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Who is that masked thespian? Known online as Avgsuperheroine, I'm the creator of Dramatically Correct, a website dedicated to all things theatrical.

I began volunteering in community theatres at the age of 14, thanks to two mentors. After volunteering for community theatre and a few High School shows for four years, I decided not to go to college to learn accounting, but to pursue my love of theatre in the Midwest.

Once out of school, I moved to a small town with a fantastic community theatre. I worked there as a costume shop manager for about a decade and then went on to pursue a career outside of the non-profit sector.

In my many years of working in theatre, around theatre, for theatre, and with theatre folks (nothin like 'em!), it's hard to let it all go. I spent my time as a director, costume designer, quick change designer, lighting designer, light board operator, and sometimes actress (if there was a pleasingly delicious ditzy blonde character that didn't need singing ability available). So now that I have no time for late, late nights setting lights--I spend my late nights cozy at home working on my website, blog, lenses and gift designs.

Squidoo! What Led Me Here.

What led me to Squidoo? I wrote my first lens, Community Theatre Fundraising Ideas when I was taking down an old blog and didn’t want to lose my content. I put it up, let it sort of “hang out” for about two years and came back to see that I had earned…*drumroll* $0.02! Woot!

Well it was my own fault. I didn’t research what made a good lens, I didn’t know anything about HTML or keywords. I didn’t know how to make a great lens yet. So I did some research and put a lot of work back into my lens. A week later, I was blessed by an angel! Awesome. Then I wrote another couple of lenses and then made a sale! Then I wrote my fourth lens which was also blessed. What an exciting couple of months.

I really enjoy working on all of my Dramatically Correct projects, and this site adds a lot of fun elements to doing work online. It’s boosted up my Zazzle sales and given me some more fun things to write about! So far I really love it.

So What's With the Name?

Where did "Avgsuperheroine" come from?

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I know most folks can figure out the Dramatically Correct name, but I do get asked where the "Avgsuperheroine" name came from. Avgsuperheroine has always been my online pseudonym, starting in the late 90s. As a teen I saw the Blue Meanies play at Club Toast in Burlington, VT and heard their song called "Average American Superhero", so I spun Avgsuperheroine off of that song.

My Dramatically Correct Blog

Keep Up With Me on Squidoo!


Costuming Lenses

I worked as a costume designer and rental shop manager for almost a decade. I've costumed 3,000 shows for approximately 800 community theatres and high schools. I began working in Community Theatre when I was 14, and I've been on the production crew or in the cast of over 80 productions locally. I love theatre. I love costuming.

Beauty and the Beast Costuming Lenses


Halloween Lenses

As a former costumer, I do have a number of Halloween Lenses


Directing and Other Theatre-Themed Lenses

I began directing shows when I was 15. I had a wonderful mentor who worked with me on directing and I believe that experience is one of the reasons that I enjoy working with a non-profit youth mentoring organization today. I love directing, especially from the community theatre point of view, where directing is really more about bringing people together to empower them to create wonderful art.

Non-Profit Management

Working in Community Theatre for so long, I love non-profit management. I love working with volunteer development programs and boards--it's really a fun thing to do. Here are some lenses I've written from my experience of working with non-profit organizations.

Free Printables Lenses

I am a bargain shopper and also am very systems oriented. I love free stuff! I also like to be overly organized. I've written several lenses with free printable stickers (an idea I came up with to use myself), and free garage sale stickers. I'll be adding more as time goes on. I'm well known in our offices for having one of the most organized (and gigantic) planning calendars of anyone we work with.

Passive Income Lenses

I love passive income. It's income and it's passive--what's not to like? I've sold books on Amazon (less passive, more income), sold designs on Cafe Press and Zazzle, done affiliate marketing and now Squidoo writing. Here are lenses having to do with any of my money-making hobbies.

Food Themed Lenses


Cast Gift Shopping Lenses


For-Fun Lenses

These are lenses based on a hobby, an interest or just something fun.

My Blessed Lenses


Resume! Jobs I've Had.

just for fun.

Unemployed Theatre Person button
  • Waitress on a ski mountain.
  • Accounting Intern for a business that manages low-income housing properties.
  • Sales Clerk at a cider mill, a gift shop, a furniture store and a jewelry store.
  • Housekeeper at a nursing home and at a movie theatre.
  • Costume Shop Manager at a community theatre.
  • Program Director at a local government office.

Links! My Websites and Stores

Dramatically Correct on Zazzle
Theatre-themed gifts
Avgsuperheroine on Zazzle
Misc funny gifts, all ages appropriate
Ask Not Shop on Zazzle
Funny occupational designs and gifts
Warning Sign Shop on Zazzle
Warning! May spontaneously... designs.
Dramatically Correct on CafePress
CafePress shop with full collection of designs
Dramatically Correct Living
Blog website for theatre
Costume Shop Organization
Blog website for costume shops

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My Top 5 Favorite Books

I do love to read. I go through phases of reading books or working on my website and t-shirt designs. Right now, I'm in "Squidoo Mode"! Here are some of my favorite books and authors from my "Reading Mode"!

Cakes! I like to Make Cakes.

And eat them too.

My Top 5 Favorite Movies

I used to spend a lot of time watching movies. I do that less now but I do still have some favorites. Check these out if you haven't yet!

Blog! Costume Shop Organization

Shakespeare Poofy Knickers mugIn a decade of renting out costumes to specifically high schools and community theatres with limited budgets, I learned a lot about organizing costumes on a shoestring (pun intended, as usual). Our customers would sometimes come in and ask questions about how we'd done things because they all had a costume closet hidden away somehwere with piles of "stuff" shoved everywhere. Every costumer desperately WANTS to clean it up but doesn't have time. Usually they have to spend their time re-doing work they did creating something the director insisted they wanted but later realized was horrible for the reasons the costumer insisted they were mistaken. (I'm a director AND a costumer, so I can say that). Here's my blog with info on organizing a costume shop for storage or rental.

Here's where you can tell me what you think

about anything, really.

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  • Aug 10, 2012 @ 8:23 pm
    Hi, Bonnie! It was good getting to know about you through this lens. I love the pictures of the cakes you made - your cakes are really cool! My brother is a drama teacher and through him I ended up with small parts in several community theatre prodcutions. It was an awesome experience. I look forward to visiting more of your lenses. All the best.
  • vallain Sep 04, 2011 @ 12:42 pm
    Pleased to meet you and see all the great topics you have!
  • Jul 06, 2011 @ 5:11 pm
    I love your lensography. You're a very talented lensmaster. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
  • avgsuperheroine Jul 06, 2011 @ 7:18 pm
    Thank you!
  • WindyWinters May 27, 2011 @ 9:45 pm
    Hi. Thanks for sharing your hobbies, interests and work. Love that Ice Cream Cone Cake!

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