What are Twitter Applications?

Twitter applications can be called by different names. They are sometimes called as "twitter tools", "twitter add-ons" and the likes. But whatever the name they are called, they are simply websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter.

Here is a simple collection of the best Twitter applications I have encountered on the internet. If you think an app is better than the one on my list, e-mail me at airabongco@gmail.com for a challenge. I will check your app and if it is really better, I will change the one on the list.

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Top 10 Twitter Softwares

Looking for some applications that can automate and improve your tweeting experience? Then here are some softwares that can do just that. Take your tweeting from the website to these exciting Twitterapps and see yourself tweeting like never before.

#1: Tweetdeck

tweetdeck Addicted to Twitter? Then you should definitely have Tweetdeck in your desktop. This app is free to download and use. It improves your Twitter use by giving you a multi-column interface along with filtering the tweets that you see. This means that you’ll only see Tweets that matter to you. Aside from that, you can also log in multiple accounts and set them on auto. That’s very powerful if you’ll ask me.

#2: Twitterific

Twitterific Looking for an application for your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod? Then you should try Twitterific. It can help you manage your tweets with its sleek interface anytime, anywhere.

#3: Hootsuite

Hootsuite If you’re looking for complete automation, then Hootsuite is the answer to your prayers. In this software, you can log in to multiple accounts and schedule messages and tweets. It is even used as a powerful promotion tool because it automatically tweets from feeds.

#4: Echofon

Echofon If you are more minimalistic and hate all the tweets that flow all throughout the day, then you can simplify everything with Echofon. This app will not only prevent you from reading a tweet twice. It will also help you schedule notifications when you want it.

#5: Janetter

Janetter Looking for the perfect app for your smartphone or computer? I got you covered. Janetter is one of those highly customizable apps that lets you change the way you view tweets. If you’re tired of the boring black and blue backgrounds, then you will really like this app. With themes, wallpapers and customizable fonts, you’ll surely love tweeting with this app all day long.

#6: Destroy Twitter

Destroy Twitter Don’t be fooled by the name. Destroy Twitter is not out to get Twitter. In fact, its goal is to help you tweet more. This app can really change the way you tweet. Get the app in the color that you want, Have as many or as few columns as you want and Filter out tweets that you don’t care about. Perfect across different platforms (Yes! even Linux).

#7: Weet

Weet Think that other apps are way too complicated? Then you’ll like Weet. Designed for Mac. This app integrates with ReadItLater and Instapaper. Perfect for those minimalists who don’t want to get too caught up with the social updating world.

#8: Echelon

Echelon Looking for an app that does not allow you to reply and tweet but allows you to read tweets one by one without distractions? Then Echelon is the app for you. Clean, sleek with no excess features, this Twitter reader will satisfy you if you like to simple browse through pictures or get updated.

#9: Hibari

Hibari The essence of Hibari is to cut through noise and help you see the tweets that matter to you. It can block certain keywords and mute users so that you don’t need to unfollow them. You can also mark certain tweets as spam and move on to your conversations. This is a perfect app for people who uses Twitter mostly for updates on certain people and communication.

#10: Socialite

Socialite If you’re the type that wants everything in one place. Then you will love Socialite. It keeps your Twitter stream, Facebook stream and Flickr stream in one place while also updating the RSS feeds of blogs that you follow. This is great for people who love to multitask and be updated across different platforms.

Top 5 Twitter Applications for Android

Android phones are everywhere. And with Google Play packed with lots of nice apps to choose from, I just have to pick up my share of five and review them. So here is my take on some Twitter apps for Android.

#1: Twicca

Twicca Twicca is a sleek app that offers different features. Tweet filtering, Important People Priority, Multiple Account Support, Twitpic Integration and Geotagging are just some of its features. The best part is that you can get it for free

#2: Tweetcaster

Tweetcaster If you’re looking for a change in appearance from those boring, serious-colored apps, then you’ll love Tweetcaster. It gives you the Twitter interface with huge icons and in a lovely blue background. What I love about this is its voice integration. Just speak to your phone and it will tweet what you have spoken. But it does not stop there. It also has the so-called Smartfilters that let you see only the tweets that matter to you and the ability to Zip users that are annoying you. It’s a pretty neat app if you’ll ask me. The only downside is that you will need to pay some money if you like the ads removed.

#3: Chant

Chant Do you consider yourself as a minimalist? The minimalist design has been a trend not only in blogs and websites but in application design as well. If you’re looking for the perfect minimalist app for your Android phone, then take a look at Chant. It has a straightforward design that lets you see what you need to see – the messages. The ads are also placed intelligently so as to not annoy the users.

#4: UberSocial

Ubersocial If you remembered the good old days when Twitdroyd used to dominate the scene, then you’ll probably recognize Ubersocial. This is a great app for people who like to get in touch with their friends. It has an Inner Circle feature that lets you see updates that matters. You can also favorite some people so you get to read their tweets as they do it. And the best part is that you can customize your menu and use your own themes. With this tool, you’ll never get left behind.

#5: Plume

Plume Plume is a popular app because of its layout that you simply cannot resist. The app allows you to do multiple things like coloring friends on Twitter according to category, managing multiple accounts and muting excessively noisy people. You can get it in 2 versions: free and paid. The only difference is that the paid version does not have ads.

Top 5 Twitter Apps for iOS

Looking for Twitter apps that you can install in your iPhone or iPad? Here they are and they are packed with lots of other features as well.

#1: Tweetbot

Tweetbot If you’re looking for THE perfect Twitter app for your iPhone or iPad, you’ll definitely love Tweetbot. It is an app designed just for Apple devices. It is minimalistic but allows you to swipe to reveal conversations and find related tweets. It is a certainly a must-have in every Apple device.

#2: Tweetings

Tweetings If you have been dreaming of maps integrated with Twitter so that you can see where your followers are, you’ll like Tweetings. This is an app that lets you update your Facebook account along with your Twitter account. It is also connected to Twitlonger and other tweeting supplement apps.

#3: Osfoora

Osfoora Loved Twitter’s iPhone app but hated some of its features? Then you should download ,a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/said-m.-marouf/id311870212″>Osfoora instead. This is somewhat similar to the official iPhone app. Anyone who has use it before will be familiar with Osfoora. The great thing about this is that it has other features. Check it out.

#4 Tweetlist

Tweetlist Another app that’s integrated with other apps like Twitlonger and Instapaper is Tweetlist. It is called as such because it lets you access different lists in your Twitter account. The interface is dynamic. Just tap tweets to reveal the whole convewrsation.

#5: Tweetlogix

Tweetlogix Clean and functional. That’s how I can describe Tweetlogix. You’ll definitely love the interface once you feel it. If you consider yourself a skimmer, then this is perfect for filtering out those tweets that matter to you.

Top 10 Twitter Adders or Followers

You cannot enjoy Twitter if you do not follow anyone. Fortunately, there are some applications which you can use to follow and unfollow people on auto. Here are some of them.

#1: Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder Since we are talking about Twitter Adders, it is impossible to not mention Tweet Adder. This software may not be free but it is super powerful. Unlike other apps, this tool has user search. This means that you can find people to follow based on keywords and interests. On top of that you an manage multiple accounts with auto-follow and unfollow. Having this in your social media arsenal is really a no-brainer. The best part is that you can try it for free.

#2: Social Oomph

SocialOomph Social Oomph is a very powerful browser-based software that does not only help you follow the people who interests you but also automate your accounts thus freeing up your time. I love that you can test drive it for free.

Also notable is how you can send DMs to all your followers in just a single click. It is also a very powerful marketing software used by a lot of businesses.

#3: Hummingbird Redux 2.2

HummingBird If you are looking for an application where you can mass follow and unfollow people, then you will not go wrong with Hummingbird Redux 2.2. It literally does not do anything else aside from giving you a convenient interface to mass follow and unfollow people and deleting those unneeded direct messages. The price may sound high but it is all worth it especially if you are planning to use Twitter for marketing.

#4: Tweet Demon or Tweet Marketing Robot

Tweet Demon or Twitter Marketing Robot Tweet Demon or Tweet Marketing Robot is also a very powerful tool. In fact, a lot of Internet marketers are raving about it. It can help you auto follow and unfollow people thew safe way. It can also let you scrape tweets and post them on auto. It makes everything look natural so that your account will not get banned. And with Twitter’s new updates, this tool is a must-have. The only downside of this tool is that it is super expensive. But users agree that it is worth every penny.

#5: Twittenator

Twittenator If you don’t know how to fuse marketing with Twitter, this application will give you the answer. Twittenator is a powerful application created by a popular Internet marketer, Bill McRea. The best part is that it does not only give you a software that lets you follow people and manage multiple accounts. He also gives you instructions on how to make money on Twitter. If your Twitter account is not making you a cent, then you should definitely check this product out.

#6: Tweetspice

tweetspice Did you know that some marketers are making money with Twitter? However, you can only do that if you use some automated tools like Tweet Spice. But this tool is special. It does not only let you follow anyone. It only follows people who has the potential to buy from you. Think about tweeting people who actually care about what you’re saying. This makes it a valuable marketing application.

#7: TWTDominator

Twt dominator Looking for another professional software other than Tweet Adder? Then you should try TWT dominator. It has all the features that you’ll need. It has an account manager, an account checker, follower, unfollower, tweeter and profile manager. It only has a hefty yearly price but it is worth it if you are really serious in social media marketing.

#8: Twiping

Twiping If you have been using Twitter in the old days, then you should know the manual following process – find an influential person and mass follow his followers. Twiping is a software that does not only automates this. It also gives you a way to track which people unfollowed you and search Twitter for keywords. The price is also very affordable. I can say that it is the cheapest in the bunch.

#9: Hot Twitter Spy

Hot Twitter Spy Made by a member of a popular Internet marketing forum, Hot Twitter Spy is the answer to all your follower problems. Although I don’t fancy the testimonials on the page, the application had some great feedback from its users. I hope that the product creator can improve his page to make more sales. Although I have not tried it yet, the features are enticing. With mass follow and unfollow along with multiple account handling, it is worth checking out.

#10: Automated Tweet

Automated Tweet Automated Tweet is another twitter poster, adder and account manager. Price-wise, it is in the middle. It is not too expensive and not too cheap. However, I have not tried this tool yet. So use it at your own risk. If you have experience in using this, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can share your experience.

Top 10 Twitter Background Generators

Let your Twitter profile express who you are by creating your own Twitter background using one of these generators. Shout your brand and promote your products and services by utilizing your Twitter background.

#1: Free Twitter Designer

Free Twitter Designer Free Twitter Designer is the best Twitter background tool when it comes to complete customization. If you have always wanted to incorporate your brand into your background but do not want to spend money in hiring a designer, then you should definitely try this. You can also choose from its array of designs. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the output can be different from what is displayed in the app. Sometimes, the alignment is not right. I hope they get to fix this though.

#2: Twitbacks

Twitbacks Twitbacks functions in the same way that freetwitterdesigner.com does. It allows you to put your brand and other information about yourself into your Twitter background. What I love about this app is that it has lots of option. If you want to mention your other social media accounts or include your website, all you need to do is key in your information and you’re good to go. The only problem with this site is that it is not free, You need to pay $9.99 per month to use it.

#3: Twitlay

Twitlay If you’re the type who likes to keep your options open, then you’ll love Twitlay. This application will help you create three types of backgrounds: a custom one made by you, a follower background or a custom background made by a designer. Although the third option may cost you, it is worth it especially if you’re planning Twitter for business. Another reason to love this app is its timed background change feature. With this, you can change your background on a set time frame. How cool is that?

#4: Themeleon

Themeleon I was doing a search when I found this website. You’ll love Themeleon not only because of the amazing background designs that they provide but also because of the color customizations and its easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is login to your Twitter account, choose colors and save it. The only downside that I found here is that it is not good as far as branding goes. I hope that they incorporate it into their app in the future.

#7: Twilk

Twilk Want a background that features your followers? You can do that in a single click with Twilk. This tool reads your account and paste your followers on your Twitter background. This looks cool and personalized. Try it and see.

#6: MyTweetSpace

MyTweetSpace Featured in Mashable and recommended by Internet marketers, MyTweetSpace used to top my list of Twitter background generators. Compared to other makers, it produces professional-looking backgrounds and even offers an option to upgrade. The only reason that it is down here is because the website is currently not loading. Update me when it does.

#5: Wish A Friend

Wish A Friend Wish A Friend is a website that offers different types o graphics. But while its layout may not be the best because of all the unnecessary ads, it offers you a variety of highly customizable Twitter backgrounds that you can fill up and download. This is one of those websites that may not look good on the surface but can be very useful.

#8: Twiback

Twiback Twiback is an application that lets you upload images and change them at certain times and dates. Want a different background on your birthday? That’s easy. How about a different background at different times of the day? This app can also help you with that. Want to utilize your background for more than self expression? Use Twiback for business. Put up ads and make some money on the side.

#9: Artweet

Artweet If you ever wanted a simple background that contains your basic information, then you’ll like Artweet. This gives you three templates to choose from: corporate, personal and gallery. From there, you just need to fill in your personal information and voila! you got your background. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it lacks creativity. I somehow expected more due to its name. But they say that they will be adding more so I’ll be patient.

#10: Tartan Maker

Tartan maker Not really a Twitter background maker, Tartan Maker helps you create beautiful plaid patterns in a click. In here, you can customize the colors and the thickness of the bands. You can use it with other Twitter background makers and make highly unique backgrounds or just play with it and have fun.

Top 10 Follower Trackers

If you want to know who unfollowed you or who you're not following, then these are the apps that you should use. It literally tracks your followers with some giving you more stats so that you can decide whether to follow certain people or not.

#1: TwitTrack

TwitTrack TwitTrack is a nice iPhone app that categorizes your followers into fans (followers that you don’t follow back), non-followers (people you follow but don’t follow you back), unfollowed you (people who used to follow you but does not follow you anymore) and new followers (people who have just followed you), This is the best app in terms of showing you what you need to know in a non-confusing way.

#2: Follower Wonk

Follower wonk Created by SEOMoz, Follower Wonk is a powerful follower analytics app that does not only show you who unfollowed you but also gives you the stats of which tweets are better suited to your followers. It also works as a database as it matches your profile to people who are like you. On top of that, you can also sort through your followers so that you can easily find the most important people.

#3: Contaxio

Contaxio Contaxio allows you to see your mutual followers and the people who does not follow you back. It gives you the option to mass unfollow these people as well as gives you the data on their follower ration, their last update and other relevant stuff. Contaxio can also be a great Twitter research tool because it allows data export. It is also an all-around tool which you can use for other social networks.

#4: Tweepi

Tweepi Tweepi is more than an unfollowing tool. It also allows you to follow back, clean up inactive people in your followers list and force people to unfollow you. Although I have not tried it myself, I can say that the features are pretty neat. The only downside is that it is not free. You are required to pay $7.49 a month to continue using this app.

#5: Twunfollow

Twunfollow If you want to be updated with your followers’ activities, then you should sign up to Twunfollow. So far, this is the only app out there that updates you with your unfollows in a 48-hour timeframe. Other apps can only update you in a week or after you press a certain button. But this app can give you daily updates.

#6: Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow Friend or Follow is the perfect app for people who wants to know who unfollowed them and has a tool that unfollows all followers who don’t reciprocate. I personally like this app because it shows you all the people that unfollowed you for free. Other apps usually require you to pay for it. Also, it has a mass unfollow button so that you can quickly take action on those stubborn people who does not want to follow back.

#7: Use Qwitter

useqwitter If you don’t want daily updates and would rather prefer to have it weekly, then you can use Qwitter instead. This app sends you a weekly e-mail of people who recently unfollowed you. This will help you decide on what action you’re going to take. Unfortunately, the app does not have an auto-unfollow feature.

#8: Unfollowers.Me

Unfollowers.me Unfollowers.me is also an app that lets you see ALL the people who unfollowed you for free. However, there is one problem. Its mass unfollow button is recently not working. Though I love the interface and the easy tab navigation at the sides, it could have gotten a higher rank if its unfollow button is working.

#9: Who Unfollowed Me

who unfollowed me Who Unfollowed Me is a sleek application that lets you see the followers who are not following you back and followers who you do not follow. While it claims to show you your follower history and people who recently unfollowed you, it did not work for me. Also, it only shows the first 100 people who don’t follow you. You need to upgrade to premium to find out more.

#10: Tweeter Karma

Tweeter Karma Although Tweeter Karma is pretty old, I still felt the need to include it in the list. It is because it is one of the oldest apps when it comes to follower tracking. It is just a shame that they did not improve their design after a long time. It also failed to return the right results because I have too many followers.

Top 10 Twitter Directories

Looking for people to follow on Twitter? Tired of searching for people with similar interests? Hop over to one of these Twitter directories and find the right people.

#1: Wefollow

Wefollow Wefollow is my favorite in the bunch. It is a user directory without the frills. It greets you with a search bar where you an input your interest and it will instantly connect you to people who are interested in the same topic. I suggest that you choose a more general term if you want to have greater results.

#2: Twellow

Twellow Twellow is next in my most recommended directories. I love how it creatively displays its categories and how it displays the top Twellowers. You should definitely list your Twitter profile in this site if you have not yet done so.

#3: Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It One of the first user directories I have encountered is Just Tweet It. I am one of the people who signed up my profile to their site back when they only have a few members and boy how their directory has grown. Now they have over 10,000 people sorted in different categories. That is pretty amazing if you’ll ask me.

#4: Tweet Find

Tweetfind Tweet Find offers you a classic directory where you can find people to follow. It is properly sorted into categories in a way that is similar to a link directory. There is even a search bar if you’re getting a little lazy. It is better than the other directories in terms of its design and lack of shortcomings. But it still so-so for me.

#5: Profiles.IM

ProfilesIM If you’re looking for a website where you can find a date, then you should try Profiles.IM. This website has a searchable database where you can find people based on their relationship status and location. It is perfect for searching for single people to follow.

#6: Twibs

Twibs If you’re on Twitter because you want to get updated in the business scene, then you should try looking for people to follow in Twibs. Unlike other user directories, this website focuses on one niche – business. It breaks down this niche into different subcategories. This way, you can find Twitter accounts to follow in your desired industry.

#7: Localtweeps

Localtweeps Looking for people who are living in your state or area? You can do that by searching for people in Localtweeps. This website lists people by location, state or zipcode. All you need to do is input your city, zip code or a keyword. This is perfect if you want to do a promotion in a certain area. The only problem with this website is that it is only available to selected countries. Only people from the US, UK and Canada can use this website.

#8: Twirlos

twirlos Twirlos is different from other directories because it gives you a list of people to follow based on their tweets. Just search for a topic and the website will return a list of latest Tweets on that topic. From here, you can start following the listed people. Aside from that, you can also list yourself in their directory. Just sign up to set up your searchable profile.

#9: Twitterpacks

Twitterpacks TwitterPacks will give you a wiki page feel. It is straightforward with all the categories displayed. It sorted its users into packs based on the following factors: topic, location, event or company. You can use this as a tool to look for people with similar interests. Though I like to point out that it would have been better if it had a search feature.

#10: Twitter Profiles Directory

Twitter Profile Directory If you’re looking for a complete list of Twitter users, then you should go to Twitter’s profile directory. This directory literally contains ALL the users of Twitter. The only problem with this directory is that it lacks categories. It only sorts users by name which practically renders it useless for searching people by interest. All bloggers agree that this directory is merely Twitter’s effort to increase its search engine rankings for certain Twitter profiles.

Top 10 Twitter Wordpress Plugins

Twitter is a great tool to promote your Wordpress blogposts. The problem is automating it. Fortunately, there are now some Wordpress plugins that can help you do that. Some of them even have extra features where they give your readers the chance to share your posts.

#1: Tweetsuite

Tweetsuite If you’re looking for a plugin that can automatically tweet your posts as you make them as well as allow your users to tweet your content, then you should definitely download Tweetsuite. This tool also sorts tweets into different categories like most-tweeted posts, recently tweeted, your last tweets and your favorite tweets. It is definitely better than other auto-tweet plugins out there.

#2: Tweet This

Tweet This If you’re looking for a simple way to let your users share your posts on Twitter, then you should download Tweet This. It is better than other Tweet-your-content plugins because it automatically shortens URLs and create tweets that are free from extra codes. It can also tweet your blogposts as you post them.

#3: Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet Looking for a tool that can help you display your tweets in your blog? There is nothing more flexible than Tweet Tweet. Unlike other tools that only gives you a widget that you can put in your sidebar, this tool gives you a code which you can put anywhere. This will allow you to put your tweets anywhere you want. With this tool, you can also create blogposts from your recent tweets.

#4: Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools Did you know that you can use a Twitter plugin to create automatic blogposts for your blog? Yes. You can do that with Twitter Tools. This tool captures your tweets and automatically posts them in your blog. In the same way, it also gets your blogposts and tweets them. It also archives your posts and allows you to search for them when you need them.

#5: Twitter Link Comments

Twitter Link Comments If you love plugins like Commentluv that gives your readers a chance to promote their recent posts, then you’ll love Twitter Link Comments. This tool gives your readers a chance to promote their Twitter accounts. All they need to do is include their Twitter profile details when they make a comment and their comments will contain a follow me button. It is a great tool if you want to increase activity in your site.

#6: Tweet Meme

Tweet Meme This is perhaps one of the most popular Twitter buttons out there. Tweet Meme is one of the pioneers in Twitter buttons. In fact, it is featured by the top social media and technology websites like Wired, TechCrunch, CNET and Time Magazine. So if you want to put a Twitter button on your website the simple way, you should try this out.

#7: Tweet Stats

Tweet Stats Want to see which of your posts performed well in Twitter? Tweet Stats will give you two widgets that can help you asses that. These widgets are the Most Tweeted Posts widget and the Recently Tweeted Posts widget. These can show you which of your posts are popular and are gaining popularity. Best for blogs with active readers.

#8: Tweet Old Posts

Tweet Old Posts Tired of thinking about topics to tweet? Let this plugin do the work. With Tweet Old Posts, you can get the plugin to automatically browse through your old posts and randomly tweet one of them. And if you’re a social media addict, it also has settings for Facebook and Google +.

#9: Twitter Fans

Twitter Fans Twitter Fans is clean and simple. It does two things: displays your follower count and let your readers follow you. It is the perfect plugin for people who simply want to give a rough overview of their Twitter account to their readers. I personally use this on my blog. It is great to have this follower box that gives your readers the choice to follow you.

#10: Wickett

wickett If you’re looking for a widget that can display your tweets at the sidebar of your blog, then you should ditch the complicated plugins and just go for Wickett. This tool is easy to use. Just input your username and choose how many tweets you want to be displayed and you got your customized Twitter widget.

Top 5 Money Making Twitter Sites

Want to use your Twitter account for more than just tweeting what you ate this morning? You can use it to make money. Here are some sites that can help you do that.

#1: MyLikes

MyLikes You’ll love ‘MyLikes because of its diverse range of advertisers. They sort their advertisers by niche and you get paid based on click. Although it is slightly harder to make some money, it is not a problem for people who have very responsive followers.

#2: Paid Per Tweet

Paid Per Tweet I like Paid Per Tweet because after a few seconds of setting up an account, I am already qualified for a few opportunities. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to pay a monthly fee to get verified. Although I don’t know much about the amount of their advertisers. They only show you the advertisers you qualify for in the beginning.

#3: Pay 4 Tweets

Pay 4 Tweets If you want to properly set up a payment system for your Tweets but want to look for advertisers on your own, then you should try to set up a payment scheme in Pay 4 Tweet. This site will integrate your Twitter account with your PayPal account so that advertisers can just click a button and pay if they like you to tweet for them. I also like this site because of the chance to buy from other Twitter users. You’ll see their follower count so that you can decide.

#4: Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets On top of the list is Sponsored Tweets. This site utilizes the old Magpie website and is now paying people for Tweets. Setting up an account is free. But I don’t like the limited opportunities. I don’t know if it is just me but the site looks like it only has a few advertisers.

#5: RevTwt

revtwt I used to buy links from RevTwt but it has clearly changed over the years. Now it has ZERO advertisers. I tried it out but I did not even break even. This shows that it is hard to advertise if it is not on a per click basis. I think the website can improve itself if it will focus on per click advertising instead of per tweet.

Top 5 Twitter Link or Topic Trackers

Want to know if a particular link or topic is trending on Twitter? Just use one of these trackers and you're sure to be in the know.

#1: Twitscoop

Twitscoop If you want to keep up with the latest trends as they happen, then you’ll love Twitscoop. I find this site really unique because it has a dynamic tag cloud that updates in real time. That means you’ll see words grow bigger and smaller depending on the number of tweets in the Twitterverse. You can also use it to track certain topics by doing a search.

#2: Twitter Search

Twitter Search If you want to see the latest tweets on a particular topic, then there is nothing more updated than the classic Twitter Search. This app is connected with Twitter and is sure to give you the latest tweets as people submit them.

#3: TweetBeep

TweetBeep Do you want to track certain topics on Twitter? You can use TweetBeep to see the latest news about a product or service or a certain type of company. Just register for an account and receive alerts in your e-mail inbox. How cool is that?

#4: Hashtags

Hashtags If you’re an avid Twitter user, you should be familiar with Hashtags. You might think that Twitter came up with the idea but it really came from this website that tracks topics across the Twitterverse. You can track a particular topic by searching for it in their website.

#5: Tweet Grid

Tweet Grid If you want to see the latest tweets on a particular topic without using the dreaded Twitter search, then a good alternative is Tweet Grid. It does the same thing. It displays the latest tweets on a particular topic.

The only downside of this app is that it does not display tweets in real time. You may need to refresh your search if you want to see new tweets.

Top 10 Twitterapps for Browsers

Want to know how you can integrate Twitter into your browser? Whether you're using Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome, there's an app for you.

#1: Silverbird (Google Chrome)

Silverbird Here’s an app that you can use with Chrome. Some of the things it can do is that it allows you to tweet from your browser, let you browse tweets from a certain user and also follow and unfollow people. In my opinion, Silverbird is by far the best app in the bunch because it lets you do more for a single app.

#2: Twitbin (Firefox 4.0+)

Twitbin Looking for an app that lets you tweet from your Firefox browser? You can do that with Twitbin. This app lets you tweet anywhere and share your conversations. It also helps you to share the pages that your visiting fast.

#3 Hootbar (Firefox)

Hootbar You’ll love Hootbar because of it’s different functions. This is a Firefox add-on that allows you to make a tweet, tweet links and log in to multiple twitter accounts right from your browser’s navigation bar. It is a great app for all those peeps who just can’t get enough of Twitter.

#4: SafariTweet (Safari)

SafariTweet If you’re using Safari and you want to make tweets at a click of a button, then there’s no better option than SafariTweet. This tool have a pop-up window that lets you add a tweet as you continue browsing. No need for extra tabs or windows.

#5: Shortxt (Firefox)

Shortxt Let’s admit it. Sometimes Twitter’s character limit is just not enough to tell the world about our colorful experiences. So here’s what we can do. Install < a href=”https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/twitzer-twitter-more/”>Shortxt on Firefox. It gives you an interface where you can compose longer tweets. Your friends just need to click the link in your tweets to see your longer tweet.

#6: Twitter Extension (Opera)

Twitter Extension Most phones are operating in Opera Mini. You can also have a Twitter extension for this. This is called the Twitter Extension. With this add-on, you can share any page you visit on Twitter. Try it if you want your friends to be updated with what you’re doing.

#7: Power Twitter (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

Power Tweet Power Twitter is an app that claims that it can make Twitter better. Well, it has the facts to back that claim. First, they can let people share different types of media. It can also expand links.

Here are the links to each version:
Power Twitter for Firefox
Power Twitter for Chrome
Power Twitter for Safari

#8: Born for Twitter (Chrome)

Born for Twitter Ever wanted to know when a particular Twitter account is created? You can do that with Chrome’s extension – Born for Twitter. This website gives you all the necessary information that you need about a Twitter account. This is great for social media and communication researchers.

#9: WatchClient

WatchClient If you’re the type who likes to keep up with trends, then you’ll like WatchClient. This app integrates with your browser and gives you the latest updates in real-time. I’d say that it is even better than Twitter’s own tracker. You can get it running at the side of your browser as you do other things.

#10: TweetIE (IE)

TweetIE If you’re an IE user, don’t worry. I also got you covered. I put this down the list just because there are only a few IE users out there compared to the other platforms. But here you go.

TweetIE is a simple plugin for IE. It allows you to see tweets and make tweets from your browser. This is a great app created by Cloudberry Lab.

Top 5 Twitter Apps for Pictures and Videos

Want to share pictures and videos but think that Twitter gives you limited options? Here are some apps that you an use to share them.

#1: Twitpic

Twitpic One cannot help but think of Twitpic when we’re talking about sharing pictures and videos on Twitter. Twitter has integrated it into their system for a reason. People nowadays want to share more than just words. They also want to share other forms of media. So if you’re looking for an app that can do just that. Try this one.

#2: Vine

Vine Vine is an app for your iPhone and iPad. It can let you share pictures and other forms of media on Twitter and other social media.

#3: TwitVid (Now Telly)

TwitVid Life is now shared in motion. This means it is simply not enough to share pictures. People nowadays share videos. Twitvid is one of the top video sharing apps on Twitter. But due to the explosion of uploads, it has to transfer all the videos to a bigger site called Telly. You can still reach the website through the link.

#4: Twitrpix

Twitrpix Want to see an image editor and sharer in one? You have Twitrpix. This app allows you to edit your pictures and add stickers to them before you share them. Edit your photos and share them quickly. You can download it to your phone from the iTunes store.

#5: Twitgoo

Twitgoo Don’t like Twitter because it is not showing the pictures? Then share your pics with Twitgoo.. This app has its own interface that can help you see your pics as it is uploaded. You can also see it tweeted into your Twitter account. Invite your friends here so that you can see pictures as they are shared.

Top 5 Twitter App Directories

Want to look for more Twitter apps? Some sites cover them all. You can check out these directories.

#1: Twitdom

Twitdom One of the top Twitter application directories is Twitdom. Try searching for an app’s name and you’ll see their entry on the top one of the Google’s search results. I like Twitdom because it houses over 2290 apps. It also gives brief description of each as well as break them down into categories. You can visit this place if you want to do a little app exploration.

#2: TwtBase

TwtBase I love TwtBase because it gives you a peek at the app before you click it. It also has some ratings and it keeps on updating its database with the newest apps out there. Visiting it has allowed me to click on some apps. I also loved the pictures.

#3: Twitter Fan Wiki

If you want to see a long list of apps, then Twitter Fan Wiki is the place to be. Though it does not provide detailed descriptions like other Twitter app directories do, you’ll like it because of the selection. You’ll surely discover some new apps. Just be warned that some links are not updated.

#4: Just Tweet It App Directory

Just Tweet It We all know Just Tweet It because of its people directory. But did you know that it also has an application directory? You’ll like it because of its huge selection. But with short descriptions and the lack of ratings and pictures, it sure is not at par with the other directories out there.

#5: Twittown

Twittown Twittown is one of the first Twitter app directories out there. It has a huge selection where you can find just about every app imaginable. The only problem I had with this website is the error. I don’t know what happened but an error keeps coming up when I visit it.

Top 5 Twitter Books for Newbies

Twitter can be a little hard to understand if you're just starting out. Fortunately, there are some guides which you can use. These guides will literally take you by the hand and teach you how to use every feature of Twitter. Try it. You'll not be disappointed.

That's it.
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Keep Tweeting!

Twitter is a status-updating or microblogging social networking website. It is a breakthrough in social networking because it takes communication into another level. Before, a person can only update his status (eg. what he’s doing, where he is) at a certain time. But with Twitter and it’s mobile integration, he can update his status almost all throughout the day and get in touch with people that matters to him the most.

But the functions of Twitter do not stop there. It is now used by various fields. Business, for example, has used Twitter to get in touch with customers on a personal level. It is also a nice place to meet people from different parts of the world that shares the same interests. Furthermore, its possibilities to promote new technology, news and products can’t be denied.

Join Twitter and use these Twitter applications to spice up your tweets!

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This is still not a complete list of all the Twitter applications out there. Help me complete my collection by pointing out applications I may have missed.
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  • ivarsiswriting Sep 15, 2013 @ 2:38 pm
    Thanks for a huge list. This was very useful!
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  • seodress Jun 23, 2013 @ 4:31 am
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