Marijuana Should Be Legal Even for Recreational Use

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Marijuana has been used for thousands of years -- for medicinal, religious and recreational purposes. It has only been an illegal substance in the United States since 1937.

Sixteen states allow for medical use of marijuana -- with a doctor's prescription. But getting a prescription is usually not hard. Especially since marijuana has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of so many different medical conditions -- everything from headaches to brain cancer.

Although hard numbers are hard to come by, it's an open secret that most people who get prescriptions for marijuana aren't really smoking it for medicinal reasons. And guess what? The world hasn't come to an end yet. People aren't running around like lunatics in the streets, at least not any more than usual.

So I say, let's end this charade. Let adults enjoy cannabis in a responsible manner, just as they are allowed to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol.


Marijuana Should Be Legal -- Even for Recreational Use


Yes, you're right!

MedCan Marijuana says:

How come you aren't selling my book :) Wont let me post a link but its for sale on Amazon do a search for Hemp Conspiracy by Paul Wylie

MedCan Marijuana says:

I agree Marijuana should be legal as it is less hazard than cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs. However, I disagree that it should not be controlled. We need to be realistic and have supply chains, taxation, banking all the necessary components of any industry.

Paraíso says:

marijuana is healthier than most of the stuff we consume everyday! it has lots of benefits, and almost no setbacks. legalize cannabis all over the world, take power from drug dealers, reduce consuption of harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol, and help all of us taking an easier life!

Sakelarios Kouskoutis says:

If I can wake up in the morning drink a cup of coffee.. Eh wait 2 pots of coffee.. Then walk outside and smoke 2 packs of cigarettes. Come back into my house and finish the day with a fifth of whiskey and a twelve pack. All under my legal rights. Then why cant we Americans not enjoy a bowl or two of our favorite green plant.
Marijuana should be legal. That is final, and trust me when I say this. It will be legal!

Paige Parnell says:

Marijuana should be legal for medical use and for recreational use why not cigs r legal?... and they r dangerous they kill and weed only saves life. Either way people r gonna smoke it regardless so mine as well get it over with plus we could make money put it out there give our economy a boost THAT IT NEEDS. People need to quit stressing over the little stupid things and just cause you smoke weed doesn't make you a criminal so the least that should happen is at least decriminalizing it. People concerned about this but abortions ok hahah lets get real people!!!!

Blimey Limey says:

LEGALIZATION IS THE ONLY ANSWER. Then, people who need it for illness, can get it without having to register like a sex offender or getting a dog license. That merely puts private information about the suffering citizens of the country, in the hands of the government entities who would do them harm in the form of midnight raids, harassment, whatever they can come up with next. People who wish to ENJOY it for the obvious reason, can also do that without the side effect from Police, called PARANOIA. There is NO paranoia in my family members out in Colorado. The claim that cannabis CAUSES this is a bunch of garbage. Just another piece of propaganda to whitewash the 'sheeple' with, and keep them in the dark and STUPID. So, they will sound as stupid as they think the people that use cannabis, are.

Blimey Limey says:

I just can't seem to believe the bullshirt stuff I was gonna write in here! It's getting dumber all the time.I want to think that there will be tons of potheads causes car crashes all over the country, ALL OF A SUDDEN! Wait.. there have been dopers driving home from parties and from their friends homes and stuff, as long as there have been drunks doing it. I still haven't heard one single State Trooper or city cop, complain "Well, here is ANOTHER doper who killed a whole family in a car crash!". Or, I have busting potheads who go home and beat their wives!". I only hear this about DRUNKS. PERIOD. My family has had police officers in it, and they always have something to say about drunks; never people who partake of the most unique plant on the face of the earth. Oh, well, I need to find another way to put this nasty, smelly, dangerous weed in it's place!


The fact that there ARE idiots who will work the system, (no matter what system is in place) to get their substance of choice, so they can use it in their own way, and even abuse it, PROVES to me that no matter how many laws we write, pass enforce or review, people will do what ever they want, and whatever it takes to break whatever laws they disagree with. The laws on the books for cannabis prohibition are idiotic. There is no reason for man to try and legislate behavior in a free society. The people in charge of US, you and I, ned to get over themselves, remove their heads from whatever orifice they have hidden them in, and give up this foolish exercise in futility. The tipping point has arrived, and the politicians still can't seem to find a way to say 'OOPS!'. Remove all laws, shut down the DEA, the ONDCP and kick the drug Czars out to the curb. You are losing this battle, but you seem to think you can spin this into more nonsense. All you are really doing, is making the people who follow your line of reasoning, look as foolish as you do. Re-Elect NOBODY. NONE OF THEM ARE WORTH THEIR SALT.

Gregory says:

I think it should be legalized. Period. To me there's no reason why it should be illegal. It's a relatively harmless "drug" that when used in moderation, helps people wind down after a stressful day at work or school. No different than having a drink after work, right? Except that there have been how many hundreds of thousands of deaths related to alcohol, and zip related to Marijuana. Like alcohol, Marijuana is a great way to socialize with others if you live in the right area.

I say relatively harmless because if abused daily, and I'm talking about all daily, it does have a tendency to reduce motivational ambitions. However, like every responsible adult, everything should be enjoyed in moderation. Right? Come on, America, stop being so stubborn and legalize on a federal level. Follow the exceptional example that Uruguay set not too long ago and just legalize it, man.

Kris Whitehead says:

I agree! Marijuana is a great thing, it has so many values and good things to come from it, and the great rhombus you can never overdose and there are no recorded deaths from use of marijuana, and as far as clothing or paper or any other items hemp is a cheap supple for paper and clothing instead of having to destroy forests. It's a great cause we just need to help get to word out that it's not bad!

El Renegad says:

Marijuana was on earth before humans, and it has been used for thousands of years for medicinal, religious and recreational purposes by several civilisations. If we follow the logic claim by lot of states in the world that it's so dangerous for the health and the society, how come that we succeed to develop our society and civilsation until then. Anti-Marijuana propagand is all about the money, that's all. Human's mind become so blind and so hypocrite.(excuse me for my poor English) i'm French.

Bob Frapples says:

The Sooner... the Better.

Dawid says:

The least the governments should do is to decriminalize the use of Marijuana as well as the cultivation thereof for personal use. How did it ever become a criminal offense to get high using one of the plants?
Would these lawmakers like to cause the extinction of one of most well loved plant species?

david says:

IT SHOULD BE LEGAL ITS WAY BETTER THAN ALCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tax it and the u.s will make alot of money!!!!!!

KitKat says:

I need it for med use, but its harmless & s/be totally decriminalized. I need and have to wait 2 years for dispensaries to open in not fair..cant cross into MA, ME or VT to get it either for medical use!! Stage 4 cancer patient too! Legalize it, less dangerous than alchohol!

Bobelly says:

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Mana says:

Yes, it should be legal. Too much innocent people are still in jail everywhere in the world for breaking this stupid law of prohibition. If governments really wanted to protect people from it, they also condemn those who really need it for medical reasons. Marihuana is prohibited because of wrong, bad and false reasons that still make a lot of benefit to Big pharma and petrochemical industries. If it's legal to be poisoned by chemicals everywhere, why is it still forbidden to cure yourself with a natural plant? BIG MONEY!

leon siboldi says:

getting high is basically a reorganization of bodily processes: a cognition re-prioritization, also metabolic and other physiological processes are affected in surprisingly beneficial ways, neurologically it's like a safe mode for your cns, allowing you to intimately feel separation of body and mind, conscious and unconscious process (for instance, the amplification of perception of bodily senstation), so you can focus your being on both understanding/opening and expanding/releasing your mentality. this is how you can ultimately use the altered perception of the "passage" of time in concert with the enhanced internal biofeedback to gain greater command of your physicality and abilities, allowing you to actualize yourself through the engine that drives your thoughts (the body)

skye vehr says:

I have had the hardest time publicizing my solution/petition about weed Sign it on

BostonGardenahh says:

if you could have just one plant on the planet the best choice would be marijuana. over 25,000 products.. you could feed yourself, cloth yourself, power and heat your house, power combustible engines and feel good at the same time

chuckster says:

Free the people: get rid of the criminal elements by legalizing and educating

Celebrindan says:

Prohibition never has, and never will work.
It has only served to create an enormous black market, into which fully half of M1 disappears every year.

That black market is so lucrative, that murder and mayhem are the tools employed to control it.

The loss of tax revenue that could be generated by it's lawful conduct, is compounded by the tax revenue wasted trying unsuccessfully to eradicate something that people want, and need.

Add to this, the loss of freedom and civil rights heaped upon those who are caught up in this miscarrage of justice, and you have the makings of an unlawful society.

A house devided against itself, cannot stand.
-Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the Untied States of America

Carol A. Engelhaupt says:

Should be legal -- even for recreational use. It is a charade. And open the jail cells for those who are incarcerated for drug crimes related to marijuana.

Sean Magill says:

The laws are ridiculous, I know marijuana may be a drug, but if you compare it to alcohol or even tobacco, the effects of tobacco or alcohol alone are much worse than the little effects pot can have.

Stephen says:

Please legalize marijuana. I live in NJ and the last thing Governor Corzine did was sign off on the compassionate act of medical marijuana. That was the 1st week of Jan. 2010. Chris Christie has made it impossible for the sickest people in the Garden State to not be able to receive marijuana. The legestrators presented and passes 15 grams as not being a criminal offense. Christie said he'll veto it, but the assembly persons have the ability override his fat ass.

Thisis Insane says:

CANNABIS should be legalized. That alone will get rid of all this medical bro-ha-ha, and people won't have to be on another list some government lackey will use to bust them.They can grow what they need, and the police can spend their time on more serious matters.

Dana L says:

There are stil zero deaths from marijuana.

Dana L says:

Everywhere marijuana is legal it is functioning normally and safely with rules and procedures to avoid scams between doctor recommendations and dispensaries among other things.

Dana L says:

The people opposing are the ones who don't know its true effects. If you oppose the medical marijuana bill you are putting people with life threatening diseases at even more risk. Not to mention, it's not hard to function while high. I have an eating disorder and smoking pot helps me with my appetite and also the menstrual cramps that I, along with millions of other girls, have. YES TO MARIJUANA. ITS ONLY A PLANT

I the Missing Link says:

Inhale the vapors, bake don't burn, understand universal unity; and while you're at it take a peek at "Is this the Instrument of Your Liberation" http:// 4U5aiX EI4CY and hear Jimmy Reefercake sing "If Weed Were Legal"

PotSupporter125 says:

I say our economy would come out of the shitter if they legalized it

Barack Obama says:

Yes legalize it

Del says:

Weed is the best, I don't even consider it a drug anymore. I smoke Kush daily, and I'm proud of it. LEGALIZE IT!!

jeissonweed says:

creo que ya todo lo han dicho para que se legalice la marihuana pero hay mucha gente que la ve de otra forma, maneras para cambiarle el pensamiento a aquellas personas muchas pero pocas cambian su pensar .pocas palabras para grandes entendedores ATT :UN CONSUMIDOR CONSIENTE SI AL CULTIVO DE MARIHUANA EN COLOMBIA

Phil says:

nobody ever died to Marijuana and a lot of people died from cigarettes still, cigarettes ar legal and marijuana isn't :S

Lacy says:

YES! My thing is that cigarettes are legal but they can kill you. There isn't one recorded death from marijuana. They could tax it and make so much money on it. Hope they do soon :)

Stef says:

Totally should be legalizied

cheri says:

I can't wait for the day they legalize it in PA and across the USA!!! I suffer from painful IBS and insomnia, not to mention...migraines EVERYDAY. I take anywhere from 6 to 12 Excedrine Migraine pills a day PLUS three 800MG Ibuprofen to keep my headaches under control but when I can get Marijuana (which is not often since it's hard to find here) takes the headaches away and lets my body relax. Sucks that the Fed Gov thinks its ok that my stomach lining is deteriorating. If they just legalize Marijuana it would help SOOOOOO many people!!!

David says:

I use marijuana most every day and no one is the wiser. I use partially for migraine headaches, but live in a state that has not legalized. Legalize it!

Jessica says:

A Lot of people don't want weed to be legal,,, but alcohol and cigarets are legal and they do a hole lot more damage than marijuana. So why they legal??? Marijuana should be legal!!!'

Kyle says:

Makes me more alive if anything.

Hannah says:

I started smokin weed a few years ago and I got into alot of trouble from my parents but I could never see the problem they had. When I smoke weed I get very calm and relaxed and I have a good time with friends. When I drink alcohol I blackout and can never remember anything that happens when I go out with my friends. They say I fall alot and can get angry and very depressed when I get drunk. I woke up with a black eye and cuts all over my leg one morning and I dont remember anything only that I had a few drinks at home. I feel that smokin weed is alot safer than drinking alcohol and cannot understand why alcohol is perfectly legal and weed isnt. If weed was legalised it would be great, but only if it is controlled of course. It would be cheaper too and crime rates would decrease dramatically. The government would benefit from it too which would be very helpful especially in the times that we're in. There's no point denying that alot of people enjoy smokin weed as well as using it for medical purposes. The main point I want to get across though, is that if anything should be illegal, it should be alcohol not marijuana.

Fred says:

I'm french, and my english is a little bad.
Marijuana bringing people together, and has no border. I smoke it about two per day with a good song in my ears. I take lot of pleasure without disturbing the others. Marijuana should be legal all around the world !

Fred says:

I'm french, and my english is a little bad.
Marijuana bringing people together, and has no border. I smoke it about two per day with a good song in my ears. I take lot of pleasure without disturbing the others. Marijuana should be legal all around the world !

Martin says:

Cannabis enhance life quality but should be used in moderate amounts and one backside of the medal is that is making you mentally deficient if your brain is not finished devoleping but if you are an adult and you like smoking it i cant see why not

Lara says:

Marijuana is a plant. Using a plant for whatever reason should be legal. How can factories that pollute the environment be legal and marijuana not be? No one has ever died because s/he was smoking weed. No one has ever attacked anyone in anyway because s/he was stonned -besides the fridge.
I don't understand why I got to go to a dodgy alley being in danger of my life (!) to get something that just grows naturally.
Just let people use it, buy it and grow it and tax it as you tax the purchase of any other plant.

Moreover cannabis has so many other uses: medicine,oil, paper, clothes etc. Instead of destroying forests you could just grow cannabis and use it. But of course the big companies would lose a shit load of money (especially pharmaceutical companies) so there is all this propaganda and stigma when it comes to even mentioning this plant.

Wake up people. You are all being used, being left to die so some big cheese keeps leeching off your money. They live off your ignorance and fear.

MartinK says:

It is all natural, and hurts no one. It is an all natural way to unwind without the same problems that alcohol can cause.

AshleyB* says:

Yes!!! I work my 40 hrs, go to the gym on a daily basis and pay my bills and I am a proud stoner. Just because I enjoy burning some herb, doesn't mean I don't have my shit together.

Kourt says:

Legalize all the way. So happy to see it happening slowly but surely.

Brittany says:

Marijuana can solve many issues, but will always bring controversy. It should be legal, but I don't want the gov't to tax the hell out of it, making it unaffordable. Some people really do depend on its healing power. I hope we can at least have some leeway in our needs. Besides, why pump us full of chemicals, bringing shorter lifespans? Is it all just a scheme to keep pharmaceutical companies in the money market? Screw that! I'd rather not take your meds!

emily says:

well im not even a smoker but honestly if it were legalized for recreational use, crime rate would go down and it would get all the drug dealers off the streets because if its legal and we can buy it legally then people wouldnt have to go to the ones who sell it. but then the drug dealers might get mad because its taking their jobs, but theyd get over it. marijuana is a peaceful drug, there wouldnt be so much violence

legalize it 420 now says:

Smoking weed doesnt inhibit your driving ability. Anybody who says this is truly fucked in the brain. i've been stoned while driving and you are more cautious and usually drive slower while stoned. i cant even people people are flooding the internet with these myths. LEGALIZE AND GET US OUT OF DEBT NOW!





Sabir Ullah says:

Yes marijuana should be legal, i don't understand why its illegal, it has never killed someone, look at how many people die from the use of alcohol and cigarettes. But they're still legal, so why shouldn't marijuana be legal, and marijuana also helps people, and it can help cure many symptoms

Tokersmoker says:

Fuck the government, smoke weed!

2-randl60 says:

Its bullshit that its been illegal since 1937, this is one case that the law was wrong big time.Tell me why states are opening marijuana medical dispensaries,Its time to drop the nanny state.There are worse things out there, man made that are far from being natural an the legal producers of these DRUGS make billions but we need them an the side effects are a million times worse than smoking weed medically or recreationally, so legalize

2-randl60 says:

Its bullshit that its been illegal since 1937, this is one case that the law was wrong big time.Tell me why states are opening marijuana medical dispensaries,Its time to drop the nanny state.There are worse things out there, man made that are far from being natural an the legal producers of these DRUGS make billions but we need them an the side effects are a million times worse than smoking weed medically or recreationally, so legalize

Jeff Letourneau says:

More and more people are arrested everyday for marijuana related reasons, creating a very large prison workforce which allows US corporations to engage in slave labor. These prisoners are working for .17 cents an hour enabling corporations to avoid paying the already unlivable minimum wage. People all over the US are looking for work and due to prison slave labor jobs are harder to come by. Ending the prohibition on marijuana will help to end the prison industrial complex by taking a huge chunk out of their workforce. It will mean more jobs for non-prisoners and will help to end an inhumane practice by greedy money hungry corporations.

raymond rains says:

I think they should legalize marijuana. If it were legal the goverment can controll it like alcahol and cigarettes, then they can tax it and get the us debt.

стил says:

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Jude Reich says:

There is nothing wrong with smoking weed, and so many people do already. I should be legalized right now.

Ibrahim Mohamed says:

yes legalize marijuana it help people in alot of different ways, and make sure her job or her family; anythin'

zachary says:

yes legalize marijuana it help people in alot of different ways

jg210john says:

i agree strongly with that.Right on keep working at it brother

Rose Z. says:

I think it should be legalized. The people of Michigan (that is where I am from) voted for it. But when I tried to get it for my fibromyrolgia pain I was turned down from my Drug company. My doctor prescribed marinol and they refused it saying I wasnt a cancer patient. So what good did passing it by the people, who; once more I claim it was passed. I also read on the internet that you have to buy yearly card, the first year costs you $100.00 and every year after that is cost $50.00. What the heck is that all about. Too many authorities are involved and people who need the medicinal part of it are loosing out. I am on disability and I should be allowed to get it, especially if my doctor submits a prescription for it.
Now for recreational use not positive it should be. But I believe if legalized then maybe the people wont abuse it so much.

matt hensley says:

My state offers medical marijuana but I agree it should be legalized for recreational use.

Stephanie Lindsey says:

yes it should

Debra says:

Marijuana laws are unjust. If twenty five million people smoke it, than the law goes against the wishes of the people. And an unjust law must be disobeyed. Quit make us criminals. Legalize.

Linda W says:

Most definitely!!
I'm 55 years old & have never smoked much pot - Until I had a need for it ! I had been on 1/2 dozen (or more) narcotics for arthritis pain & dealt with the 'addictive' side effects that were inevitable when the pain would resume & if there was no or minimal drug in my system. I decided to give it a try, I figured it couldn't hurt, I knew I could just go back to the narcotics, so I gave it a 1 year evaluation. It has been a huge relief for the chronic pain I suffer from, after injuries & surgeries I've had thru out my lifetime, with the added benefit of improved mental status. I think that it's time to put all the many laws of yesteryear behind us & make healthy survival more important than character judgement that it still has to this day for many people. Our election result in Oregon was 54.83% NO. I felt a little sickened, but then to hear that both my sister state & Colorado's measures passed, made me hopeful that at least we have a foot in the door to make a plant substance a legal Right! Not a Wrong, with fines & jail time to accompany a possession of more than 1 oz!
I'm one of the 'lucky' ones who does have my medical marijuana license. Now, mind you, I have a grower/medical mj provider but there is a big downside to those of us who aren't able to find one, usually due to NOT using marijuana recreationally in many, many years, they receive their "License" & are now legal & law abiding, card carrying citizens! Who are they going to go to for quality medication? The only accessictually go thru the kid down the street because, personally, that has been the only reason that almost every time I have to get a new grower due to relocation or unscrupulous practices I play H-E-L-L ! It would be much easier if I were to Break the law here in Oregon & purchase it down the street at the kids house that I know supplies the whole neighborhood! Sooo, thank the heaven's & the earth that I am a License Carrying, Law Abiding citizen who does have a reputable, upstanding grower to care for my medical needs! Now I just need to make sure I don't have to move from where I live again & have to deal with finding another grower. When A Licensed Medical MJ Patient in Oregon does not have a grower, we have 2 choices, one to do without our medication or #2 to purchase it illegally! Most of us will do without, or if you become a part of the Medical mj community you can share with & accept mj from other card holders. Otherwise, unless you purchase it illegally your out of luck until you do find someone who will grow for you. Most of us who have the medical need here in Oregon are on average older people with limited income or have a reason why we can't grow for ourselves. Between the cost of the plants, which if your not a recreational smoker will need to be bought from other countries because you don't know anyone who are growing plants & that can become quite an expenditure due to the fact that you have to buy seeds, half of which, in my case, did not grow to fruition & then you add the lights (btw,these are not carried by Home Depot or Lowe's!) 400 to1000 watts which can be 100's of dollars, add the electric bill & your talking 100's every single month!!! Which seniors & disabled income people such as myself will be forced to take RX meds that are even more questionable! I never read my "Important Drug Information" sheets that come with my maintenance medications but I picked up the sheet that came by mail order for my Gabapentin which I take for peripheral neuropathy, it says below "This medication is used for:", and I quote: " Exactly how it works to prevent seizures and treat nerve pain is not known. Yes PLEASE! A Federal Marijuana Law revision is needed...Desperately!

Joe T says:

If you can enjoy a drink then why not a joint

Anonymous says:

yes, marijuana should be legal

Doug says:

Lets defund the bad guys!

Bob says:

There is no reason from something that produces 0 deaths to be illegal, especially since things like cigarettes and alchohol, which is some of the leading causes of deaths and cancer, is legal. Drug Prohibition leads to Millions of young working people to be incarcerated, and leads to BILLIONS of dollars wasted. Legalize it, Regulate it, Tax it.

Taeya says:


Taeya says:

reasons why
-proven does less damage than alcohol
-we should be free to use it if we choose too
-crime will go down
-productivity will go up
-us stoners arent hurting anyone(especially in the safety of our own homes)
-happy thoughts
-better sex
-eliminates certain pains
-pretty much good for anything!

bitchin kyle says:


jennifer kipp says:

Oh, I didn't even mention Hemp Plants and what a great resource they are!....look it up! Facts, mama!! :-)

jennifer kipp says:

Yes, it should, and I'll leave it at that until it is legal..haha! I'm a school teacher, a mother of 3, very happily married, pay my taxes and don't get into any trouble (anymore). However, back in my drinking days, I STAYED in trouble. Go with the's safer, doesn't cause DUI's (in response to a "No way Monkey brain comment i just read"..i want to see these statistics that people get DUI's while under the influence of pot. Now show me those who have Dui's from alcohol. Come on. How many men beat their wives after smoking a joint? NONE! How many beat their wives after they sat there and drank a 6 or 12 pack? NUMEROUS!! enuff said.....Believe me, I could go on...

Dakota Davis says:

I do personally agree that Cannabis should not only be legalized for the medicinal use but for the recreational use as well!

i am thor says:

Yes it should be legal because so much money is used on police enforcement to enforce marijuana. We could use that money to lower taxes

Sean says:

Legalize it! Its a plant for crying out loud. Can anyone give a decent arguement as to why alcohol and tobacco are legal and cannabis isnt? Legalizing would also greatly stimulate the economy.. Something which affects the world positively. Something which needs to happen.

Qfrenchpilot says:

And I think alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana and if this is not the case, she's dangerous as alcohol but no more...

Et je pense que l'alcool is plus dangereux que ma marijuana et si ce n'est pas le cas, elle est aussi dangereuse que l'aclool mais pas plus...

Qfrenchpilot says:

I think marijuana should be legalized at least medical reasons and the second time for personal consumpsion even if it could lead to the sale of drugs harder on the dealer's market...
After althought marijuana has certain negatives sides for the teenagers, it could cure certain diseases...

je pense que la marijuana devrait etre legalisée au moins pour des raisons medical et en deuxieme temps pour la consommation personnelle meme si elle pourrai entrainer la vente de drogues plus dur sur le marché des dealers.
Après bien que la marijuana ait certains côtés négatifs pour les adolescents, elle pourrait guérir certaines maladies ...

Nikole says:

If tobacco and alcohol, which causes addiction and cancer, is legal why shouldn't something that grows naturally not?? Alcohol causes black-outs, poisoning, rage among MANY other things. No matter how much marijuana you smoke, non of these things will ever happen to you.

Rev. Fraser Lindsay says:

I suffer chronic pain due to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and find organically grown, weed is the best way to make my pain bearable, why should this natural plant be illegal when you can walk into shops and buy drink which is poisonous btw....

Canadian Cannibusfreeman says:

Its harder to get for medical use because doctors here have signs in their waiting rooms now that say,we don't prescribe an they list the pharms,so if u asked for marijuana they would do one of two things laugh at you or throw you out of their office or in worst case cinario call the (pigs) oh sorry the police for those sensitive to the men an women in black.

Canadian Cannibusfreeman says:

Its been illegal for too long an too many normally law abiding americans an canadians have been terrorized,fined,an jailed for simple recreational use,its even difficult to get it for medical reasons in both our countries.Canada was ready to decrim but georgie bush said no an primeminister stevie harper had to follow his lead I'm 58 an hopefully all legal beagles will be silenced for good one day.

Jane Brenner says:

Yes. legalize! Go to i-droid dot net and check out the uber cool weed live wallpapers 420!!

Bayleigh says:

Legalize it!

Geo says:

Legalize it

NIck says:


christian says:

legalize it now!

GermanStoner says:

If god didn't want us to have it he wouldn't put it here, there's only one thing he didn't want us to have that he made and that's the forbidden fruit. weed isn't a fruit guys, and if you don't believe in god then whatever being or science and whatnot doesn't care if you smoke it either. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!

GermanStoner says:

and there's already four times as many people for it on this page alone.

GermanStoner says:

and if we could make a website for petitions on each state to legalize then email it to the governors with the results we can get a lot more states legalized. and for those who say its bad for you you can suck my d!ck cause that's all your mouth is good for.

GermanStoner says:

alcohol has killed more people than weed and cigarettes combined even if u quadrupled the deaths of weed in one year, so if you wonder why America is going downhill its because they waste money on weed illegalization and other dumb ass laws.

marleyyyy says:

Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year. Marijuana still 0.

Iloveweed says:

Yeah..., that`s my opionion. Alcohol is much worse than smoking a joint!!! I wrote a Lens about the dangers of weed: Smoking Pot is not more risky than drinking a glass of alcohol (If you are interested in my Lens about the Dangers of Marijuana:!!!

Dominic says:

Most definitely,not fair to be punished behind a plant.

No way, Monkeybrain!

underthunder says:

its all about collecting more tax dollars for the fat cats,6 billion dollar a year industry in bc canada...hmmm what are all those people gonna do now for income...welfare?
it will be a real sad thing for canadians if tobacco or gang style corporations take control of the marijuana industry..the price has alrdy dropped way low for marijuana because of the medical growers permits that are abused...but the usa has legalized it in places there it may alrdy be too late for canada...all in all the pyramid scheme of corporations is the true problem...more for few... less for many

ExSmoker says:

Decriminalize only. - stop locking up people and ruining their lives for the wrong reasons Keep it in your homes. we have enough drunks on the roads already!
More studies to find out what medicinal powers this product contains....are there any side effects we can all agree on?

Freddy Freeloader says:

Marijuana should stay illegal, because... I think I forgot.

UncleNatural says:

Man has NO RIGHT to correct the Creator of the Universe ! Don't Legalize It ! cause then Gov'ts will try to make a profit off it. FREE THE WEED by REMOVING ALL LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS AND REGULATIONS from a Plant that grows freely. POT FOR PEOPLE, NOT FOR PROFIT !

Alphonso Brifordo says:

I disagree with legalizing marijuana. Legalization will lead to inferior quality marijuana (unless you grow your own or purchase illegally) and outrageous taxation. It will put many good people in the black market out of work & force them to sell harder drugs to make a living. Growing your own or selling illegally will still occur, and there will still be penalties for it. Don't buy into the hype. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

Suzie Q's says:

vote no on I -502. no one will be able to drive, we would all have DUI's.. come on this bill is a joke and a half

Another Pothead says:

Look guys I infiltrated enemy lines! LEGALIZE IT!

Cali says:

And here's why. I oppose Legalization of marijuana for recreational use because with legalization comes regulation and interference from the government. One reason I love the underground "black" market for marijuana is because it's regulated and pretty much run by the people involved in it (smokers, dealers, caregivers, etc.). This being said, I vote in favor of decriminalization of marijuana. This would pretty much let the stoners get high but allow us to establish our own market and keep the hand of the government out of it. Because thus far I think the system that has been worked out has been fairly successful. The inflated prices and availability is an issue, I agree. But if weed was decriminalized there won't be any reason to fear getting arrested for it. Thus more can be grown and more can be sold, bringing down the street value. Taxation is also an issue I agree. But there is still a huge medical marijuana market that the government can handle, and decriminalization would eliminate the fear of getting arrested and hopefully reduce the social taboo around smoking. So I feel recreational marijuana should be decriminalized, medical marijuana to be legalized, and all of us to get along.

JolieFludson says:

Marijuana must still illegal!

Corey says:

It should be legal cause I can help alit of pepole with the pain from a broken hand to aids patients that's my apion

CarolineS01 says:

There are already lots of criminal. oh come on!

John - Science Teacher says:

THC stays in the brain with the potential for short, brief, and VERY dangerous flashbacks. It affects your memory, your energy levels, your coordination, and your judgement with the possibility of popping up unannounced while you're driving or doing something else potentially dangerous. The only way to legalize it is to license users and ban them form EVER driving any vehicle or operating ANY machinery.

Don_McCyclist says:

Geez! What if people were to discover marijuana really can cure EVERYTHING! Then the very pharmaceutical basis of our social order--the drugs currently legally approved--could fall like a house of cards. And there'd be so many RESPECTABLE people thrown like totally out of work--joining the rest of us downwardly mobile riffraff--who used to work for fortune 500 drug cartels.

It'd be a revolution bigger than Arab Spring, maybe even than the overthrow of the French monarchy. We can't abide that because our current profit-starved (if ever so bloated to most of our eyes) pharmaceutocrats have a divine right to demand an eye, an eye tooth, 17 feet of intestine, and every male's right nut for a single dose of their patented cures.

Do I sound tongue in cheek all around? Now we're talking!

lota maness says:

no way!!Too many incapacitated idiots killing people on roads now.

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Don_McCyclist says:

So long as police and politicians and weapons manufacturers are profiting handsomely in the drug war--oh and did I mention organized crime? Same difference? Oh well. You get my drift.

Anyway I predict marijuana will remain banned in at least some states for the foreseeable future because too many powerful people are doing too well from the current status quo at the expense of too many people with very little power or influence.


Do you think marijuana will ever be legal in the Untied States?

How long do you think it will take?

ChristineRenee predicts:

I predict that medical marijuana will be legal in all 50 states by 2025 and total legalization by 2050.


meds mart predicts:

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Denny Lane predicts:

I predict I'll be dead- already spent 45 years of my life fighting the war!

AttorneyForFreedom predicts:

In order for there to be a true free society of course marijuana should and will be legal again as it once was before this failed drug war was stated. It's about freedom. Should adults be able to decide what they do with their bodies..of course the answer is yes. Not only should marijuana be legal, but so should all drugs.

Linda W predicts:

If we're lucky but probably , the sad part?? It probably won't be in my lifetime!

Pothead456789 predicts:

I feel as if it will be legal for medical use nation wide by 2020 but will eventually become legal for recreational use later

T. predicts:

I reside in Maryland, where our Governor, O'Malley, recently vetoed a bill to strictly regulate cannabis under state governmental control, because he is concerned that citizens will feel free to consume marijuana but the federal government will still have legal cause to arrest and prosecute Maryland citizens. I take that to imply that the Governor recognizes that Obama can't be trusted to abide by his memorandum, and therefore we must wait for federal law to be repealed to legalize marijuana - as it was many years ago. But if Ron Paul is elected, we know that he will legalize cannabis at the federal level and leave the states to regulate it as they see fit. I recently changed my political affiliation to Republican so that I can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and the general election.

CarolineS01 predicts:

I also believe that marijuana will be legalized soon.

jack_pot predicts:

Yes it will and politicions need to understand history is written by the winners. Will they go down as heroes or villans? predicts:

yes it will be legal its the only way the president will be re'electeed. united states is push to the brink of sanity so in order to get us out of deficit would be for us to pay a grow tax fee to the Federal Goverment. thank you

BSieracki predicts:

over time it will


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