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How to Become a Good starcraft 2 Player - Complete Heart of the Swarm Guide

Hi my friends, welcome to my blog about learning to play Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm like a pro. Today im here to present you the most complete and professional hots guide, with a large source of information created by one of the most helpful and prestigious members of our amazing community.

If you want to dominate the game and learn the best strategies and builds for each race i highly recommend getting this manual. With this guide you will start from the basics and continue on to the most advanced and complex parts with the guidance of high quality videos and texts that will walk you trough the complicated process of learning to play Starcraft 2.

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Shokz Guide Review

This is simply the best guide i have ever seen and you can find it Here!. Shokz once again took every bit of experience and dedication to the game and mixed to create this fantastic hots guide. The strategies builds and dynamics are explained with utmost detail. Every inch is crafted to help any kind of player achieve results and become much better. If you follow this guide you will reach a complete new level, doesn't matter if you are bronze or silver, sometimes its all it takes, a little bit of guidance by more experienced players.

Terran Strategy

As a master Terran player myself, i found most of the tips and strategies on this guide very accurate and helpful. I have even learned new things that i implemented to my gameplay, and im quite a veteran player. Terran is all about macro-management, you have to be fast and use your APM wisely. This guide will surely help you develop your mechanics as a Terran player. Take this chance and chose the road to success.

Zerg Strategy

The voracious Zerg. A very hard race to master, but very rewarding when you develop the skill needed to macro and defend yourself from early attacks and rushes. If you are a Zerg player you will find this manual delightful. Shokz took into careful consideration the needs of the Zerg and one of the most solid aspects of his guide are the Zerg builds and strategies you need to learn to become a Master.

Protoss Strategy

The relentless Protoss. The most technological advanced of the three races is a very fun race to play. Regaining much of their ingenuity with the new units and mechanics brought by Heart of the Swarm. Learn to dominate this race and you can be the Master. The Protoss are very reliable but need to be handled with patience and experience. With this guide you can acquire all the crafts of the trade and become a force to reckon with.

The Shokz Heart of the Swarm Guide has the seal of approval of the entire Starcraft 2 Community, now its your time to make history and become the player you were always meant to be.

How To Play Heart of The Swarm

Learning to play Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm

heart of the swarm I have been playing Starcraft since its first release back in 1998, it was part of my teens and quickly became my favorite game ever. I mostly learned to play the game alone but i had the luck to have some very experienced players teach me very valuable things about the game. Thanks to the time and patient of this amazing players i became one of the best foreigners in the Starcraft: Brood War scene. You can say that one is born with the gift to play Starcraft, although that can be true there is much worked involved and i would have not made if if you the precious help from the community that was very helpful back then. What im saying is that a person that wants to be good at Starcraft or anything for that matter has to be humble and learn from those who have more experience and skill.

What Changed with Starcraft 2

Many of the old school players were gone, many already married and with kids of their own, others with jobs that left them with no time to play their beloved game. I had the chance to conciliate pleasure and business and work as a manager for the biggest Starcraft 2 clan in my country. I was radiant with the idea of pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a pro gamer and living the life that i wanted. At first i was only a manager and played some games for the team because i still had good mechanics from the Brood War days; then i was invited to coach the team and share my game experience and strategies with the them. I felt proud and needed, i was going to finally giveback what was given to me when i was a new player. I took that chance and i run with it, training my team with passion and a sparkle of pride in my eyes. There were many obstacles to success but with work and dedication we were able to win many tournaments and make history. Remember, you are the only one obstacle to your success!

How to Get Better at the Game

My recommendation is for you to find a source to learn from like i did. Nowadays the community as changed a lot but there are still good altruist players that like to help the newbies and players that are struggling to advance to the next level of play. If you are truly serious about becoming a better player you should check this amazing Heart of The Swarm Guide by Shokhz a very experienced and helpful member of our community. His guide contains an almost unlimited amount of information, presented in video and text with a level of detail and quality that will help you achieve your objectives quickly.

Have fun playing the game and be true to yourself and your dreams, never give up!

Heart of the Swarm Builds

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm builds and Strategies

When we think about Starcraft, the first thing that comes to mind is blazing fast koreans playing at the speed of lightning while keeping their pose of calmness and concentration. But there is much more to this game than just being fast (mentally and physically). Mechanics are very important and they are one of the things you must train to achieve greatness, you will only be able to acquire this level of expertize if you follow a thoughtful and rigorous training plan like the one i already mentioned on this blog. You can start your journey to the top of the ladder by getting the new Heart of the Swarm Guide. Do so only if you take this game seriously and truly want to become a better player.

Learning the best build orders is halfway to victory

Doesn't matter if you are Zerg , Terran or Protoss one basic thing you will need to know are the build orders. Solid builds are one of the best ways to climb the ladder without fear of cheeses, rushes or being outplayed by your adversaries. A good player will analyze his build and mold it to his will taking into consideration the numerous factors that can make the build work or become a failure. Its very important that you follow the meta game trends and know how to read and take advantage of possible weaknesses to exploit. Notice how the approach professional players take varies when playing on the ladder or against opponents of the same level on tournaments like the GSL. They spend time studying their opponents and refining their builds to fit the play style of their foes. You can apply the same notion to ladder games, most of the players playing on the ladder follow the meta game and try to mimic the best players. You can take advantage of this if you know enough about the game.

Why you should focus more on macro builds instead of rushes and cheeses

By choosing to play a defensive macro style you will be training your game sense, timings and also improving your overall mechanics. Macro play opens many doors, you can win by just simply outmacroing your opponent or you can win by defending your enemy all-in or cheesy build. Don't get frustrated if you keep losing to bad cheesy builds, that will only work if you don't have the proper scouting information and will automatically lose if you can see it coming. In the long run, you will become a much better player if you dedicate time to learn builds that need to be meticulously executed. Repetition and dedication are the keys to be a successful Heart of the Swarm player.

What about Heart of the Swarm Strategies ?

The Strategical Component of the Game

Builds and mechanics are the soul of the game, but what about strategy ? Starcraft is known as the chess of video games, it involves intrinsic strategical thinking and players have to possess the brains to make any heart of the swarm strategy functional. If you would like to learn more about hots strategies and become a better player i highly recommend you to take a look into the new Heart of the Swarm Strategy Guide.

You don't need to be Korean or spend uncountable hours playing on the ladder, you just have to change your mindset and be humble enough to accept tips and criticism from more experienced players. A good training with a friend our clan mate can be much better than mindlessly hitting the ladder over and over again without a plan and simply grinding games left and right as you become frustrated when a game is lost due to some stupid mistake.

Tips to improve your Sc2 Skills and competitive mindset

Be humble and open your mind to all kinds of helpful information. Discover and experiment with new things, don't let yourself be constricted by the meta and standard ways of playing the game. Legendary players like Slayers Boxer and Flash were known for their creativity and innovative ways of playing Starcraft.

Read strategy forums and watch as much Starcraft as you can. With the new expansion many things have changed and you have to keep yourself up to date regarding the new strategies and builds and relearn what still works and what became obsolete.

Get yourself a game partner of the same skill as yourself and test each aspect of a Starcraft 2 game; early game, mid-game and late-game, learn how to read your opponent and make the transition from phase to phase well calculated smooth and controlled. Each phase is an opportunity for either you or your opponent, if you control the flow of the game from the beginning you are more likely to win.

Keep your mind on the game, don't get distracted and remember that you are playing to win. If you want to be good you can't make mistakes, you have to be concentrated at all times and outsmart your opponent. If you can show him from the start that you will outplay him no matter what it will brake is morale and shaken his confidence.
Above all respect the game and its players and community and have fun playing this fantastic piece of art we all love : )

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