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Here at Squidoo we are grateful for your feedback (critical and honest is always good). We like to hear what's going right for you, and we like to hear what's going wrong for you. That's how we improve this platform, which is constantly growing and changing and getting a little better every day.

For the fastest answers to your questions, try getting help from one of the resources on this lens first.

This page is designed for you to:

  • 1
    Send in feedback (good or bad)
  • 2
    Submit a bug report, if something is broken and you're stuck!
  • 3
    Report some form of Content Abuse. Squidoo is an open, free publishing platform and we have a lot of systems for catching and unpublishing low quality or spam content, but extra help from humans like you is always welcome!
  • 4
    Ask a question about Squidoo's content policies and what you can publish here.

STEP 2) Check SquidooHQ for any news about recent widespread bugs

We post on the SquidStatus section of SquidooHQ's official blog when there are big, widespread problems impacting a lot of lensmasters at once.

Chances are the problem you've discovered is only happening to you, or is a rare or singular case that comes from your unique combination of browser, content, lens, action (what you were doing in that moment), connection and timing.

If you're experiencing a bug that is not posted on SquidooHQ, or is not covered in the list in Step 1, then proceed below!

Here's what's happening right now on SquidooHQ:

Ready to submit a report?

Report Content Abuse

Quick tip: Please include specific examples or links to the lenses you’re worried about. The more specific and clear the better. Screenshots are super, too. Also, anonymous reports will be closed without review. We don’t always reply to every single content complaint or concern, nor do we agree with them all. But we do read them all and will let you know if there’s something you can do to help. And thanks for caring about the quality of content on Squidoo!

Request to have a lens unlocked (republished)

If you’ve read all the material about Unpublished (locked) lenses, including our SquidDon’t topics that aren’t allowed on Squidoo, and our Originality Pact and you’re convinced that your lens should be unlocked…

Submit here: Forward the violation email you received to our content review team at locked@squidoo.com. Be sure to explain why you believe the lens is not violating any of the guidelines we’ve posted on the links we sent you.

Please note that sending this information via a blog post or to a Squidstaffer via Twitter or Facebook or direct email won’t be read and won’t get your lens reviewed. We can’t process special requests at our individual email addresses.

It will take anywhere from 1 to 20 days to review your request, and we don’t review requests on weekends. If we agree your lens should get republished, we’ll do it and send you a note to let you know. If you don’t hear back from us, assume that it is going to remain unpublished and deleted. Sorry.

Please know that when your lens is unpublished, this just means it’s locked from public view. You’ll still be able to login to your account and export your content if you want to take it with you elsewhere.

We very rarely overturn our locking decisions, because our systems and our human reviewers have gotten much much better over the last few years since starting the SquidDon’t program and enforcing other Squidoo policies, like our policy for hosting original, not duplicated content, and more.

You can read lots more about getting lenses unlocked on our official policy page about this.

Priority bug review for Giant Squids

If you’re a Giant and have special feedback or a bug, when you submit a bug report using any of the reporting links found on the site (like in the footer, or in the toolbar at the top of the site, or on this page) we will automatically know that you are a Giant and will be able to take an extra quick look at your case before assigning it onward. No need to use the special email address we gave you previously, although that still works too!

Squidoo Privacy Policy

The short version is that we treat you and your information the way that we'd like to be treated. Whenever we can, we use information about who you are and what you do to make our site more useful and efficient, and to present you with options and ads that might interest you.

We will never ever sell or share the information we have about you without clearly telling you how and when we do that. In general, we view aggregated data ("here's what 1000 people did") as very different from your personal data, what you in particular did.

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