Sherlock Holmes has been one of my favorite characters since I first read the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle many years ago. Brilliantly written, the book was captivating. I was in my early teens and vividly remember not being able to put the book down. It was exciting and engaging, with great plot developments and amazing suspense. The characters of Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant and odd private detective, and Dr. Watson, his friend and colleague, were vividly written and captured my young imagination. I loved the book and every single story in it.

Many years passed from those days, and I have seen numerous interpretations of the book on the screen. I enjoyed most of them, as I never stopped loving the original stories and characters. All of those on-screen visualizations were portraying the stories in their original settings, in London, in the 19th century England, as they were written by Sir A. Conan Doyle.

One day I was visiting friends, and while the TV was on, I heard the familiar name, Sherlock. Not being aware of the new BBC series, I was curious. It was a complete surprise mixed with pleasure to finally see a successful, in my view, attempt to revive the story and to bring the characters into the 21st century. That episode was truly a treat for me. Beautifully filmed, the series has an incredible cast who brilliantly recreated the Sherlock story anew. Excellent script is matched by great acting and direction, while every single frame of the film is beautifully and meticulously art-directed. It is done so to the point where those frames can easily be used in fashion magazine spreads. Surprisingly, that dominating art direction feels organic and natural.

Finally the Sherlock adventures were recreated anew, and I am so pleased with the outcome. This excellent British TV drama series offers a very fresh take on the famous book. It tells the stories in modern language, both spoken and visual, making it current and relevant for the younger audience, while leaving no regrets for the crowed of mature admirers of the original. The creators managed to add a lot of new elements to the source and its adventures. From high tech gadgets to modern subject matters, the new Sherlock story holds its own, while masterfully overlaying its dynamic beat with the original spirit of the characters and of their actions.

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