Journey from Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku, June solstice 2012

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We do not know our planet We explore space but we do not even understand what has happened before here on Earth. take small groups to Peru and Bolivia, from Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku.
Tiwanaku and Puma Punku are the most ancient megalithic sites on Earth. They are a genuine mystery, they compare to no other places
No one has proof who built them. Have you ever heard of them?
Why are they so little know?

Journey from Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku

June Solstice 2012 in the Mystical Andes

Peru and Bolivia This journey is much more than a common touristic tour
Our guides have a true Archeological and Historical knowledge that goes beyond the limited views of mainstream academics. They also have a deep understanding of energy fields. They know that the Sacred Sites electromagnetic energy is enhanced during certain times, scientific tests have demonstrated it. Most of the sites have retained antediluvian information about an advanced civilization that ended abruptly.
The Winter Solstice -June 21st in the Southern hemisphere- is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. It is a mystical time when the light begins to return, when people feel amazingly psychic. Many of them find easier to naturally access the frequencies of the sites during these special times.
There will be a definitive before-and-after for the people who will be traveling with us!

Are you ready to stretch your mind?
Power places have their own unique frequencies. They have the potential to create a tremendous evolutionary shift for the visitor who comes with an open mind. The frequencies encoded stir up ancient memories. They have the potential to give access to other realities.
The civilizations who built the ancient places used the cosmic energies. The multi-level stored information/frequencies give their full potential during the times of close interaction between the Earth and the Cosmos
The energy of the highly spiritual sacred sites will increase your frequencies. It is a unique opportunity for a tremendous evolutionary shift, so much needed at present!

From Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku
From Cusco province to Tiwanaku you are made to believe that everything is Inca, the ancient buildings, the roads etc. This is not true at all. It is just not possible. Even the Incas themselves said they did not do it and they ignored who did it. It is exactly the same as believing the Celts built Stonehenge, Newgrange or Gavrinis or any other of the megalithic sites in Europe.
The Incas like the Celts used what was already there and built on top. You will see for yourself the huge megalithic constructions that the Incas used as a base for their own buildings. You will have no doubt that a highly evolved civilization has been thriving here before and we still know nothing about it...

Day 1 June 11, 2012. The journey starts in Lima where we meet
Day 2 Flight to Cusco alt.3.500m, the ancient Inca capital of Peru.
Visit of Amaru Machay, the Caves of the Snakes, Q'enqo, the temple of the Sun and the Moon, Sacsayhuaman.
Overnight in Cusco
Day 3 Cusco.
Visit of Koricancha, the wealthiest and most sacred temple of the Incas.
Overnight in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley
Day 4 Visit of Ollantaytambo, the amazing megalithic site situated at the end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Day 5 Visit of the sacred site of Pisaq and Pisaq market. Interesting shopping.
Day 6 Train to Aguas Calientes, the village at the foot of Machu Picchu.
First visit of Machu Picchu (2360m), a former esoteric training school for female initiates. Hours to explore this site under the guidance of a local tour guide specialized in the Cusco area..
Day 7 Second visit to Machu Picchu to experience the sunrise over the awe-inspiring mountains. An experience you will never forget.
Plenty of time to appreciate the special qualities of this sacred site on your own. You may choose to explore the Moon Temple on the nearby mountain of Wayna Picchu or climb to the top for an amazing view.
Return to Urubamba.
Day 8 Travel to Chucuito, (3830m), a small village near Puno, on Lake Titicaca.
Along the way visit to Pucara and Rajchi.
Day 9 Last day in Peru.
Visit of the floating Uros Islands, made of reed-like papyrus where communities have been living for centuries on lake Titicaca alt. 3808m. On the way to the border, visit of the powerful ancient sacred site of the Amaru Muru Gateway (Amaru Marka or 'Bi-dimensional gate'), and the Sillustani Center located on the shores of Lago Umayo.
Leaving Peru for Bolivia to Copacabana, a small village on the shores of Lake Titicaca where the energy of the sacred feminine is very powerful
Day 10 Copacabana.
Visit of the sacred Feminine Temple and the markets.
Day 11 Private boat to the sacred temple on the Island of the Moon, an ancient female initiate training centre.
Overnight on the Island of the Sun in a family's in the community of Challapampa, a small village on the Northern side of the island. A memorable experience.
Day 12 Visit of the sacred sites on the island of the Sun, an ancient spiritual training centre for both men and women where ancient ruins abound including a fascinating labyrinth and temple.
Return to Copacabana
Day 13 Copacabana to Tiwanaku.
Visit of the whole complex. The Kalasasaya temple, the Akapana pyramid, the subterranean temple and the museum.
Visit of Puma Punku and the New Temple, a healing place, where an Elder will share the Andean wisdom.
Tiwanaku to La Paz city, the political capital of Bolivia.
Day 14 La Paz city.
A day to visit the city, discover the world-famous Witches Market and more.
Day 15 June 25, 2012. Transfer to the airport or extended stay. Useful Link List

Unusual Journey to Peru & Bolivia
15-day tour from Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku
Your experiences will destroy your preconceptions & stretch you mind!
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