I did not start watching The Sopranos until after the series started. My husband was serving in Iraq in 2003. He kept calling home talking about Soprano night. He was worried he and his guys would miss shows, so I signed up for HBO and started recording them. I caught a marathon one Saturday and taped all the shows and sent them to him. Needless to say, I was THE favorite wife in the whole brigade.

Some of the guys e-mailed me "Thank You Notes," and some wives teased me saying I was trying to "one up" them. It was all in good fun, and it made our husbands happy.

I see the connection the guys in the military make with the Soprano Crime Family. That may seem like a strange comparison, but there is a comradeship in both groups - a brotherhood with a code of honor. Of course, the codes of honor are different in many ways, but it is all about covering your "brothers" backs.

The Sopranos is the ultimate male show. James Gandolfini portrays a New Jersey mob boss who has depth and many sides to his personality. Many will be able to relate to his savvy business decisions, his passion and anger, his anxiety, and his family values - both in the crime family and with his own family.

Women may see themselves in Carmella Soprano's shoes. Loving and hating her husband all at once. Trying to raise her children and protect them from things that should not be revealed to young hearts, but dealing with what does eventually seep into their lives.

An excellent gift or addition to a video library. It is a 5 star show with excellent acting and a complex plot. Once you start watching it, whether it is your first time or your third or fourth time, you won't be able to stop until you reach the end.

Of course, I had to find out what all the hooplah was about, so I started watching the show, too. I was hooked. An Italian New Jersey crime boss, Tony Soprano, going to a psychiatrist because of issues he had with his mother while running his organized crime family and his personal family... Fascinating! Of course, he did not want anyone to know he was seeing a psychiatrist because that would be seen as a weakness in The Boss.

I connected with Tony's Italian wife Carmella. Like her, I was often left alone while my husband was gone, but my husband was not out committing crimes. She raised the kids and cooked the most amazing meals. She had resentments and times of loneliness, but she loved her husband and was, for the most part, loyal to him. It is an HBO series after all.

The series is full of edge-of-your-seat-story-lines. It made you want to tune in to find out what was going to happen next. I ended up buying the entire series. We watch it when we are bored with TV or because we miss the characters. Yes, we are in love with the characters of this well-written series.

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano was amazing. His death in June 2013 came as quite a blow to all of us who were his fans. He was an amazing actor and the complete antithesis of his sociopathic character, Tony. He was kind, gentle, and a loyal family man. Gandolfini shows us the human side of a crime boss. His character, Tony, was a family man who loved his kids and usually his wife. His main loyalties belonged to his crime family, which caused problems with his son who wanted to be a "gansta" but couldn't pull it off. Tony could empathize with his son because of his own issues.

It is a wonder Tony, and men like him, can be sane. He could be wrapping a body up in plastic in the middle of the night then be home having dinner with the family - being the husband and father you would see in most families at the dinner table.

The Soprano family (not crime family) were like many families, especially the stereotypical Italian families, who have great passion in every word and action. The Sopranos is definitely not a family show, though. Too much inappropriate language, sex, and violence.

With that being said, The Soprano Complete Box Series would make a wonderful gift or an awesome addition to your video library. The show paved the way for many HBO series that have become extremely successful.

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