Top 5 Tower Defense Games for Mac

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Best Tower Defense Games for Mac

Want a great tower defense game to play on your Mac? Loved by casual and hardcore gamers alike, 'tower defense' is a type of Real-Time Strategy game in which you build towers to prevent your opponent from crossing the map and reaching the goal. Usually you are given an array of different towers to employ, each with unique upgrades and abilities (some attack many enemies at once, others might slow the enemy down).

I've gathered a list of the top 5 Tower Defense Games available on the Mac App Store, and one bonus pick. Have fun!

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Defense Grid - The Awakening

Defense Grid - The Awakening Screenshot

Defense Grid is a sci-fi tower defense game that features 20 unique levels and a wide array of towers and upgrades. Gorgeous 3d graphics & an interactive soundtrack. After you’ve won the main campaign, see if you can beat the challenge modes!

Get Defense Grid: The Awakening at the Mac App Store!

Defense Grid - Virtual Programming Ltd

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies Screenshot

Plants vs Zombies is an incredibly popular casual Tower Defense game featuring charming visuals and addictive gameplay. Use an array of different plants to stop wave after wave of zombie attacks.

Get Plants vs. Zombies at the App Store!

Plants vs. Zombies - PopCap

Also available for iOS devices.

Plants vs. Zombies - PopCap

Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense Screenshot

Consrtruct your space fort with a variety of weapons, and establish the route incoming enemy waves take. Vibrant graphics, a great soundtrack, but best of all…

Radiant Defense is free to play!

Get Radiant Defense at the App Store!

Radiant Defense -

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Sentinel 3 Screenshot

Make use of tons of unlockable turrets, drones, orbital weapons, and a commander mech unit (which levels up as you play) as you battle on an alien homeworld. Definitely one of the best Mac tower defense games!

Get Sentinel 3: Homeworld at the Mac App Store!

Sentinel 3: Homeworld - Origin8

Also available for iOS devices.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld - Origin8

Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg Screenshot

An indie Tower Defense game with a new take on tower defense gameplay: your ‘towers’ are satellites in orbit around various planets. Rotate your satellites for maximum strategic advantage. The vintage 1950′s sci-fi theme & cutscenes are icing on the cake.

Get Unstoppable Gorg at the Mac App Store!

Unstoppable Gorg - Futuremark Games Studio

Also available for iOS devices.

Unstoppable Gorg - Futuremark Games Studio

Bonus Pick: Anomaly Warzone

Tower Offense!

Anomaly Warzone Screenshot

Anomaly Warzone is a reversal of the tower defense formula: instead of building the towers, you direct the attacking side. Choose the best squad and route to take your team safely through the enemy towers, and use your commander to keep your troops in fighting shape.

Great visuals and a unique take on the TD genre!

Get Anomaly Warzone at the Mac App Store!

Anomaly Warzone Earth - 11 bit studios s.a.

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