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Rock musicians from 1950 to the present

36 collectable rock and roll music toys celebrating legendary musicians from the dawn of rock 'n roll to the primordial ooze of early hair bands, the birth of punk rock, and a tribute to hip-hop musicians and rap music.

These stylized vinyl figures capture the look and unique style of all these rock and roll legends. You can also find special chase figures, and plush toys for many of these cool character collectables.

Collect detailed vinyl figures of the Ramones or Jimi Hendrix. Funko Pop! Rocks Series 3 is all about Michael Jackson, and punk rockers Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious.

Funko Pop Rocks figures

Have a look at the new Funko Pop Beatles Yellow Submarine toys in Funko Pop Rocks Series 4. Who will be the next Funko Pop! Rocks star?

See the complete list of Funko Pop Rocks figures.

Funko Pop! Rocks Legends Series 1

Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix

Funko Reggae Rasta Pop Rocks
Bob Marley Reggae Rasta
Funko Pop! Rocks

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Funko plushies
Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze
Funko plush toys

Jimi Hendrix was the first vinyl toy in the Pop! Rock Legends series, and this is the Reggae Rocker - Bob Marley - singing a song about Jah Rastafari and wearing the colors of Jamaica with a t-shirt of the golden lion from the flag of Ethiopia, land of Haile Selassie I.

Find out where to buy Funko Pop Rocks figures at the lowest prices, and get the best deals for exclusive San Diego Comic-Con toys.

Elvis Pop! Vinyl and Plushies

1950s and 1970s "Aloha Rock"

Elvis Presley at two high points in his career in Pop! Vinyl and 3 different plush toys for collectors, each with a different costume. The Jailhouse Rock Elvis is a favorite for fans of the King of Rock and Roll. The 1950s Elvis figure has been retired by Funko, but he's still available online.

Elvis in the 1950s vinyl toy
Funko Elvis Presley 50's Pop Rocks

Funko Elvis Jailhouse Rock Plushie


KISS Pop! Rocks

Buy a complete set or get each rock star individually

Funko Kiss Pop Rocks 4 Piece Vinyl Figure Set

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are founding members of this fire-breathing band, on the road since 1973. Famous for outrageous live performances where heavy metal meets glam rock. The other band members may change but the lucho libre style face paint is the hallmark of the band. The Spaceman Ace Frehley and The Starchild Peter Criss are the other original members of the band in this set of KISS action figure toys.

New: Mini bobble heads by Funko

KISS Mini Wacky Wobblers 4 Pack

Ramones and Public Enemy anniversary

Funko RAMONES 6 inch Wacky Wobbler & 4 inch Pop Vinyl Figure Set of 4 The Ramones and Public Enemy are Pop! Rock Legends. Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Ramone are the first punk rockers in the Pop! Rocks series. The 25th anniversary of the band Public Enemy inspired these vinyl toys of Chuck D and Flavor Flav. #12 is Ozzy Osbourne making a peace sign. See a list of all the FunKo Pop! Rocks Vinyl toys.

Toy Fair 2011, photo by dotpattern

Top five Ramones albums

Rocket to Russia is rated as the top Ramones album of all time. The songs have also been remastered on these other top-rated discs, with bonus tracks added: 2) Leave Home, 3) Ramones, 4) Road to Ruin and 5) End of the Century. One of my favorite albums is the soundtrack to the Rock 'N' Roll High School movie from 1979, starring the Ramones and actress P.J Soles (Carrie, Halloween) as Riff Randell.

Pop! Rocks Series 2

Legendary Run DMC

Funko RUN, DMC & Jam Master Jay Pop Vinyl 3 Figure Set

Daryl McDaniels, Joseph "Run" Simmons, and the late Jam Master Jay are still regarded as the undisputed kings of hip hop music thirty years after their first single was recorded in Queens, NYC. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honored them in 2009.

Ultimate Run DMC

Rappers - 2Pac and Biggie Smalls

Notorious rapper rivalry

2pac Shakur rapper collectable toy
Funko Tupac Rock Pop

Notorious B.I.G. vinyl toy
Funko Notorious B.I.G. Rock Pop

The hip hop feud between 2Pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls (the Notorious B.I.G.) was big news in 1997. These detailed figures are a tribute to these popular west coast / east coast rappers. Snoop Dogg is the next rap star to be honored with a Pop! Rocks Vinyl toy.

Pop! Rocks Series 3

Five different figures of Jaco by FunKo

Set of 3 Michael Jackson Pop Rocks figures Michael Jackson collectable toys! Funko announced 5 new Pop! Rocks Vinyl figures featuring the king of pop himself. FIve phases of his career are represented by five songs in the series. Classic music videos, among the best ever made: "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal" and "Billy Jean" were issued in January 2012 and are available online for a limited time. People are snatching these things up and Funko may or may not do another batch.

In February, the next two figures in the series were announced based on the song "Bad" and the "Soldier" outfit that he wore when he performed at the Grammy Awards ceremony, wearing the signature sequined glove.

5 michael Jackson Pop Rocks figures

All five Michael Jackson figures at the 2012 NY Toy Fair photo: dotpattern

Sex Pistols Pop!

The new Funko Pop! Rocks features the Sex Pistols vinyl figures with Sid Viscous, Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones. Never mind the Bullocks. Here Come the Sex Pistols!

Sid Vicious pop vinyl

Funko 2012 Sex Pistols Set of 3 Figures - Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones

Funko Pop! Rocks Series 4

Beatles Yellow Submarine

Funko Rocks catalog

The 2012 Funko Rocks catalog (courtesy of JAFO - Just Another Funko Observer) shows images of the Funko Pop Beatles Yellow Submarine figures from the animated movie. All four of the lads: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Harrison were released in May with The Blue Meanie.

Captain Fred and the Yellow Submarine issued February 2013!

Beatles Yellow Submarine Pop toys
The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie generated hundreds of toys and promotional items since July 17, 1968. Funko has created a new line of collectable Pop! Vinyl toy figures of the Beatles in their psychedelic costumes.

Corgi Yellow Submarine

Original Corgi Toy from the 1950s, and later re-issues


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List of Pop! Rocks Music toys

The list of Pop Rocks Figures is growing, but at the same time some figures are being retired from production. Retired Pop Rocks figures are listed on auction sites, and from trusted 3rd party sellers on Amazon marketplace. See the official list of Retired Funko Pop! figures. Learn more about exclusive action figures with examples on the Toy Collecting Glossary.

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  • 1
    Pop! Rocks Series 1
    01 Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze" (Retired)
    02 1950s Elvis (Retired)
    03 1970s Elvis (Aloha Elvis)
    04 KISS Gene Simmons - The Demon
    05 KISS Ace Frehley - Spaceman
    06 KISS Paul Stanley - Starchild
    07 KISS Peter Criss - The Catman
    08 Bob Marley "Reggae Rasta" (Retired)
  • 2
    Pop! Rocks Series 2
    09 Reverend Run (Run DMC)
    10 Darryl McDaniels

    11 Jam Master Jay (Retired)
    12 Ozzy Osbourne
    13 Johnny Ramone
    14 Dee Dee Ramone
    15 Public Enemy Chuck D
    16 Public Enemy Flavor Flav
    18 Notorious B.I.G.
    + SDCC version
    19 Tupac Shakur
  • 3
    Pop! Rocks Series 3
    20 Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)
    21 Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols)
    22 Michael Jackson "Billie Jean"
    23 Michael Jackson "Beat It"
    24 Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal"
    25 Michael Jackson "Bad"
    26 Michael Jackson "Soldier" outfit from the Grammy awards
     X  Snoop Dogg (not going to happen:(
  • 4
    Pop! Rocks Series 4 »
    27 John Lennon
    28 Paul McCartney
    29 George Harrison
    30 Ringo Starr
    31 Blue Meanie
    32 Steve Jones
    (Sex Pistols)
    33 Fiend (The Misfits)
    34 The Yellow Submarine
    35 Captain Fred

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