Vietnam War Movies

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Vietnam War Movies And Books

Vietnam war movies are very popular with many people around the world.

Somehow the Vietnam War has managed to capture the brutality and heroism of the soldiers on each side of the conflict.

This horrible conflict has scarred the psyche of many Americans, and some of the movies do a good job of showing this.

Vietnam War Movies

Vietnam War Movies
Great site that has ALL of the Vietnam War Movies that are worth watching.


chickenhawk There are some great books about the Vietnam War, if you do not like to watch the Vietnam War movies.

Some of the best books from the Vietnam War are those first hand accounts written by people who were there.

One of the best books to be written was one by Mr. Rob Mason, and it was called Chickenhawk.


Dispatches Michael Herr tells one classic war story and it is called Dispatches.

He was at some of the key battles of the whole conflict, covering it as a journalist.

Herr captures the entire conflict form the beginning.

Many Hollywood production companies hired him to give their Vietnam War Movies a realistic edge.


Matterhorn There are some fictional accounts that were best sellers, and one of them is Matterhorn by Marlantes.

If you choose to read his book, set aside some time, as you will probably read it all the way through in one sitting.

There are plenty of real life experiences in Marlantes’ book because he was a soldier in the Vietnam War.

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