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Funko Pop! Avengers and Spiderman

Marvel comic book heroes and villains - everyone from Wolverine to Iron Man and Superhero Friends: Captain America, Red Skull, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, the Hulk and the Thing. Thor and Loki are here from the movie adaptation of the classic Norse tale. Marvel Heroes Series 2 was issued by Funko for The Avengers movie, and The Amazing Spider-man.

Funko Pop Marvel Comics

See the complete list of Funko Pop Marvel Heroes in the page below, and read our review about Pop Heroes from DC Universe comic books.

Funko Pop! Marvel Series 2

X-Men and the Fantastic Four

The lives of Johnny Blaze and Norrin Radd would never be the same after transforming to their new identity — Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer. Deadpool and Dark Phoenix are spin-offs from the X-Men and X-Force series by Marvel comics. Beast appeared in the first X-Men #1 comic book, created by Stan Lee, and Dr. Doom has been around long enough to fight against most of the heroes in the Marvel Universe.


Ghost RiderGhost RiderCHECK PRICE

Silver SurferSilver SurferCHECK PRICE

Dead PoolDead PoolCHECK PRICE


Dark PhoenixDark PhoenixCHECK PRICE

Marvel Avengers store
Marvel Avengers Movie Store at Amazon


Amazing Spider-Man movie Pop! figure

Spiderman Pop vinyl
Amazing Spiderman Movie Bobble Head

The second Spider-man Pop vinyl figure toy made by Funko. This one created especially for the new movie.

Marvel Avengers movie toys

Captain America version 1
Captain America #6

Avengers Captain America
Captain America #10

Captain America #10 was issued for with the release of the new Avengers movie.


Funko Marvel Pop! Heroes Series 1

marvel pop! heroes

Buy individual characters or a complete set of Marvel comic book Pop Heroes.

Spider-man Marvel Pop Heroes

Funko POP! Marvel - The Thing

Classic Golden Age comic book heroes as stylized vinyl figures. Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thing, Hulk and Red Skull are part of the first Wave of Funko Pop! Marvel Heroes.


Retired Funko Pop figures

Funko Pop! Thor movie action figure

“Helmet” Thor version 1


Loki version 1 (retired)

Thor and Loki from the Series 1 are “retired” now by Funko – the original figures #1 an #2 will not be produced again, but they are available online. See the complete Checklist of Retired Funko Pop vinyl figures for all the scarce Pop! figures.

Occasionally, you can find rare and retired Pop! figures “in the wild” — just sitting there on a shelf with the original price tag. The Action Figure Toy Glossary has more definitions and abbreviations for collectors to help you find rare toys at stores and conventions.

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Limited-edition figures sold for $200

M.A.R.V.E.L. Gold Figure Paperweights
MARVEL Gold Resin Figure Set of 6 San Diego Comic Con 2010 Exclusive

Wish I had the cash at the time to get this set of gold marvel comic heroes standing on the name of the comic book company. You can find Comic-Con Exclusives from past years, as people clear out their old collection to make room for new toys.

SDCC Exclusive Toys

Limited edition San Diego Comic-Con figures

Find limited-edition toys from all the big toy makers direct from buyers and fans who attend the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) — officially the “International Comic-Con: San Diego”.

Comic-Con exclusive action figure toys
Each year, toy companies create exclusive collectors items for customers who attend the San Diego Comic-Con and other large comic book conventions. Super Freddy is your guide…

List of Marvel Pop! Heroes

Funko Pop! Vinyl

There are two designs for Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk that were reissued for The Avengers movie. Spider-man has a new Pop! figure for The Amazing Spiderman movie.

Loki and Thor come in two different styles. The first Thor #01 is wearing a helmet, and the second figure #12 was issued without the Viking headgear. The second "Gold Loki" #16 is a 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive edition of 480.

The first Marvel Loki sold out quickly and Funko has retired the figure from production. See the Official List of Retired Funko Pop vinyl figures for more information.
  • 1

    Funko Pop The Thing Marvel Comics


    01 Thor retired
    02 Loki (Thor movie) retired
    03 Spider Man + SDCC version
    04 Iron Man
    05 Wolverine
    06 Captain America + SDCC version
    07 Red Skull retired
    08 The Hulk
    09 The Thing + SDCC version
    10 Avengers Captain America
    11 Avengers Iron Man (Metallic)
    12 Avengers Thor
    13 The Hulk
    14 Nick Fury

  • 2


    15 Amazing Spiderman + SDCC 2012
    16 Gold Loki SDCC 2012
    17 Dr. Doom
    18 Ghost Rider
    19 Silver Surfer
    20 Deadpool
    21 Beast
    22 Dark Phoenix

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