Is the Wii U worthy of the stick it has been getting lately or have Nintendo once again innovated there way to success, This article is going to delve into my personal thoughts on the Wii U, I'll have a look at how this years and 2014 Wii U game release front looks and also I'll have a look at how the Wii U has fared financially in the two and a half month that is has been released worldwide

Before, during and after the Wii U's release there has been controversy, upon rumors, upon speculation and i think it's about time the Wii U and Nintendo stand up for them self's and fight the power once and for all. Now i have had a Wii U since launch day in the UK and its the first proper Nintendo console that i have had since the start of any Nintendo console's life cycle, I don't normally go for Ninty's console's but have had a few and have always loved playing them or my friends Nintendo.

So why the change of heart this time? I hear you ask, Well it is to do simply with the Gamepad and the vision that Nintendo has for this console this generation, The big N's console's since the N64 in my opinion have been unique in the way that not all highly successful and profitable Multi-Platform games have always been available on their machines and if they where they normally (Normally i say) ended up being a sub-par port, Now this seems to have changed with the Wii U as they are trying and hopefully succeeding at getting that elusive and 99% of the time very profitable third party support with EA bringing FIFA as the game should be quality wise to the console albeit a few minor changes this year and Activision bringing last years best version of Call of Duty: Black Op's 2 that i have ever played. Now i have had black op's 2 on both my 360 and the Wii U and only have the Wii U version left and for no other reason than being able to play the full game on the Gamepad screen.

It's true the Gamepad is a complete game changer (No pun intended) and maybe just maybe Sony and Microsoft will do something similar with there new controller's but in all honesty i hope they just stick to having regular pad's and leave the Gamepad to Nintendo as i feel they have done a brill job at implementing the things they have with the connectivity between the console and the Gamepad. Being able to pause ZombiU mid game and go on to the internet with the Gamepad to find out how to find a particular object or where a secret area is all the while still being at the exact point you where at in the game and it only taking a simple a button press to jump straight back into gameplay, Well that is just Next-Gen for me all over and it's as simple as that. Some people just cant seem to understand the importance of what Nintendo have done here with the Gamepad and its frustrating.

I know the Wii U is most likely going to be over shadowed in the capabilities of graphics when Microsoft and Sony unveil their bad boys but i think the Wii U can co exist with these consoles just like the Wii did but this time have the wider range and closer in quality type of games that the Wii could not handle. Now i know that it is not going to be able to compete toe to toe pure grunt wise with the third party games but the big N has a super power that none of us should forget.

Please read on below.

O Mario Mario! Wherefore art thou Mario

If you did not guess what i was talking about ill let your brain take a break (Don’t be offended) and tell thee, It’s the first party games WOOP WOOP, I was more excited than i was when i first set eyes on my now old but still very beautiful XBOX 360 when i watched the last Nintendo Direct i know there was no confirmed release dates of Nintendo’s most prized possession’s but the fact that they where just confirmed in development gave me a sigh of relief as now it was official.

Because now i know within the next year hopefully ill be smashing around Mario Kart’s new racer or traversing his new world and then a little later on exploring the new certain master piece that will be Link’s next adventure in Zelda or just taking it easy with Yoshi’s new yarn, Now we can look forward to E3 and all the delights that will be unveiled their for Ninty’s console which i will make a prediction and say that a new F-Zero will be on show and also maybe something to do with Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong be that a racer or platform game plus more.

With this year already looking good with Pikmin 3, New Luigi’s Mansion and the new Wario Ware game all ready to set the console alight not to mention the many Multi-Platform games and third party exclusives which will get released and announced this year i think it’s fair to say the Wii U has more of a fighting chance than a lot of people think and I’ve not even mentioned the social and entertainment capabilities yet which will keep the console inline with the choices available on it’s competitors machines.

Last but not least there’s the small matter of sales and money, The Nintendo Wii U has sold 3.06 million hardware units and 11.69 million software units worldwide since launch and have had to lower their Q3 sales forecast. I think this is to do with the pricing as even though the Gamepad is legendary in my eyes i don’t think it warranted the price tag Ninty went for at launch and ultimately Nintendo suffered for it, Let’s take for instance i got the ZombiU pack at launch and paid £339 for it now i think i would be paying around that price for Microsoft’s new console along with all the raw power it will encase when it releases come this winter and i think a lot of other people realized that too and that’s why they have kept away.

Once a price reduction comes into effect i think the sales for Wii U will skyrocket as they did with the 3DS but only if they keep the games coming thick, fast and full of quality which i have faith in Nintendo to do so. I just hope the big N does not let me and everyone else down but i can’t see it happening this generation not if the price comes down and the games come quick, You just never know what can happen in the games industry though and Nintendo could eventually go the way of the dodo if they don’t keep up the vision they have for this magnificent console. But like i said i have faith!!

Just a note, This is my very first article ever and will take on-board all criticism and pointers as i am looking to do this full time, Hopefully :)

Cheers guy’s!!! Below you’ll find an interesting gaming fact of mine, A poll to take part in and the usual Comments Section….

Will the Wii U survive?

Come on guys!!! Will the Wii U go the way of the dodo or will it ride off into the sunset in a Zonda and a hot chick!!!

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  • johnb Feb 01, 2013 @ 9:24 pm
    I just got my Wii u on Tuesday and I love it! I am a hardcore Sony gamer and cannot wait till ps4. However I love games like pikmin,Mario kart ect... I cannot wait for Lego undercover and monster hunter! Currently I have zombie u and black ops and I plan on getting assassins next week. I don't mind that there is no trophies because I can focus more on enjoying my games rather then obtaining a trophy. I think the Wii u has a lot of potential and I had ps3 and 360 last gen and hated the 360 so I figured I'd try the Wii u and so far I'm happy with my choice. Even when I get the ps4 I will continue playing my Wii u regularly. I love it!
  • person Feb 01, 2013 @ 9:21 pm
    After the Wii U gets a few more games out it will sell much better. I know many people are simply waiting for the games they want. Unfortunately for some, Nintendo is already selling the Wii U at a loss, but with buying one game making it profitable, so there will be no price dropping anytime soon. People who've actually used it tend to like it a lot so the more sold, the more friends of people get to play it and later buy it.
  • stealth Feb 01, 2013 @ 8:05 pm
    This article is trolling flame bate

    It did better than almost every system ever in the first 3 months of course it will

    nothing would indicate it wont
  • TruGamer86 Feb 01, 2013 @ 8:25 pm
    Trolling flame bate??? :s

    Why is it trolling when i'm simply stating my own opinion, I'm stating why i love the console and also bringing up the subject of the hate the Wii U has been receiving around the web before, since and after launch and trying to give my explanation on why so much hate has been going around...I never once said that the reduced sales forecast based on their own sales figures that Nintendo them self's published only a few days ago was the end of the Wii U and apart from that i only had love for the console throughout the article. Nintendo them self's have stated that they have not done as well as they thought they would of done within their launch window, I was only passing that information on and then giving my opinion on it.

    So was i trolling for or against the console because it seems to me you are confused!!

    Thanks for being the first person to comment though!! Much Love :D
  • TruGamer86 Feb 01, 2013 @ 9:11 pm
    Just looked trolling flame bait up and i'm sure my article was not offensive to anything and certainly i hope not provocative. Cheers pal that game me a laugh :)

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