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Thrills, chills, and kills! Oh my!

Over the course of the last few decades as video games have kept evolving in life like realism we have also seen horror evolve as well. Regardless if you are new to gaming, or old you may find yourself wondering what scares gaming has to offer you. In this collective list I bring you my favorite survival horror series from the last 2 decades.

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#5 Deadly Premonition

While Deadly Premonition may not have offered ground breaking visuals at the time of it’s release on Xbox 360 , that in no way meant it failed to deliver a hefty chunk of terror. You are Agent York sent to the small town of Greenvale to investigate the murder of Anna Graham. Set in a open world where everyone has their own schedules York adventures out to find clues on the murder of Anna. While constantly running from a figure in a raincoat with an axe, and finding ghost-like shadows around every corner you being to wonder just how sane Mr. York is himself. Deadly Premonition is destined to be a cult classic in the years to come. I really wish more games where still like this.

#4 Alan Wake

A rather recent addition to the mix of horror in the last few years Alan Wake. Suffering from writers block for near two years Alan Wake bestselling thriller writer finds himself along with his wife taking a small vacation in the town of Bright Falls, Washington. Upon finding his wife has set out a typewriter hoping her loving husband might give it a go, he takes a little walk to cool off. Hearing screams from inside he runs back to the cabin only to find his wife being dragged out by some strange entity. As the entity throws Alice in the lake Alan braves the waters after them only to blackout on the spot. This is where the insanity of the game really let you loose. As you begin exploring Bright Falls you come in contact with many supernatural events as the darkness ravages the small town. Creature can only be defeated with light, and it seems it’s only a matter of time before it takes its hold on Alan. Not only is this game scary as hell, but it also offers beautiful visuals, and outstanding storytelling.

#3 Dead Space

Dead Space also a recent addition to the survival horror genre. Dead Space, and Dead Space 2 follow protagonist Isaac Clarke as he struggles with his mind to face the alien threat of the Necromorph’s. This is one hell of a survival horror series. As you find yourself severing the limbs of your alien foes, or stomping their bodies apart. I have no doubt you will find yourself screaming as you search to flip your light switch back on. With a queer cult-like religion, and the deep dark reaches of space this game offers greatness.

#2 Resident Evil

At this point there is no gamer whom has not heard of Resident Evil. As it first graced us with its presence in 1996. Resident Evil has had many transformations in the past decade. From watching the pixelated blocks of blood spatter, to QTE button mashing action scenes. As a gamer you begin to appreciate the evolution of the games, and the brand. Having played every Resident Evil game asides from the Outbreak series there is literally no reason you should not play these games. So go do yourself a favor and play these games if your a bioterrorism, zombie, mutant loving fan.

#1 Silent Hill

An for best survival horror series ever their can be no other series but Silent Hill. The series got it’s start in 1999. As you take control of protagonist Harry Mason whom recently survived a car crash coming to finding his daughter is nowhere to be found. You make your way through the dense fog briefly catching a glimpse of someone looking a awful lot like your lost child. Running through empty streets, and around badly lit back allies you find yourself in a unbelievable surroundings running into wheelchairs and hospital gurneys. Silent Hill 2 you are James Sunderland, a still grieving husband who has received a letter from his dead wife asking for one last date. While you run around meeting some of the crazy locals, and eventually a very alarming looking strip dancer who happens to look just like your dead wife. Silent Hill 3 follows Heather Mason the now adult child of Harry Mason as she is trying to get home to her father. All the while being followed by a private eye hired to find her, she learns there is a crazy no shoe wearing albino just busting to get her on the road back to Silent Hill. While these are only a sample of the first three games of the series every Silent Hill game follows a uniquely woven story tied to this creepy resort town hidden away by the fog.

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