Three-wheeled bikes for men and women

Looking for the best adult tricycle? 3-wheeled bikes are great for older riders, riders with disabilities and those who just don't feel confident on a 2-wheeler. And then there are those who just think trikes are cool! Whenever I travel in Scandinavia I see lots of tricycles, they are used for general transport and carrying things around, instead of buggies for young kids, and by people who wouldn't be able to manage with a normal 2-wheeler.

I'd love to see 3-wheeled bikes more widely used in other countries. I don't drive a car myself (hard to believe in today's car-centric culture) so I'm always on the look out for alternatives that will help me get around.

If you're looking for a great value tricycle for a teenager or adult rider then this page can help you find a good match. I've included a great electric trike too for those who need a bit of extra help.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle - Blue

3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Blue)

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Blue)
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

We’ve chosen the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle because it gets so many positive reviews and the price is affordable.

The RRP is $400 but Amazon usually have it on offer below that – click through to check the price. Shown here in blue, this 3-wheeler is also available in Cherry Red (see below).

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Features

* Single-speed, 3-wheeled bike with lightweight aluminum step-through frame
* Rear hand brake and front linear pull brake for reliable, sure stopping
* Alloy rims with stainless-steel spokes and smooth-riding tires
* Comfortable padded spring cruiser saddle; upright handlebars
* Folding rear basket is perfect for picnics or storing groceries

Adult Tricycles Overview

A quick preview of the main trikes we're going to look at, whether you want a regular 3-wheeler, a folding model or an electric version with extra zip when you need it.

Schwinn Meridian Adult 3-Wheel Bike - Cherry Red

Adult Trike

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

The same tricycle is also available in this lovely Cherry Red color.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Reviews

These extracts are from reviews by owners of the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. Click the link text to read the full reviews.

Schwinn Meridian Problems

What are the issues?

Two problems are commonly mentioned by owners of the Schwinn Meridian:

1. The assembly does require some skill. Some owners have had no problems at all, others have had to ask someone more mechanically skilled to assist. If you are buying this tricycle for an elderly or disabled relative then make sure that someone is able to assemble the trike for them.

2. Damaged packaging and sometimes a bent fender. Amazon customer service has been able to resolve issues, but if you are buying for a birthday or other special event then it’s best to order in advance so you don’t have a last minute panic.
You'll probably want to add some accessories to your trike to customize it to meet your needs. Consider how you will store your trike at home and when you are out and about.

Think about comfort and safety.

Who uses Adult Tricycles?

Older people, disabled, balance problems, dog owners

Adult Tricycles are popular with quite a range of riders. One common group is older cyclists who no longer feel confident on a two-wheeler. There are some lovely stories of grandparents and even great-grandparents being able to cycle with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love that idea!

3 Wheelers are also good for bikers who have balance or stability problems due to disability or illnesses such as stroke and Parkinsons. This applies to all age groups from teenagers up.

Dog owners are another group that loves Tricycles. Smaller dogs can ride in the basket at the back. Bigger dogs can get plenty of exercise as their owner keeps up for longer distances.

And then there are those who are just Tricycle fans! There is something rather cool about a Trike. They are very popular in Scandinavian countries with all age groups and abilities, and why not :-)

What do Adults use their Trikes for?

Picnics, Dog walking, Shopping, Factories

Many people use their trikes to run everyday errands. The basket means that you can store a good amount of shopping.

Leisure rides are common too. A lot of active cyclists buy adult 3-wheelers for their partners who are not confident on a 2-wheeler. This means they can share leisurely cycle rides on cycle paths or in the country. The basket means there’s plenty of room to take a picnic too.

Businesses also buy trikes to allow workers to get around quickly and carry small loads. Much more stable that two-wheelers and riders are easier to spot.

Dog owners love to take their dogs with then – puppies and little dogs ride in the basket.

Teenagers who are unable to ride a 2-wheeler will enjoy having a bike that they can ride to join in with their friends. Lots of kids who aren’t stable on a 2-wheeler can manage a trike.

Other Adult Tricycles we like

Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

Folds for storage

Westport Adult Folding Tricycle
Westport Adult Folding Tricycle
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

The Westport Adult Folding Tricycle is well-loved by its owners. The folding feature makes it easier to store and transport.


Worksman Adult Port-o-Trike Lightning Electric Tricycle

Adult motorized trike

Worksman Adult Port-o-Trike Lightning Electric Tricycle
Worksman Adult Port-o-Trike Lightning Electric Tricycle
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

This tricycle has a battery-powered motor so it’s great for riders who need a bit of help to get around. Those who live in hilly areas will need that help a little sooner.

Why are you considering a 3-wheeler?

What's your reason?

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  • Kchrystina Jul 14, 2013 @ 10:34 pm
    I didn't see enough options here. There are versions by Schwinn, Miami Sun, Worksman, Torker, Manhattan, Trek, Kent and Summit. I would like to know the total weights, step-through heights and pluses and minuses of the different styles of handlebars. Are any particularly "tippy".
  • Francine Kemp Jun 17, 2013 @ 2:01 pm
    Please can ride w/out use of battery right? How do you switch to e bike once in motion?
  • Francine Kemp Jun 17, 2013 @ 1:58 pm
    I do. Where would they get repaired if something broke?
  • cheryl dodge May 30, 2013 @ 8:02 am
    I so so want one!!! Iwant to buy one I would be pleased with ridin around on one! !
  • Brain Matters Apr 17, 2013 @ 2:56 pm
    I am not old, disabled, or fearful. I just want to carry more than I can on my regular bike. There would be room for my weenie dog too and less chance that she'd be hurt in a spill.

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