What Is The Best Ab Machine?

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The Best Ab Machines According To A Personal Trainer

You are looking for the Very Best Ab Machines out there?
I know which are the 5 Best Ab Machines!
As a personal trainer with 12 year experience, I know exactly what to look for in an ab machine.

Read Further! if you want to know which are the best an cheapest ab machines at this moment!

#1 - Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Why this is the number one ab machine? Because most people like a mindless workout!
Just get nice hard abs while sitting on the couch or while doing some cardio/running.
But most important : All Amazon Customer Reviews Tell You IT WORKS AND HOW!

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Another number 1 thing is that the price $99.99 is very cheap, for this Very High Quality Ab Belt. It contains very high quality parts for the belt and the gel pads are the best quality out their. So you can use it every day in day out without breaking it, and this one works better then all other ab belts!

There are a lot of other ab belts available, but the quality of most them is very very poor. The most important part of the Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner are the gel pads. These gel pads are much better than included with other similair products.

There are 3 contact pads, one large square one for the middle and two ovals for each side. The belt fit is great and the gel pads remain close to your body, which eliminates the abrasions.

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Order This Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Today, and receive it Tomorrow!

#2 - Ultega AB Trainer

Ultega AB Trainer This is the best and cheapest ab trainer!
All the ab trainers will do the same, but this quality is outstanding!
Compaired with an Pro-Ab Trainer (which costs $200), this Ultega AB Trainer is the same quality and has exactly the same effect.

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With the outstanding quality parts of the ab trainer, the padding on the bars and the head cushion is very comfortable to lie on with your head.

Because the shape of the ab trainer it is almost impossible to do excercises wrong, and have pain in your back the next day.
For people with little excercises experience or knowledge, it is the perfect solution to get a flat stomach and six pack abs at home.

The Ultega AB Trainer package comes with a really good instruction manual, which includes much ideas and excercises which you can do at home! Included in the manual are detailed pictures and instructions to but the Ab Trainer together.

If you can’t get a flat stomach with an Ultega AB Trainer, then there is nothing more you can do about your fat belly ;)

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#3 - Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench Is the Apex Roman Bench better than the number one ab belt? No not really, it just works different! This bench is for people who like to be active and do ab excercises at home. This is best & cheapest quality bench on amazon as a great alternitive for an ab belt, its just what you want!

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The cheapest bench on amazon, but more stable and higher quality than all other benches! This Apex Roman Bench is the exact same quality like benches in the gym. Hardcore fitness people call this a very great alternative for an expansive GHD machine (which costs 5 times more). Customers expected this bench to be fairly heavy and functional, but they did not expected this high end gym quality!

One really nice extra thing compared to the other cheap benches is the adjustable leg rest. All other cheap benches don’t have this feature! If you like a very strong and stable bench, with high quality parts, which are well finished and fit together nicely with very soft pads?
Order this Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench today and receive it tomorrow!

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Compare Average Amazon Customers Opinions Of The Best Ab Machines


Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab StrapsPerfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab Straps

Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bar

Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bar

Ultega AB Trainer

Ultega AB Trainer


$ 99.99

$ 184.15

$ 33.78

$ 18.40

$ 30.94

# of Reviews






Av. Rating







very effective

very effective

most effective

like situps

very effective

Use Per Day

25 min

30 min

20 min

30 min

25 min

Ease of Use

not complicated to start it up

very easy, much excercises on youtube

just put your arms in it

put your feet under it and go

easy, comes with instructions and pictures


very comfortable

highly comfortable

standard comfort

more comfertable than normal situps

because of high quality very comfortible


within 4 days

within 5 days

within 3 days

with a week

within a week

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What Is The Best Ab Machine For You?

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  • juliarosa Feb 02, 2014 @ 12:51 am
    How about the sexy Venus body you've always wanted? I'm doing a program that the exercises target my whole body, 3 times a week. I am losing about 1 1/2 pounds a week, safely.
    And what you eat makes such a difference.
    If you're looking for the total package of a lifestyle change, support from other women doing it included, go to inshapenow.net. It's guaranteed and you'll get excited when you see all of the success stories and women that are just starting in the same boat you are in.

    To your new you!
  • 1FitnessGuru Oct 21, 2013 @ 3:18 pm
    Whichever machine you use, you need to have a well-rounded, effective program- for diet and exercise if you want to see your abs. One that is effective, *and* that you'll stick to. I recommend a couple on my lens.
  • Mark Siegel Jan 20, 2013 @ 6:55 am
    The EXT3 is the most effective abdominal machine on the market.
    1. Scientifically engineered for perfect isolation on the core.
    2. No cheating
    3. No strain on the neck, arms and back
    4. Comfortable position.
  • Jack Jan 13, 2013 @ 2:22 pm
    I have been using the muscles tone for more than 4 months now. I was very skeptical... But there is a serious amount of muscles where there wasn't before on my stomach. I set the slendertone to level 99 and using it for 45 minutes a day. I allready lost more than an inch off my waist! Thank you for your information Chris Dutch
  • Didijudy Dec 11, 2012 @ 12:34 pm
    At home, I use the Ultega AB Trainer and the Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner and sure love them both.
  • chrisdutch Jan 13, 2013 @ 2:13 pm
    Nice to hear you love them, I love them both too!

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