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Pop! Vinyl action figure toys created by Funko come in 12 different groups, with more than 500 popular characters from cartoons, current movies, comic book superheroes and legends of rock 'n' roll. Funko Pop! figures are issued in a series of six or twelve new characters at a time. Over the course of a year, they add a few to each group (more or less) for a total of over 140 new characters, plus special edition pop vinyl figures issued at comic book and movie conventions.

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Funko Pop! TV

Pop! Batman

Pop! Heroes 2

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Pop Television started with characters from The Simpsons and a set of breakfast cereal mascots. In 2012, Funko introduced new Pop! TV figures of the popular Yo Gabba Gabba! program for preschoolers. Dr. Sheldon Cooper comes with five different t-shirt designs, and the other characters from the Big Bang Theory have their own mini-bobble head figures.

Pop! Beatles

Disney Pop!

Star Wars Pop!

Pop! Rock stars

Pop! Heroes 1

The Pop! Heros Series makes the best vinyl figures of The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and Marvel comic book characters. Batman and The Dark Knight Rises movie is featured, along with Superman and other heroes from DC Universe comics. Rock 'n Roll musicians and rock bands are honored with the Pop Rock Legends series featuring Hendrix, hair bands, rap stars, Michael Jackson and the Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Disney Series 4

Wimpy Kid

Yo Gabba Gabba


Wreck-it Ralph

Disney Pop! Vinyl toys

84 different Disney characters

Dinsey characters Funko Pop Vinyl

Disney Pop! 3.75 inch Vinyl Figures

Disney Pop is one of the first sets to be produced by Funko, starting with Mickey Mouse. At last count, there are 48 "standard" Disney figures, with dozens of exclusive edition Pop Vinyl figures with metallic paint or scaled up to 9 inch tall works of art.

Disney Pop! Series 4 was released in the summer of 2013 with twelve more characters from WALL-E, Snow White The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more Disney Pixar Films. Find the latest Pop figures from Wreck-It Ralph, Aladdin, Jungle Book, Merida from Brave and Monsters University.

Disney Pop! Checklist Series 1 - 5

Checklist of Disney / Pixar Pop! characters - PDF download

Disney Pop Series 2 features Buzz Lightyear and the characters in the Toy Story movies, bringing the art and magic of Disney 'to infinity, and beyond'! Other figures in the Disney Pop! set come from all the years between Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear.

The San Diego Comic-con is the place where these special vinyl figures are released to the public. An edition of 480 SDCC exclusive Pop figures are available at the show for fans, and a few may reappear on eBay. Learn about Comic-con exclusive toys, below.

Download the complete list of Disney Pop! characters from any one of these articles:

Funko Pop Disney Series 4
The wait is over -- Disney Pop! Series 4 figures are available now. Tigger, Grumpy, Cinderella, Goofy and Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia! Characters from WALL-E and Nightmare Before Christmas movies.

Disney Pop! Action Figure Toys
48 incredible collectible characters from Funko, the makers of Wacky Wobblers and plush toys. The best animated feature films inspired these great vinyl figu...

Pop! Movies

Horror movies and thrillers

Funko Pop Movies

Funko Pop Horror Movie toys

There's a character for everyone from Pop! Movies, with villains from classic horror films Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Wizard of Oz . Star Wars has an entire range of Pop! Vinyl and bobblehead characters issued over the years.

Funko Star Wars Pop! Vinyl Figures
Collectable Star Wars Pop! Vinyl toys are incredibly detailed figures of the Sci-fi action heroes from the entire series of movies, issued in three Waves. Made by Funko, toy maker synonymous with the Wacky Wobbler brand.

Pop! Televison

Funko Pop! Television

Funko POP Television: Sheldon Cooper Green Lantern Vinyl Figure

Characters from The Big Bang Theory are the most recent addition to Pop! Television. Four vinyl figures from The Simpsons and fantastic Itchy and Scratchy plush dolls will definitely become collectors items, like the breakfast cereal monsters from General Mills featured in the Pop! Ad Icons set - Count Chocula and friends.

Pop! TV and Breakfast Cereal Monsters

Funko Pop TV: Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons
Funko Pop! TV collectable character figures from The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory and South Park. The Waling Dead are the newest Pop! Television characters.

Comic Book Pop! Heroes

Heroes from the pages of comic books and graphic novels

Batman and Dark Knight Pop! Heroes

Batman Movie and TV Show vinyl figures - DC Universe

The Pop! Heroes series started with a set of Batman figures in the first wave of DC Universe comic book heroes (and arch rivals). Look for Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Penguin and a dozen more characters from DC comics.

Spider Man and Wolverine are in the Marvel Comics Pop! Heros series with Captain America, The Hulk and other classic comic book characters.

Batman bobble heads and plush toys
Batman, Robin and Batgirl fight off the bad guys in Series 1 of the Pop! Heroes vinyl bobble-head toys made by Funko. Four rivals of the caped crusaders try ...

Funko Pop! Comic Book Heroes and Villians
Heroes from from the pages of DC Universe comic books (and Marvel Comics) created by Funko Pop! 27 action figure bobble-heads in a growing collection of char...

Marvel Comic Book Pop! Heroes
Marvel comic book heroes and villains - everyone from Wolverine to Iron Man and super hero friends: Captain America, Red Skull, Spider Man, Iron Man ...

Pop! Rocks music legends

Funko Purple Haze Pop Rocks

Funko Reggae Rasta Pop Rocks
Bob Marley Reggae Rasta

Jimi Hendrix is the first character honored with their own Funko Pop! Rocks collectable character. There's a total of 32 Legendary Rock n Roll musicians in Series 1 - 4.

The King: Elvis Presley is here from 1950s and 1970s with the roots rocker Bob Marley. The second series of figures is a tribute to the anniversary of original hip hop and rap music stars that started it all over 25 years ago. Series 3 is a mix of five different Michael Jackson figures and three members of the notorious punk rockers the Sex Pistols. Series 4 is all about the Beatles with five figures in stock now, and two more to be issued in November.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Pop toys
The Yellow Submarine movie generated hundreds of toys and promotional items since July 17, 1968 when the animated film first premiered in London. See...

Funko Pop Rocks toy figures: Legends of Rock music
32 collectable rock and roll music toys celebrating legendary musicians from the dawn of rock 'n roll, the primordial ooze of early hair bands, the birth of ...

Michael Jackson Funko Pop! Rocks

Three new Michael Jackson Pop! Rocks figures!

Billy Jean Michael Jackson

"Billy Jean", "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal".
Also find: "Bad" and "Military" Michael

Bid on Exclusive Funko Pop Toys

More than thirty exclusive SDCC figures

Find special limited-edition figures from the San Diego Comic-con with a metallic finish or super-sized figures. Typically created in lots of 480 figures, thess always sell out quickly at the shows.

The annual Disney D23 Expo is another place where special edition figures are available. Now is your chance to buy one of these limited edition figures without going to San Diego (but it would be so cool to actually go to SDCC).

See the Toy Collecting Glossary for more information about collecting rare action figure toys, and see a Official List of Retired Funko Pop vinyl figures for hard-to-find characters from Funko now out of production.

Exclusive Comic-Con toys

Comic-Con exclusive action figure toys
Each year, toy companies create exclusive collectors items for customers who attend the San Diego Comic-Con and other large comic book conventions. Super Freddy is your guide...

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Funko official website is a forum devoted to toys made by Funko, established in 1998. Funko's current owner expanded the business in 2005 to include thousands of toy figures and other collectables based on cartoons, advertising mascots and movies.

Wacky Wobbler brand bobble heads and Funko Pop! figures are hot now, capturing the imagination of kids and collectors of all ages. Funko also makes Spastic Plastic, Blox, Funko Force, Computer Sitters and a dozen more toys and accessories. The 2012 catalog also introduced a new line of apparel — t-shirts printed with images of Pop! characters.

Funko announced a new line of Mini Pop and Mini Wobbler figures at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, choosing a select few characters to make into smaller figures. Visit the official Funko website, and the originalfunko page for the latest announcements and contests.

See the complete Funko spreadsheet online, complete with photos and information.

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That's a lot of Funko Pop! and there's much more, with 5 figures from the Uglydoll series, and special set of Halo video game characters for their 10th anniversary. The "Norelco Christmas Special" characters make an appearance with the 2 snow monsters from 'Year Without a Santa Claus' and 3 favorites from 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer'.

Post any questions here about Pop! Vinyl figures, and I'll try to get you an answer.

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Sorcerer Mickey Mouse and Chernabog from Fantasia