Golf Fitness Program

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A Golf Fitness Program To Transform Your Golf Swing

This page is all about increasing your driving distance and shooting lower scores. It's your body keeping you from a better game. A golf fitness program will greatly improve your golf swing range of motion and power. You will soon be the longest hitter in your foursome!

Perform Better Golf


Don't Run From Golf Exercises

All It Takes Is As Little As 3 Minutes A Day To See Massive Improvement

Golf is a physical sport. Swinging a golf club at up to 80+ mph is brutal on the body. If your body is tight and weak you will not be happy with your driving distance, consistency and accuracy. You will be making futile attempts on every swing.

Wouldn't you rather do a little bit of work to see a HUGE improvement? If golf were easy, don't you think most golfers would be single digits? It's not easy, and most golfers have been taking the WRONG approach all along.

I'm telling you, you need to work on what's causing your lack of power and swing faults, not the symptoms of your poor swing.

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