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On this lens you will find royalty free animal coloring pages that you can download directly from this page and print them free of charge. This is not a page full of links to other pages offering sub-standard pictures of animals to color, these pages are all here, on this page to download now, and they were all carefully created by myself for use in the classroom when I was teaching English through basic natural sciences to 6-8 year olds in Thailand.

Each coloring page has two highly detailed pictures to color and some simple text about the animal that I used to improve my students' reading skills - the text gives a few basic facts about the animals pictured, so you can use these pages for educational purposes as well as for coloring. Indeed, I designed these sheets to be quite tricky to complete so that I could teach my students to take some pride in their work and finish these detailed pictures nicely - if it was rushed and completed badly I immediately gave the students another one to do properly and the best work was presented on the wall of the classroom.

Please feel free to download and print these coloring pages and use them as children's activities at home or in the classroom; they are also suitable for adults who enjoy coloring.

Terms of Use - Please Read Before Downloading & Coloring!

1. All the pages available for download on this lens were created by myself and I give permission for them to be used for any private or educational purpose.

2. Please do not reprint these images on products/merchandise intended for sale.

3. Please do not offer these worksheets for use elsewhere, if you want to share them please link to this lens.

Thank you.

Start Downloading These Free Coloring Activities Right Now - Whales

Killer whales are one of the most voracious predators in the sea and they are magnificent animals. These familiar mammals are easy to color, but those who want to create the best results will use a variety of shades to give the impression of sunlight hitting the whales’ backs. The small picture of the killer whale involves some detailed ice and water, so it should keep people busy for some time getting the colors right.

One thing you will notice on all these coloring sheets is that I have used a large font for the animals’ names that allows for the letters to be colored too.

Download this page now from this link – Killer Whale coloring page – or by selecting the image above.

Beluga whales are white, so this page does not require a lot of coloring! In fact if you are using this page for a children’s activity with small kids you can just let them complete it as they see fit. On the other hand if you are using these pages in a more educational way then accuracy is what you want and the exercise will be in getting the children to have the discipline to gently shade the whale and color the water in a variety of blue shades.

You can download the Beluga Whale page from this link – Beluga Whale coloring sheet – or by selecting the image above.

Blue whales are the largest mammal to have ever lived on earth and it also makes the loudest noise of any animal. The main picture on this page is of the whale’s tail as it splashes down into the sea and it will take some very precise pencil work to deal with all the water, although the smaller picture is somewhat easier to deal with. Again, the skill here is getting youngsters to take pride in their work and complete this illustration carefully rather than just rushing to finish it.

The Blue Whale page can be downloaded from this link – Blue Whale coloring sheet – or by selecting the image above.

Download Some African Animal Royalty Free Coloring Pages

The lion is currently the most popular animal to download from this page. I guess it is not that surprising considering it is often known as the “King of the Jungle” and how often lions feature in movies and documentaries.

As the males usually get the most attention I decided to feature a female and her cubs on the main picture and keep the male for the smaller image. Anyway, if you encourage children to color both pictures with care then the result should be very pleasing to the eye. If you are an adult colorer of these sheets then you can test your shading skills on the lions’ hides.

This page can be downloaded now from this link – Lion coloring page – or by selecting the above image.

These pictures of a Zebra took me a very long time to create so I hope that you will take care in making them look good – remember that zebras have black stripes on a white background. In the top picture I have also created a background consisting of some vegetation so if you color it appropriately the zebra itself will stand out nicely.

Select the image to download this page or use this link – Zebra coloring page.

When I was young I can remember seeing a BBC documentary about African Hunting Dogs and I have always thought they were very nice looking animals – that is why I included them in this collection.

You will see that this is another very detailed picture and getting the colors right will take some care and attention. Alternatively you can just let kids use their imaginations and color the dogs in all sorts of bright shades. If you do want to make the dogs look realistic, though, take a look at some photographs of the animals here – African Hunting Dogs.

Select the image to download this page or use the link here – African Hunting Dog coloring page.

Bongos are a stunning russet color with white stripes on them for highlight. I can remember seeing one in a zoo for the first time and being very taken with this animal.

Both of the pictures that I have created for this coloring sheet are highly detailed so finding the right color is important as is a controlled hand. You can make the animal really stand out by filling in the background with a contrasting green – shades of light green would probably give you the best effect.

You can download the page from this link – Bongo coloring page – or by selecting the image above.

Australian Animals - Download Some Unusual Animal Coloring Pages Here

Echidnas are one of Australia’s weirdest animals. It sort of looks like a hedgehog or porcupine crossed with an anteater but it lays eggs and carries its young in a pouch where they drink their mother’s milk. Unusual indeed!

These echidna pictures took me ages to create so, again, please take care over coloring them to make a highly detailed color picture. If this is too difficult for your young kids to manage just let their imagination run wild and create a multi-colored echidna.

Select the image to download this page or use this link – Echidna coloring page.

Whenever I taught my students about the Duck-billed Platypus they were amazed and always fell in love with this weirdest of animals, just as I did when I was a youngster. Like the echidna, this animal lays eggs and carries its young in a pouch plus it has poisonous spurs on its legs and a beak like a duck!

I included this animal because I like unusual things and this is not the sort of animal you usually find coloring pages for. I hope you and/or your children enjoy completing it.

Select the image to download the Duck-billed Platypus page or use this link – Duck-billed Platypus coloring page.

And Now For Some Coloring Pages Of Animals From Asia

Indian rhinos are monstrous animals covered in thick skin that looks like armor. I have been lucky enough to see these fantastic beasts in the wild twice, in Nepal, and they became one of my favorite animals.

This page gives you two pictures of Indian rhinos to color and there is plenty of background vegetation to make sure that the animal stands out on a contrasting color.

Indian Rhino coloring page will download this sheet for you or select the image above.

If you want to see a Malayan Tapir in the wild then I suggest going to Taman Negara national park in Malaysia which is where I saw two of these wonderful animals; you can sit in a hide at night and wait for them to come to a salt lick.

These two pictures are have highly detailed backgrounds to complete as the tapirs themselves are just black and white. However, the young tapir pictured with its mother is a complicated brown and white pattern and this should keep people busy with their pencils.

Select the image to download this page or follow this link – Malayan Tapir coloring page.

The Sumatran rhino is one of the world’s most endangered large mammals, with probably no more than 200 remaining and captive breeding being largely unsuccessful, there is a real probability of this amazing creature becoming extinct soon.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and have fun making the mud all sorts of different shades of brown and green for realistic look; the rhinos themselves are a dirty reddish brown color.

Select on the image above to download this page of use this link here – Sumatran Rhino coloring page.

More Animal Coloring Pages Available To Download Now

Download Animal Coloring Books Now If you have a lot of children to cater for the standard coloring books are not much use to you as you would have to buy a copy of the book for every child. With my downloadable pages you can make as many copies as you like for nothing.

Here I have found some more high quality animal pages to color for you to download from another provider.

Downloadable Coloring Books

These pictures are not free but you are able to download the pages as many times as you like after paying the $3.99 fee. There are four animal books to download, each with over 30 animals to color and they are of a similar quality to the ones that I provide here.

In fact this website is offering 17 different books for just $1 each! They have birds, sea animals, primates and creepy crawlies as part of this deal.

They also offer some free samples for each book which you can access directly by following the address provided above, so it is worth taking a look at those.

And One More Royalty Free Animal Picture From Me - Moose

Moose are quite impressive animals as they are absolutely huge and the males’ antlers seem to spread forever. I like the name moose but there can be some confusion about what we are talking about as in Europe they are called Elk, which is something completely different again in North America.

Here I have made two illustrations of moose for you; the main image has background scenery too so that you can really set off the male moose that is in the foreground. Although moose are basically brown their hide should display many shades of this color and it will take some expert pencil work to get the most out of this page.

Select this link to download the Moose coloring page or the image above.

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How To Make Your Own Coloring Pages Like These Ones

Macromedia Flash I made these pages because I could not find what I was looking for online and wanted my students to have some high quality pages to complete. I found that it was surprisingly easy to make these pages to color using Macromedia Flash.

If you want to make your own coloring sheets to print I suggest getting a copy of this program (you can buy an older version, it’s all you need and much cheaper than the new versions – I am using Flash MX on a computer that uses Windows Vista as its operating system) and follow the simple steps I outline in this article; How To Make Coloring Pages.

Once you have got the hang of it you can have fun creating pictures of whatever creatures you like.

Please Leave Your Comments Here And Let Me Know If You Have Used These Pages

I hope you have found these royalty free pages useful. I also hope that you have been able to use the short reading activities with your children as well as simply coloring the pictures of animals. Done with care, kids can produce some high quality work with these pages, practice their reading skills and learn a little about some animals at the same time.
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    Thank you for that, I have fixed the problem with the Killer Whale page now.
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    thanx for making such great coloring pages with brief paragraphs-for free. i used moose so far. bookmarking your site.
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    this is so cool. i have to make a pop up book for a science grade, and this will really help. so awsome!
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