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Many genres of music are popular in France right now, including Chanson Francaise, Pop, Jazz Manouche, Zouk, Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock. They tend to like their older singers, and they buy their music and play it right alongside the newest Pop sensation. They have their Nouvelle Stars just like we have our American Idols, plus singer-songwriters, duos, rappers, and everything else.

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French Girl Group

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Adict, French groupADICT  

Now here’s something I’ve never featured here before — a French girl band. Together Jade, Patou and Sethanie are ADICT (with only one “d”). They hope to follow in the footsteps of Destiny Child, and they’re off to a hot start with their catchy, Zouk-tinged French song, “Dis moi tout.”

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Generation Goldman

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Generation GoldmanGeneration Goldman  

The hottest French singers of today’s generation were assembled to cover the French songs of the influential 80′s/90′s Pop singer Jean-Jacques Goldman on the tribute album, Generation Goldman. The idea was for the hits of a generation ago to be reinterpreted by the top singers of today. The project has been an absolute smash with the French public, who remember the songs fondly.

Below are 3 videos from the album. Watch them all and vote for your favorite at the bottom.

Video 1: First up is the ensemble song, “Famille.” The video is a good way to get to know who’s who in today’s French music scene. I’ve listed the artists in the video in order of first appearance and linked to their music in case you hear someone you really like:

Irma (piano, at the beginning)
Amel Bent
Florent Mothe
M Pokora
Tal (shown talking, not singing)
Christophe Willem
Judith (in bandana)
Ben Falinsky (of the band Ivyrise)
Video 2: French R&B/Pop star Leslie and the British band Ivyrise (vocalist Ben Falinsky, featured) team up on the English/French hit, “Je te donne.”

Video 3: Another hit off the album, “Envole-moi,” features M. Pokora and Tal. M. Pokora is kind of a French Justin Timberlake, and Tal is sort of like Rihanna in her music, but not her image.

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French Pop

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Gary Fico, French SingerGary Fico  

The ladies of French music are really dominating the scene right now, so I had to go back to spring 2012 to find somebody to represent the fellas.

French singer-songwriter Gary Fico blends many different music styles into his own brand of Urban Pop. Here he is with “On Les Aime (les Francaises).”

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