Easy and Convenient Gutter Cleaning!

This time of year everyone needs to get to the gutters, before there is any damage done, before the winter left-overs clog the gutters and cause water damage!

The iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot does just the thing, easily, safely, and quickly!

No more wasting weekend after weekend cleaning out gutters on a ladder!

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot BLASTS out Dirt and Debris

Gutter debris can be difficult to remove!

The iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot has POWER. It blasts the caked up sludge, stuck down debris, old leaves and branches right out of your expensive gutters.

Strong and sturdy brushes CLEAN your gutters without scraping, scouring, or scrubbing from a tall ladder.

If you have to get up on a ladder, make the time you spend there most effective. One pass with the iRobot Looj and your work is done again for the entire year!

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot Video

Give the Gift of Less Cleaning - iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning
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9 ratings | 6,793 views
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The iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning System is SAFE

Reduce your chance of injury!

Many home injuries are caused by doing work high on a ladder. Not only do you have to keep your proper balance on the ladder, you have to work with different tools, weights, and supplies.

Since the iRobot looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot does the work FOR you, the risk of injury is reduced. Times that you must move and reposition the ladder are reduced.

The hard scraping and scrubbing movement in normal gutter cleaning are risky for your balance on a high ladder. This powerful machine does the hard work for you, and does it better than your elbow grease could!

A belt clip keeps the iRobot right with you, right where you want it. No searching, dropping or misplacing! It cleans up with water and is very easy maintenance. It will work for you year after year.

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot Photos in Action

Here you can find photos of the iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot doing is job. The irobot looj 120 it’s the perfect robot that we all need to have.

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot #1

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot #2

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot #3

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot #4

Buy iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot


The Only Gutter-Cleaning Robot

iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot 120 Best Deal

The Only Gutter-Cleaning Robot
This is the only remote-controlled robot that removes leaves, small branches, and dirt from gutters, eliminating the need for ineffective and laborious manual methods. Made by iRobot, a company founded by roboticists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and renowned for their tactical robots used in U.S. military reconnaissance missions, the robot is controlled by a 100′-range handheld remote. After it is placed in a gutter, the robot begins to clean at the touch of a button, rotating its powerful auger at 500 rpm while the durable rubber and plastic blades dislodge and remove stubborn detritus; polypropylene brushes finish the process by wiping the gutter clean. The robot’s low-profile allows it to move under gutter supports while its tank-like, belt-driven treads allow it to easily cross downspout openings; waterproof design allows for use in wet conditions. When cleaning is complete, the remote attaches to the top of the robot, forming a handle for transport to the next gutter. Includes a holster and belt for transporting the robot and a rechargeable battery that runs for one hour after a 15-hour charge. Remote requires two AAA batteries. For use in all standard K-style gutters with 2 1/4" clearance. 2 1/4" H x 3 1/4" W x 19" L. (4 lbs.)

Looj iRobot

iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot

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  • guttersanta Apr 05, 2011 @ 3:24 am
    Exceptional quality that the customers deserve should be the reputation of each gutter company. Their philosophy must be based on integrity, hard work and a genuine interest in taking care of the customers.
  • mulberry Jul 01, 2008 @ 3:42 am
    Yuck, I hate cleaning out the gutters; this is definitely a gadget worth checking out. Thanks!
  • newsgirl Jun 30, 2008 @ 9:01 pm
    Ahh, if my boyfriend got one of this in the last weekend, life would be much easier! After reading this excellent info, i really must buy one.
  • RolandK_Mary Jun 30, 2008 @ 8:58 pm
    Lovely piece of hardware, jonitas. This beauty made my life a lot easier! Thank you for this excellent lens.
  • MishaA May 14, 2008 @ 7:55 pm
    I love iRobots :)

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