Last summer I was visiting my mom with my dear husband and baby daughter and you can imagine how the three of us camped in her house with tons of baby stuff. If that weren’t enough we are cloth diapering parents so we produce enoooormous amounts of laundry every day.

Anyway, after we installed ourselves in her beautiful home she came with something that looked like a flat, round piece of cloth with wires inside. I had no idea what it was. Then, like magic, those flat disks turned into big, bright coloured fabric buckets! We used two of them for laundry and two of them for toy storage and they worked great for our whole stay.

The material can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth so cleaning is not a problem. I would not recommend it for storing dirty nappies though, because I don’t think you can wash it properly in a washing machine.

They give you great storage capacity on the go and for the price she got them (less than 17$ for a pack of four) they are a very useful thing to have at home if you have little children or guests who want to keep their laundry separated from yours.

I now have my own bongo buckets and often throw one in my suitcase before we go for a trip, they take virtually no space at all and help you keep organized during your holidays (even in a hotel room it’s nice not to have dirty laundry lying around). I wouldn’t buy it for everyday use, because they don’t look very resistant – they’re better as on-the-go organizers).

All in all, a useful buy that I can recommend.

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