How to create storage in less than two feet of space.

Not being able to get organized due to lack of space is really a bummer. For the longest time I had plenty of space for everything I needed. That all changed when we moved.

Learning to be creative was a challenge in the temporary place where we were staying, but eventually we found a way. One thing I still needed a solution for was trying to find a better way to store my bottled water.

In the beginning our plans were to build something from scratch. However, I was able to find a cabinet on sale that aided in my solution. With a few added shelves, the final product turned out to be better than the original plan.

Take a look at what we did in a narrow hallway, utilizing the small space we had available to create a storage solution.

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Bathroom Cabinet I used for the Hallway

Available on Amazon

Not Good

Photo by Favored1 This is how I used to store my water in the hall. The bottles didn’t exactly stack properly and would often tip over if anyone bumped into them.

Additional bottles were stored on the porch, but would get too hot in the summer and freeze solid in the winter. Not a good solution for keeping water.

Obviously we had to come up with another solution.

How much space to you have?

Before I could do anything I needed to know how much room I actually had.

Photo by Favored1 The first thing I needed to do after deciding on what I wanted, was to take some measurements.

Even though I knew what I wanted, I had to make sure I had the space to do it. I also had to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with the opening of the door to the left of where it would be housed.

You can see my space was really limited, but it was doable. Height wasn’t an issue, but only having 8″ depth and 12″ width to work with certainly was a problem.

After taking our measurements, the solution was to build a shelving unit that would hold 9 – 12 gallons of water.

The cost to build the project would be around $90.00, which included wood, paint, brush and brackets for securing it.

What are we dealing with realistically?

Photo by Favored1 There were already some cabinets that were in the small hallway. Adding too much more would be hazardous, because we would be running into it if it was too large for this narrow space.

The new shelving unit I wanted for water needed to be smaller or at least the same distance as the others.

Another thing I was concerned about was the doorknob hitting the cabinet, so I did a quick fix.

Taking some fabric, I doubled it and wrapped it around the knob. On top of that I put a plastic sandwich baggie and used a rubber band to secure it.

Building the Hallway Cabinet

We changed our minds.

Available from Amazon My husband had planned on getting all the materials to build the water shelving unit on Saturday. He would finish this project and while waiting for the paint to dry he would assemble the new cabinet for the bathroom. (The one in the photo.)

We had just purchased a bathroom cabinet to replace the one we had. This new one would give us more storage with the drop down cupboard.

I also needed some shelves and had priced them out about $25.00. By selecting this cabinet we solved our problem. The bottom part of the cabinet we didn’t need, so we planned on using it in another room for bookshelves.

On Friday I noticed that the dimensions fit in the space in the hallway. This changed everything! So instead of using it where I originally wanted, we changed our plans.

The fact is, it would cost less to use this unit and buy one piece of wood than to go with our original plans.

Painting the Shelves

Photo by Favored1 The wood was cut to fit the pre-existing frame from the cabinet we had recently purchased. Unfortunately, this measurement from the floor to the bottom of the drop down cabinet didn’t allow for me to have three shelves, but it worked out anyway.

Since I only needed to paint two shelves, I really didn’t want to buy any paint if I could help it. We looked at all the left over paint we had, and nothing matched. Before purchasing any paint my husband asked around to see if anyone had a small amount left they weren’t using.

Sure enough someone had about an inch left in the bottom of a can left over from a project they had finished. It wasn’t enough to really do anything except for a shelf or two. Perfect! I advised my husband to offer to pay for it, but kindly the person gave him the paint so it cost us nothing.

Installing the New Cabinet

Photo by Favored1 It didn’t take long to assemble the cabinet using the instructions that were included in the box. My husband likes to use the Spanish instructions for fun.

After the unit was together, it was time to add the two shelves.

We then set the cabinet in position and secured it to the wall with the strap that comes with the package. Be sure to always use it, making sure that it is safe and will not fall when loaded.

It was a tight squeeze, but it turned out OK.

Now I have the shelves for 9 gallons of water, plus I have extra storage that I use for first aid stuff.

It looks so much nicer than what I had originally budgeted for, and has 2 cabinets to boot. The total cost was less than $40 thanks to the cabinet being on sale!

Side View of Hallway

You can see all the cabinets in line. The water unit is actually smaller.

You can see all the cabinets in line. The water unit is actually smaller.

Want to save that paint?

Try this when you have a small amount of paint left in the can.

Click images for larger view

Place a layer of plastic wrap on top of the can before sealing.

Put the lid over the plastic and tap it down to seal the can.

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Solutions for Narrow & Small Hallways

Storage Baskets & Containers for Shelves

Literally hundreds of items to select from in baskets.

Whatever your style you can find it here. Choose from woven rattan, wood, cloth, wire, mesh baskets in every color and size you could possibly need.

Click on any item below for more selections.

Open Closets

Create the storage you need by designing it to fit your family.

Take a look at these solutions. Combine shelves, baskets, hooks and rods to make a unique piece for your hallway.

Open Closets in the Hallway

Create them tall or small.

Click images for larger view

In less than 2 ft. deep 6 ft. wide you can create this unit. Includes bench, drop down cupboard, coat hooks & baskets.

Individual cubbies with open center space for hanging clothes. Storage under bottom shelf for shoes.

Metal unit with brackets create this open closet hallway space. Clothes rod, shelves, baskets and slide baskets.

In less than a 2 ft. deep wall, you can create a 16 section clothing space for the family. Ceiling to floor unit uses all the space available.

Smart options. Reverse 2 cabinets to create space in both rooms as it also adds a divider. Add hooks to the back for hanging articles.

Create a longer open closet using full size painted boards and bathroom hooks. Plenty of storage now.

A combination of closet, cabinet, drawers, hooks and shelves. This is my favorite idea. Everything works and it still looks neat.

Drop Door Cabinets

A Fresh New Look

Hidden Storage in Limited Spaces

Drop Door Cabinets for An Elegant Style

Click images for larger view

Nine hidden compartments with 3 open spaces allows you to store and show items in a limited area.

Using 2 boards for a counter creates this narrow drop door cabinet. It does not take away from the design at all.

By cutting off the back legs of a cabinet, you can bring it flush to the wall. Drop drawers from 2 cabinets joined together by one countertop.

One long continuous board was used here. The space available was less than one foot wide, but plenty long.

Remove the back legs to bring the cabinet closer to the wall. Add a mirror and overhead lighting to make the room look larger.


Encourage Reading in Your Home

Bookshelves & Books for Narrow Hallways

Display a wall of books for the family to encourage literacy in your home. Change them often and add new selections to your collection.

Click images for larger view

I love this idea. Use long shelves to create a display space for books.

Narrow hallways are great for small bookshelves and encourage reading because they are so visible.

Most don't have hallways this long, but we can use this idea of shelves and drawers with windows in between.

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Narrow Hallway Storage Solved

You can see how it all came together.

The water storage is no longer a problem with the newly installed cabinet.

The water storage is no longer a problem with the newly installed cabinet.

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I hope you found some good storage ideas.

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  • Sylvestermouse Jul 27, 2014 @ 10:54 am
    How creative and truly awesome! I have a narrow hallway off my kitchen and I would love to have a pantry there. I could sure use the additional storage space.
  • favored1 Jul 28, 2014 @ 2:51 pm
    Have you looked at bathroom cabinets for your kitchen hallway? They are smaller & sometimes fit with no changes made.
  • yayang0405 Jul 07, 2014 @ 10:22 pm
    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
  • ajgodinho Apr 12, 2014 @ 9:41 am
    This worked out great for you guys. It's amazing how you can make things work with a little bit of planning and patience. Thanks for sharing your firsthand experience on this well-created and informative lens. A little late, but congrats on your LOTD and Purple Star. Stay blessed!
  • kinworm Mar 21, 2014 @ 9:32 am
    You've done a great job with your hallway area - they can be tough to get right. Our hallway is OK but I can sure use these ideas for our box room which is tiny and in desperate need of storage.
  • favored1 Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:28 am
    Hope you find something here you can use that works for your space. Thank you for leaving your nice smile!
  • KimGiancaterino Mar 20, 2014 @ 8:26 pm
    Your shelf solution worked out great.
  • Mar 14, 2014 @ 12:25 am
    Good lenses, thank you for sharing this information and it is very interesting!
  • favored1 Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:29 am
    I appreciate your visit. Welcome to Squidoo.
  • sandyswriter-review Mar 10, 2014 @ 2:33 pm
    I have a couple spacesavers shelves. They really do come in handy.

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