This lens is full of info about Tecktonik.

What is tecktonik?

Tecktonik is now shortened as TCK. Very popular dance in France, Belgium and Holland .


Tecktonik dance

Tecktonik is dance that had born in a nightclub called Metropolis in about 2000. Tecktonik borrows some elements from glowsticking and hip-hop dance moves like popping and popping , wacking , vogueing .
Why the made Tecktonik? Because they couldn’t dance during electro music like hiphop. Thats why they made their own dance. People prefer to dance with electro house, funky house or hardstyle music. Tecktonik is now known in all world .
Personaly i like this dance and in this lens i will talk about tecktonik hairstyle, music, teams,lessons.

About tecktonik

Tecktonik uses Web to market lifestyle born in dance movement

If you are French, younger than 20 and have an Internet connection, you probably already know what to make of the spiked hair, skinny pants and electric dance moves pulsing in cyberspace.

The dance moves started with something called Tecktonik – a mix of punk, techno, break dancing and disco that was born in clubs and spread by word of mouth on Internet video sites. The dance spawned a youth movement that has turned into a burgeoning business and a model for creating a brand on the Web.

Tecktonik, now a registered trademark and offering 33,800 videos on the YouTube video site, has gone beyond sharing music and moved to selling hairstyles, merchandise and an ethos of tolerance to post-adolescents. It has become a lifestyle brand.

“I used to be a goth in high school, but now I come here every week,” said Fiona Esteves, 19, at the Metropolis nightclub near Paris where the movement started.

One man behind the venture, a former equities trader at Merrill Lynch, recently quit his job to devote himself to the business.
“We didn’t really invent anything, but we concentrated and promoted a dance style inside the club, and when it took off on the Internet we realized it could be something bigger,” the man, Alexandre Barouzdin, 31 years old, said backstage at the club on a Saturday night.

Barouzdin, wearing in red tartan kilt, a glued-on dreadlock Mohawk wig, and a chain necklace by John Galliano, said he had been promoting electronic music parties under the name Tecktonik for seven years.

In the club, a disc jockey from the Netherlands played a techno version of Carmina Burana to a crowd of hundreds on the dance floor.

Outside of the club, cars filled a parking lot and a long line of people stretched out the door. Many people were wearing T-shirts and sweatbands with Tecktonik logos.

Barouzdin and his partner, Cyril Blanc, said they had invested %u20AC30,000, or $46,000, to protect the trade name Tecktonik, which was intended to suggest seismic change. They want to preserve the movement’s integrity and transform it from a subculture into a household name.

“At first it was all about quality control,” Barouzdin said. “We had a great party with special music and wanted to make sure nobody else could use the name to promote cheap copies.”

While blending dance music, club culture and throbbing electronic beats is nothing new, analysts say Tecktonik stands out because it is directed at a younger crowd and attempts to label a trend under a single brand name from the start.

“Unlike rock, or punk or similar movements, this has a commercial brand name driving it from the very beginning,” said Thomas Jamet from the Reload agency in Paris, which specializes in youth marketing.

Like Loserkids.com , a youth retailer in the United States, Tecktonik represents the lifestyle of its customers and goes after a group of people who want to be sold to. It is promoted mainly by word of mouth, an example of so-called viral branding, where enthusiasts do the advertising.

For the French sociologist François de Singly, the venture shows how “capitalism has moved into such high gear that movements are becoming brands even before they are really born.”

Barouzdin and Blanc, who are both French, say the movement is about tolerance, is drug free and welcomes a younger crowd.

They say they registered the trademark in France in 2002, and registered it internationally in 2007. As recognition spread abroad, music CDs and a clothing label followed.

Home-made online videos of dancers with flailing arms and busy footwork helped propel sales and a buzz in 2007.

Barouzdin declined to give financial details, saying the company was created only last year. But he said he was selling about 1,000 Tecktonik T-shirts a week online and in stores.

Big companies are joining in. A compilation series prepared by the British music company EMI sold 400,000 copies last year. The shoe manufacturer Reebok has given out shoes to a tour of French Tecktonik dancers in Japan last month.

And a merchandising arm of the French television station TF1 has agreed to an international licensing agreement, saying it is in talks to develop other products, like a game for the Nintendo Wii.

“We’ve signed a deal with a textile manufacturer, but it’s only the first step,” said Guillaume Lascoux of TF1.

Tecktonik trademark

Tecktonik, registered trademark

The origins of the movement could be found in Belgium at the end of the nineties before it exploded recently in France, following in the wake of Hardtech and Hard Trance. In 2000, two ‘Frenchies’, Alexandre Baroudzin and Cyril Blanc, wanted to emulate the spirit of these classic techno club nights by transporting the ‘joyful environment of a rave’ into an enormous nightclub complex in a Parisian suburb: the Métropolis.

‘Tecktonik,’ they explain, ‘is a reference to the geographic movement of the tectonic plates; specifically, the meeting and clashing of different musical cultures.’ The two partners therefore founded their company ‘Tecktonik events’, and registered the name with the INPI trademarks office (‘Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle’). In addition to this they then created a clothing line and an energy drink, ‘Tecktonik Killer.’ For enthusiasts who have no intention of taking drugs, it gives you energy to burn off on the dance floor.

Tecktonik dance craze takes Paris by storm

says google.com

PARIS (AFP) - A new homespun urban dance phenomenon has taken hold in Paris and is quickly spreading to the rest of France through Internet videos and word-of-mouth.

Tecktonik, a mix of hip hop and techno dance, was the talk of this year?s Paris Techno Parade, the annual dance music street carnival that took place in the French capital last Saturday.

Groups of teenagers were overheard chanting “Tecktonik” as dance-offs took place in the street and the evening news bulletins were full of images and testimony from the leaders of this latest craze.

The starting point for the scene is a complex of nightclubs on the southeastern outskirts of Paris called the Metropolis, but there are signs that it is spreading thanks to videos on file-sharing websites YouTube and Dailymotion.

“For seven years we?ve been organising nights called Tecktonik Killer where we play the harder sounds of northern Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands) and the softer sounds of the south (Italy, Spain),” the artistic director of the Metropolis, Cyril Blanc, told AFP.

“Little by little, the clubbers who came invented a choreography,” he added, explaining how Tecktonik dancing came to be born.

Tecktonik, judged by the videos on YouTube and displays at the Techno Parade, is a mix of break-dancing, hip hop and techno, featuring flailing arms and quick foot movements.

In appearance, fans share similarities with the new-rave scene in Britain, where fluorescent colours, armbands and tight t-shirts are back in fashion in a clear tribute to the 1980s rave music scene.

“I started to practice at home by looking on the Internet,” said Jackie, a 20-year-old regular at the Metropolis who works with young people in a northern suburb of Paris.

“It’s a real pleasure to dance the whole day,” including on the street, he adds.

Internet searches on YouTube and Dailymotion turn up a series of videos, including one by Jey-Jey, downloaded a million times, who demonstrates his take on Tecktonik in his garage.

Another by Cali, who dances in his living room, also appears to be popular.

“A lot of young people don’t have the courage to dance in nightclubs because they are worried about the prejudices of others. The Internet enables them to familiarise themselves with the dance,” says Blanc from Metropolis.

The leaders of the Tecktonik craze can be found at meeting spots around Paris, including in the centre near the Pompidou modern art gallery, where dance-offs are organised between teams.

“Dancing has changed me,” says Sofian, a 15-year-old from a tough Paris suburb who discovered Tecktonik recently.

“Before I was on the street. I was at the police station everyday. It’s been two or three months now since I did anything stupid.”

But Anne Petiau, a sociologist specialised in the study of electronic and pop music, says the scene is a mix of young people from different backgrounds.

“Techtonik has also reached the middle classes and beyond. There’s a real mix,” she says.

After starting in Paris, other nightclubs around France have begun putting on Tecktonik nights — something not entirely to the liking of the original trendsetters.

Blanc from Metropolis says the organisers of the first Tecktonik night are to start a company.

“To protect the trademark, notably for the music compilations, we are in the process of starting a company,” he said.

Paris TV

about tecktonik

Paris Television about tecktonik.
Tecktonik : The new teen fad
by FRANCE 24 English | video info
2,797 ratings | 3,061,604 views
curated content from YouTube

Tecktonik in America


In the early months of 2008, Tecktonik progressed to Canada. It reveolutionized the dance culture in the country. The first glimpses of Tecktonik was made in Vancouver, British Columbia. A few students went on an excursion to France and came back, teaching the rest of their peers the dance. Since then, the dance has been moving from person to person, and is being recognized by more people each day. It is being known as “The Tecktonik Phase.”

Not only has the Tecktonik dance craze spread to Canada, but is becoming increasingly popularized in the United States. In particular, many young people from Yakima, Washington are becoming involved in the dance culture because of the accessibility of hardstyle and Tecktonik videos and websites on the World Wide Web.

Tecktonik Dancers

best of them

Most famous tecktonik killers are Jey-Jey, Cx7, Lili azian, Fredoo, Lecktra, Junky, Sofy, Vavan, Spoke, Boobiz, Maestro, BirkeFars
The most famous Tecktonik teams are Wantek and Fanatek.


This band used tecktonik in their clips. Personally i didn’t knew about tecktonik when i saw this vid. Alot of people like me were shocked, when their firstly saw tck dance, but now its just cool and impressing .
Yelle "ACDG" Remix Electro VaVan Treaxy St4nl3y94.sky
by MrRhum | video info
22,036 ratings | 14,918,832 views
curated content from YouTube

Tecktonik music

There is some music that is made for tecktonik like:
Lili Azian – Dance with Me
Yelle – A Cause des Garçons (TEPR remix)
Dim Chris – sucker
Mondotek – alive

Tecktonik Hairstyle and Clothes.

is original

Tecktonik – mullet hair dance craze.
Tecktonik hairstyle is original beautiful and impressible, say a lot of people and i agree to them.
There is special hairdresser in Paris that cuts best Tecktonik hairstyles in world.You can see is work in left. Best tecktonik dancers had hairstyles from him .
Tecktonik clothes are slim. Slim jeans and t-shirts with a lot of tecktonik images and funny things.
Tck accessories are usually glowing at special light.
Accessories usually are on hands or t-shirts.

Tecktonik underground

by FelixWellcom | video info
852 ratings | 510,883 views
curated content from YouTube

Tecktonik killer

by sebtck76 | video info
7,860 ratings | 9,417,370 views
automatically generated by YouTube

Tecktonik underground

Tecktonik Feel The Hardrock
by Artur Owsiak | video info
237 ratings | 134,219 views
curated content from YouTube

Tecktonik lesons

Tecktonik tutorial 1
by w4nt3dn4k3d | video info
1,146 ratings | 987,596 views
curated content from YouTube

Tecktonik video

MONDOTEK - ALIVE [clip tecktonik]
by clem0576 | video info
7,757 ratings | 5,624,837 views
curated content from YouTube

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  • TCKbabe Jan 11, 2011 @ 10:34 pm
    I'm from Canada, and have just recently started to check out Tecktonik. I've basically fallen in love with it! My best friend and I have been practicing for a while now both at home and at school :P Tecktonik has changed my life, as lame as it sounds. :) I'll be busy with tecktonik instead of drugs and stupid shit :P <3
  • GetseBaby Dec 27, 2010 @ 5:10 pm
    I la la la love tecktonik!!! my boyfriend showed it to me and now i cant stop learning and listening to electro and house music! its amazing!!!
  • Emel '-TeckTurk-' Yildiz Sep 18, 2010 @ 7:33 am
    i LOVE tecktonik ... its my LIfe MY ROAD and MY Music ! <3 - from Turkiye !
    I respect and LOve what they did with the dance its just pure genious !! i love it so much! words can't explain
  • NotFromDisEarth Sep 16, 2010 @ 9:12 am
    Ever since I learned about TCK about a year ago I've become a fan, I practice it with my lil sis everyday...I'm 25 and she is 13.....T3ckToNiK
  • kravenzXD Mar 14, 2010 @ 12:34 am
    we live and breath tecktonik. we unite az 1. im from sydney,australia penrith mt druiitt. ive been doing this dance 4 about 2 years and ive shared the message about tck. people didnt like it at 1st broz but after they started to love it and do it. tecktonik is about feeling the flow n meeting new pplz and uniting az 1. i hope tck comes to sydney....

    relicktro- kravenzXD woopwoop lol

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