“Merry Christmas Candy Canes”

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Christmas Colors

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Holiday Napkin Rings

Techniques: Peyote Stitch, Stringing

Customize your table settings with these easy to make trinkets. You can make a set of matching rings, or customize them and give them away as party favors.

Materials Needed:

Assorted 10o and 6o seed beads
Assorted 8mm beads
Beading thread
Beading needle
Stretch cord
Darning needle
Craft glue or cement

Pattern Examples:

Christmas Peyote Patterns

Step 1) For each napkin ring, create 4 or more peyote beaded beads that are 10 beads long and 8 beads across.

Step 2) On about 6 inches of stretch cord, string 1 8mm accent bead and one peyote bead.

Step 3) String enough 6o beads to fill the space within the peyote bead.

Step 4) Continue adding beads, alternating between accent beads and beaded beads.

Step 5) String the final peyote bead, and all but two of the 6o beads needed. String two 6o beads on the opposite end of the cord.

Step 6) Grasp both ends of the stretch cord and tie an overhand knot around the darning needle. Use the needle to push the knot down to the beads. Remove the needle and pull the knot tight.

Step 7) Tie a second knot directly over the first. Dab the knots with a bit of glue, then pull the peyote bead over the knot to hide it. Allow the glue to dry.

Show off your trinkets at a holiday dinner party!

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Scented Popcorn Garland

Techniques: Peyote Stitch, Stringing

Beaded Christmas GarlandCreate long-lasting popcorn strands to decorate a tree. Once you’ve created the beaded popcorn beads, you can do this project with the kids for a fun winter afternoon.

Materials Needed:

Seed beads in white or cream
Beading thread
Beading needle
Mint or cinnamon dental floss
Assorted beads in festive colors

Making Popcorn Beads:

Step 1) Using seed beads and about 14 inches of beading thread, create a peyote stitch square that is 6 beads high and 5 beads across.

Step 2) Fold the square in half and zip-up the edges to form a beaded tube.

Step 3) Secure the tail thread in the beaded tube and trim.

\With the working thread, stitch down into the bead tube, near the center of a row. Pick up 6 seed beads, and stitch into an adjacent bead in the tube.

Step 4) Stitch through the tube and exit the beadwork one or two rows away. Pull the thread to make sure the beads are snug.

Step 5) Continue adding bead loops until there are 5 or 6 loops around the surface of the bead tube.

Step 6) Secure the thread in the beadwork with a few knots and trim.

Garland Assembly:

Step 1) Create as man popcorn beads as you wish – you can always add more as needed.

Step 2) Cut a length of floss that is six inches longer than the desired garland length. Knot one end around a bead twice.

Step 3) String assorted beads and popcorn beads, randomly or in a pattern until the strand is nearly full. Secure the end by knotting it around the last bead twice.

Display your creation for all to see!

Tutorial text and images copyright Mortira, Inspirational Beading.

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Beaded Ornament Patterns

Handmade Decorations and Gifts

Create your own custom tree decorations, or use beaded ornaments as gift dangles and party favors. These projects come highly recommended not only for their ease, but for their beauty as well.

For even more Christmas Beading patterns, visit The Sage's Cupboard Free Project Directory.
Beaded Bells
Use seed bead netting to decorate a styrofoam bell. This project is great as a table decoration or embellishment for a flower arrangement.
Published by Beadwork Magazine
Little Star Ornament
This embroidered ornament is great as a tree decoration, but can also be made into a unique piece of jewelry.
Published by BeadingDaily
Berry Wreath
Use bugle and seed bead netting to create a lovely wreath dangle with crystal berries.
Published by BeadingDaily
Victorian Netted Ornament
Create a beautiful ornament by beading around a glass globe with netting stitch and embellishments.
Beaded Ornament Cover
A simple technique lets you create as many easy ormanment embellishements as you like.
Showball Fight Glitter Ornaments
Dress up plain glass globes with wintry glitter.

Medallion Beaded Ornament Covers

This quick video shows an example of how to connect bands of beadwork into a cover for a bulb Christmas ornament.

You can adapt your favorite flat beading stitch to create your own ornament cover. Some great stitches for this project include right angle weave and herringbone weave.

The original Medallion Ornament by Ruby Fischer uses a variation of the daisy chain stitch.
powered by Youtube

Holiday Beading Projects

Holiday Jewelry and More

One of the best places to find inspiration for seasonal beadwork is They have a fabulous selection of free tutorials and beading FAQs, color palette ideas, and themed inspiration folders with complete materials lists. Here are some of this year's best holiday pieces: Winter Jewelry Inspiration

Here are some more Christmas jewelry projects:
Beaded Ornament Hooks
Dress up your heirloom and store bought decorations with these creative hangers.
Holiday Jewelry and Accessories
Dozens of stunning and easy to make designs for earrings, bracelets and more from Fusion Beads, all with various holiday inspirations.
Beaded Snow Angel
A miniture angel for your tree, lapel, or gift tags.
Beaded Christmas Charms
Use these flat beadwork patterns to make earrings or dangles!
Winter Wonderland Palettes
Bead color ideas for non-traditional Christmas palettes.
Holiday Crochet Necklace
Use a mixture of red and green beads to crochet a holly rope care of Beading Daily.
Christmas Beading Tutorials
A fantastic list of Christmas jewelry and craft projects using beads.
Beaded Ornament Kits
"Beaded Christmas ornaments are not only beautiful but these beaded Christmas ornaments will get you a WOW from family and friends. Discover original designs for creating stunning beaded Christmas ornaments."
Christmas Bead Palettes
Ideas for mixing and matching bead styles in traditional Christmas colors.
Beaded Christmas Garland
A fun project for family craft night, with some humorous tips for creating a beaded garland.
The Beading Gem Recommends Ornament Tutorials...
Seven fabulous ornaments you can make year-round from beads and other crafty materials, recommended on The Beading Gem's Journal.

Beaded Snowflakes and Other Techniques

Fun and Easy Beading

You can apply holiday colors and concepts to just about any style of beadwork. To learn more about beads and beading techniques, visit these helpful sites.

Beading Inspirations

On Inspirational Beading, beaders of all tastes and skill levels can find ideas, tips and a regular showcase of inspired beadwork. Monthly beading tutorials teach the basics for popular techniques.

Inspirational Beading

Here are some of the latest headlines from Inspirational Beading:

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