Big Girl Knits

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Big Girls Like to Knit Too!

Getting a new pattern book is always exciting but getting a new pattern book with patterns that actually allow me to knit projects to my body type... now that is something special.

Big Girl Knits is the love child of authors Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer. Jillian hales from Ann Arbor, Michigan while Amy is from Toronto, Ontario.

According to their publisher bios, Jillian "was formerly marketing director with Interweave Press, and helped launch magazines like Interweave Knits, Beadwork, and Natural Home Magazine. She's the catalyst for and a frequent contributor." Amy "is the founder and editor of the web-only magazine She is also a columnist for Interweave Knits and a professional editor and proofreader in the advertising industry."

What's in the Book

* Twenty-five patterns
* Pullovers (5)
* Cardigans (6)
* Tees & Tanks (4)
* Skirts/Bottoms (5)
* Accessories (5)
* Expert advice
* Pattern adaptations
* Measurement guide

Degree of Difficulty

The knitting divas have rated and coded each pattern for level of concentration according to:
1 - half caf - straightforward with shaping (one pattern).
2 - expresso - shaping, color work, multiple stitches (seventeen patterns).
3 - triple shot caffeine - complex shaping and multiple things happening at the same time (seven patterns).

The Curvy Tools

Every curvy knitter should have Big Girl Knit's tools for curvy knitting. The first tool is a waist shaper designed to aid knitters in changing any boxy pattern into a curvaceous knitter's dream. Complete step by step instructions are included.

The second tool involves using short rows to "build wedges of extra knitting" which will especially help in fitting knitting to the "boobs, belly, and butt". This tool is a little more involved than the first and includes visuals of knitting techniques.

Big Girl Knits is available from

My Favorite Knitting Website

My absolute favorite knitting website is Knitty. I love Knitty. I can’t get enough of Knitty. Knitty rocks and if you haven’t been there you definitely have to go there.

What will you find? Great commentary. Lots of patterns. Lots of pictures. Lots of talented knitters. Lots of ideas. Click on the yarn swatch at right to visit Knitty. Be prepared for an extended stay!

Which do you like better?


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Whether you knit big or small...

Knitting has been part of my life since grade school. I remember being taught the basic knit and purl by my mother who was an avid knitter of slippers and dishcloths. Like many other hobbies in my life I ventured out on my own to learn other techniques. I made my first Nordic sweater for my boyfriend when I was eighteen, which must have made a great impression because now he's my husband. Teaching myself to read patterns was probably the hardest part of learning how to knit but when I finally learned how I couldn't believe how easy. Something just clicked. This also transferred into my crochet, which I may love even more.

Share a short note about your first knitting experiend, this lens or the cosmos in general. I especially like to see warm fuzzies (don't we all).

Have a delightful day!
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  • Gloriousconfusion Feb 13, 2011 @ 4:53 pm
    I learnt to knit at boarding school - every evening a group of us would embroider or knit for 40 minutes whilst a teacher would read aloud to us - it was very enjoyable - we got through a lot of sewing and a lot of books in my five years there.

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