Tea Bag Folding Christmas Tree Pattern and More

More Instructions and Patterns for Tea Bag Folding

On this page is included my version of the tea bag fold Christmas tree for handmade Holiday cards. A set of simple 4x5 inch Christmas greeting cards could be used to mount your tree creations on. A project like this you need to start early to get a few trees made.

The Holiday Trees I have created with tea bag folding starts with the water bomb like all the patterns on my first page titled Tea Bag Folding | A Paper Craft. Experiment with the tile placement and you will have Christmas tree cards made in no time.

Lesson 4 below is the pattern to make your tea bag folding Christmas tree. Folding lesson 5 is a six point pattern. Snowflakes are generally six points. Do you Tea Bag Fold snowflakes? Enjoy this idea page for teabag folding Christmas trees for your next handmade Christmas Cards.

Thank you visitors who stopped by on this page's LOTD. Happy Holidays to all who work on the Squidoo platform. Also to all the tea bag folding fans of the world. Thank you for exploring this paper craft on Squidoo.

image by Paperfacets

Lesson 4 Make a Tea Bag Fold Christmas Tree

Christmas Card Crafts

For Christmas 2009 I decided to share and post the paper folding Christmas tree I developed for handmade greeting cards. This is a popular pattern of my own that was worked just for ACEO and the small folds for 2.5 X 3.5 inch collector cards.  After making about 10 collector cards I decided to try a bigger version for note cards. I found out in 2008 it was as popular as the small ones.

All over patterned paper makes a lovely tree. No need to print tiles. In the example that follows I randomly cut the tiles from 8 x11 inch laser printing stationary to make this handmade embellishment.

It takes me an evening of TV to completed one or two trees. So start paper folding so you will have a few done when they are needed.


image by paperfacets

Start with 12 square tiles. Mine are 1 1/4 inches. I will use this tree for a note card 4.25 X 5.5 inches. The tree measures 3.5 inches high.
by paperfacets

Fold into a water bomb.

If you need help with the water bomb go to step one & two Lesson One.
by paperfacets

Take the right flap bring to the middle and squish. It should look like the tile at right.

Turn it over and squish the right flap again. You will have a kite shape on each side.
by paperfacets

Fold under or clip the tip of the back side of your folded piece and adhere with a dab of glue. Make all twelve in the same matter.

Assembly of Paper Fold Christmas Tree

by paperfacets STEP TWO

Line up three tiles and glue together.

In all make two three tile rows. Two two tile rows. and two singles.

Put small dab of glue in the top tips and slide into the next row just enough to hold them together. Your tree should look like the one to the left. Do not worry if it is a bit unstable. You will be gluing it down for your card.

Paper Fold Holiday Tree Stand


Cut in half diagonally a 2 1/2" square

Fold in half (2)

Bring outer points to the top point

Unfold and refold as in(2). Bring the fold edge to the center as shown.

Unfold again and use the prefolds to make the squished triangle shown.

Fold up the bottom

Turn over and fashion diagonal folds by folding outer points toward the center.

Turnover. Completed tree stand. Dab glue on the three top points press onto back of tree.

Finished Teabag Folding Christmas Tree

by paperfacets I did not use tiles that were alike for this tree. It looks natural this way. I will use a matching pen to color the edges to eliminate any paper cracking or white edging.

I Used A Box of Craft Cards for Mounting the Trees

image: Amazon.com Any card of 4.25 X 5.5 or A2 size will be perfect for mounting your newly created handmade card embellishments.

Another idea is to attach a hanger and use detachable glue dots and the recipient can hang the tree up for display.

Die Cuts With A View Arctic Wishes Box of Cards

New Tree Layout


tea bag fold Christmas tree layout

If you count up from the bottom, row 3 has the tips cut on units 1 and 2 from the left. The unit just above also has the tip clipped. This allows the units to be glued slightly closer together, aiding in giving a better shape to the finished project.

Assembled Tree

tea bag folding tree

Two finished cards

Christmas tea bag folding One tree of each layout

Newest Idea for Tea Bag Folded Christmas Tree

I Made These For 2013

Click images for larger view

This design is two sided. For the back do not fold the tab in as I show in Step One above.

The star is the first few steps of the crane origami fold.

I used a needle to thread the fish line for the hanger.

Holiday Gallery of Tea Bag Folding Christmas Trees

Open this link to see a photo gallery of Christmas trees for inspiration.

Tea Bag Folding on eBay


Want More?

I have put all the links available about tea bag folding on the internet in one place.

No more searching. See it at….

..Web Links for the Craft of Tea Bag Folding.

Bookmark it and use it as your place to get new stuff about tea bag folding.

Lesson 5

New Fold by Paperfacets

Cut 6 2" inch or smaller square tiles all the same.

Fold 4 ways, as shown

Collapse into the water bomb fold.

Place tile as shown above and fold the right wing up 1/4 from the center fold. The result will be a smaller square

Open the fold and squish into a square. Next take the left side and fold down as shown, to the center.

Turn the tile over. Center point facing toward you.

Take the left wing toward the center. Press a fold at the spot that results in three evenly spaced points at the top edge. It should be a long triangle with a nice point at the bottom.

Turn your folded tile over. 6 finished tiles should look like the tile above.

Template for Six Tiles

Template for Six Tiles

Use the “Print Version” below to get your template.

Cut the circle out and rub with candle wax, or surfboard wax, if you are a surfer. The wax prevents the template from getting sticky with glue.

Template for Six


Assembly of Medallion for Lesson Five

Print the placement guide above. Line up one tile using the left edge and put small amount of glue along the edge, as indicated with the glue bottle.

Note: work counterclockwise. The next tile's right edge should go on top of the glue and under the flap with the sqaure. Line up the left edge again with the guide.

Work around with all squares.

The finished rosette will look like this

The back. I glued a small anchor square on the back for stability.

Snowflakes are Generally Six Points

What is your snowflake pattern?

  Show the poll results

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I hope these tea bag folding instructions were useful. Please come back to let me know if you made the Christmas tree.

If this pattern is not for you try this much easier embellishment for Christmas.
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    What a beautiful idea! Simple to make, but of a great originality, combining crafts arts the recycling of materials that exist in our homes. Congratulations!!
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