Christmas Cats And Their Story Of Why Santa Can't Have Any

Christmas cats is the story of Santa's cats, told in ornaments. We learn why he had to give them up, but just for the holidays. It's a lesson for anyone who works at home, especially if you work with materials of interest to cats.

It started innocently enough. The North Pole Humane Society held an adoption drive one spring. Santa Claus loves cats as much as anyone. Many had shared his warm milk with him on Christmas Eve. And the shelter was full of amazing cats and kittens.

(Image for Three Cats In Snow: Deborah Julian Art)

The only thing was, it was too hard to decide which should become the one and only Santa Claus cat. So, he brought Mrs. Claus back to help him decide. It didn't work out exactly as he hoped. Mrs. Claus helped him adopt three cats, not just one.

All was fine, at first. The cats scampered together and purred like lions, so grateful were they to have a home.

The trouble for Santa Claus' cats, as illustrated in the cat ornaments below, started when spring yielded to summer, and Santa and his elves began making gifts for children all over the world. Unfortunately, the cats wanted to help too. Cat ornaments tell the story.

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Billy: Santa Claus Cat Problem #1

The Black Cat In A Box Ornament

Black Cat In A Box Ornament Card Click on the image.

Cats love boxes and will search a lifetime for one of just the right proportion. I once got a laptop delivered in a pizza box, and one of my cats insisted on retaining it for napping purposes for over a year.

As Santa Claus’ one and only black cat, Billy decided to try out all the boxes first to find just the right one to match is color and size. After an exhausting day for Billy, Santa and his elves, who had to keep lifting Billy out of boxes to use them, all agreed that this was the perfect box and let Billy keep it.

When Mrs. Claus saw her beloved black kitty in this bright box, she insisted they make a Black Cat In A Christmas Box Ornament from it. She hangs it on her tree, every year.

Sammy In The Sack: Santa Claus' Cat Problem #2

Then, There Was This Nice, Soft Sack

Cat In Santa Claus Sack Click on the image.

After Santa Claus black cat won the box he wanted, he and the elves went back to work, but there was a big surprise.

Sammy, Santa Claus playful, energetic tiger cat had decided to claim napping space for himself. Like all cats, he wanted a place that was warm and snuggly. He decided that Santa’s sack, used for carrying presents all around the world on Christmas Eve, was perfect.

Of course, he had to kick all the presents out first to make room. A little drama ensued. The elves would lure Sammy out of the sack with delicious Greenies, then refill the sack, but each time they did, Sammy returned, apparently thinking he was being rewarded.

“Oh, well,” Santa said, “I don’t really need it filled until December. By then, he’ll find another favorite place. I hope.”

He and Mrs. Claus decided to make a cat ornament with Sammy in it too, and each year, they hang it right next to Billy in his box.

George Discovers The Ribbons: Santa Claus Cat Problem #3

The Last Straw

Cats Like Christmas Too Click on the image.

Our Santa Claus cat story might have had a different ending, if Christmas wasn’t the best place of all for ribbons.

Billy got a box, and Sam got a sack. But George got the grand prize: enough ribbons to keep a hundred cats happy for life!

This was too much for Santa’s workshop to bear during the hard work of making gifts for all the children of the world. Worse than the disruption of having George rolling around with whatever ribbon got his attention was the alarm of Santa’s looking up to find Mrs. Claus and the elves taking breaks to play with him.

Cats like Christmas too,” George explained, and Santa agreed that he was right.

Now, for six months every year, Mr. and Mrs. Claus farm Billy, Sammy and George out to elves who have children that can play with them. Billy is allowed to bring his box, Sammy his sack and George, a collection of colorful ribbons.

Santa Claus' Can't Have A Cat: Cards and Ornaments

Cats and Christmas, A Purrfect Match

Why Santa Can't Have A Cat Cards Each year, now, Santa Claus celebrates the three little felines that come back to cuddle and play at his house as soon as Christmas is over. He gives sets of cat ornaments to his friends and for stocking stuffers.

And he leaves Why Santa Can’t Have A Cat Cards for children who leave warm milk and cookies for him to share with their cat on Christmas Eve.

PS: Santa wishes to express his appreciation for all the cats who let him have the cookies!

More From the Cat Art Designer

Handmade Artist, Deborah Julian

New York artist, Deborah Julian created the cat art used to illustrate this story. Here is what else she is working on right now.

Funny Cat Art Print - Cats in Van Gogh's Bedroom | Price: $20

Funnyl Cat Art Print - Cats in Van Gogh's Bedroom

This colorful cat art print is a reproduction of my art work based on a Van Gogh painting. It... (full description)

Funny Cat Print- Matisse's Cat | Price: $20

Funny Cat Print- Matisse's Cat

This beautiful and funny cat art print is a reproduction of my art work based on a Matisse painting. It features... (full description)

Black Cat Art- Funny Cat Print- Chat Noir | Price: $20

Black Cat Art- Funny Cat Print- Chat Noir

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Black Cat Christmas Cards- Black Cat in Box- Set of 5 cards | Price: $10

This is a set of beautiful Christmas cards (all of the same design) featuring my black cat Billy in a brightly colored Christmas box. The image is from... (full description)

Cat Art Print- Cat visits Matisse | Price: $20

This beautiful cat art print is from my original art work of my cat George visiting Matisse's studio. It was inspired by a visit to the Museum of... (full description)

Cat Card -Set of 5 Stunning Cat Cards-Black cat art | Price: $10

This is a set of 5 cat cards, all of the same design, printed from my original art work “Can I Jump that High?” featuring my black cat Billy.

The... (full description)

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Cat Card-Set of 5 Cat Cards-City Cats | Price: $10

This is a set of 5 gorgeous cat note cards, all of the same design, printed from my original art work “City Cats”.

The note cards are blank inside,... (full description)

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