Nearly a month ago when I first came across this movie and it was only to make use of the free movie pass I got from a friend. I admit, my sole purpose is to sleep the entire duration of the film and forget about it after but I was wrong. It was a very interesting movie. Her is about romance and science fiction, while many say it's a romantic comedy there's only just a few scenes where it's hard not to laugh. I guess it was meant to lighten the mood a little bit and it worked.

The Plot

Set in the futuristic year where voice-activated equipments a common thing, Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix, a lonely guy going through a divorce, he writes personal love letters for people with difficulty expressing themselves thus making him romantic and in touch with other people’s feeling. On the way to work Theodore purchased an intuitive, Artificially Intelligent Operating System (OS) “Samantha” voice portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Samantha, clearly excited about the world as she evolves intelligently from every experiences .The two develop an unusual connection and fell in love with each other while struggling with the impossibility of their relationship.

An Exceptional Love Story

Every story of love is unique in their own way and while I'm not a big fan of romance, I was caught up. It was sweet, somber and it warms my heart to remember the scenes like it was true and close to me. It didn't make make me feel a little bit awkward and like Theodore and Samantha I was momentarily in tune with their sentiment, their chemistry was as real as it can be. Their expression of love isn’t weak or futile, it changes- more learning and accepting of the truth and experience. Well, that’s just my opinion.


Truly I enjoyed this movie, the actors wonderful performance and their vital element to the story, there wasn't any dragging scenes I first thought there would be. And what's even remarkable about the cinematography is the nostalgic theme they presented that's totally different from any Sci-Fi movies I've ever watched, with amazing lighting effects and digital enhancements- I was blown away. So glad I was able to watch this film and loved every moment of it, a satisfying treat for a free movie pass huh? Wish I can get lucky again next time. :)

Here’s a couple of videos related to the film, you might want to take a look at them and see how interesting this movie is. Enjoy!

The equally famous Moon Song from the movie Her, sung by Scarlett Johansson at the later part of the movie. Beautiful!

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