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Lots of Great Ideas for Articles that you can use Today for Your Blog, Website or Online Writing Site!

I'm an online writer with hundreds of articles published on many places across the Internet on popular spaces such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Wizzley, Zujava, Infobarrel, Wordpress sites and blogs. One thing I never run short of is with getting ideas on what to write. I know from reading forums how often people complain about getting stuck on coming up with ideas for topics and what they can publish next. So here, I'm offering up lots of the inspiration that I use to keep writing on a daily basis.

So don't struggle and sit in front of a blank screen and waste your valuable time in wondering what you could possibly write about. Use this guide as inspiration for coming up with plenty of your own ideas to use and become a prolific writer who doesn't get stuck for words again. Re-visit this page as often as you need and bookmark it on a PC by pressing CTRL and D.

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How You can Get NonFiction Writing Ideas

Article Ideas to Take Away Today with You!

Snowman 1) IN SEASON. There are always the perennial favourites such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween for you to write about. And the great thing about seasonal topics is that you know you can re-use those articles again each year, perhaps by linking to them from a new article or just by giving them a revamp. We also now have National Awareness days such as World Cancer Day and Armed Forces Day which give you plenty of other themes to consider. Other ideas are “On This Day In History” and signs of the zodiac.

2) WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. What is of interest to you or what knowledge do you have which you can share with other people? A subject which you already know about will require less research and therefore be easier to write about. Make a list of topics that you would be comfortable writing about with some enthusiasm – and start from there.

3) SOCIAL GATHERING. Get ideas from any forums or social places you visit online like Facebook and Twitter. Pay attention to the questions that people ask – can you provide a solution to those questions with an article? It’s a good idea to copy these questions and keep them in an online notepad like Evernote which you can access from anywhere with an Internet Browser. You’ll soon build up a list of article ideas which you can use when you can’t think of what to write.

4) CHECK YOUR STATS. If you’ve already written articles, chances are you’ll have some stats. Squidoo provides stats for every Lens page you make. And if you blog, you’ll probably get stats with that too. What’s so great about stats? You can see what keywords people are using to actually find you with. These are sometimes completely different to what you’d expect. Use the popular keywords as the basis for a new article idea.

4 Article Writing Ideas Given ~ 13 More to Go

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Find Keywords in Your Stats

Provide content which people are searching for. Look through keywords that people are using to find your work online and make new articles from those ideas.

Blogger: go to Blogger Dashboard ~ Stats ~ Traffic Sources and scroll down to find keywords.

Squidoo: go to Squidoo Dashboard ~ Click on Stats under each Lens Title ~ select Traffic tab and scroll down to find keywords.

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Writing is an Adventure

Hot air balloon 5) BE ADVENTUROUS. Fancy bungee jumping, a ride in a hot air balloon or a drive in a racing car. Try out a completely new activity and then share your experience. Readers might want to know how much it cost, where you went, any equipment you need, why you did this and your thoughts before, during and after the event. Perhaps the most important point that readers want to know is: would you do it again?

6) TOP 10. Top 10, or indeed whatever number you like, lists are pretty popular online. People are able to easily read through an ordered list so they can quickly pick out what’s relevant to them. They are also easy to write. What are your Top 10 books, films, toys or something specific to what interests you.

7) MIND THE MAP. Mind mapping can generate article ideas you might otherwise miss. Start with a large sheet of paper or a white board and write down your a subject that interests you right in the middle. My subject is the Amazon Kindle reading device. Draw arrows away from the subject in the middle and use each one to list something related to the subject ie: reviews, accessories, ebooks, news, travelling with. Then take each of these subtitles and drill down again. So for accessories you can divide this into more specific topics such as: leather covers, waterproof covers, lights, skins, vegan covers etc. I bet you’ll find plenty of article topics you haven’t thought of yet by using the Mind Mapping method.

8) QUOTE IT. Do you enjoy reading quotes? Every quote you read could form the basis for writing content. Let’s look at the quote “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” by Henry David Thoreau. The quote implies that to be successful you should be busy taking action. You could write an article agreeing with the quote, disagreeing with it or even looking at both points of view. Or you could list what actions you’re planning to take to be successful. How is being busy helping you achieve success? What action plans can you suggest which might help other people succeed at a goal?

8 Article Writing Ideas Given ~ 9 More to Go

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Books to Help Your NonFiction Ideas Flow

Learn how to mind map, be a prolific writer and come up with new ideas easily when writing. I was fortunate enough to be included on a Tony Buzan Mind Mapping session at university and it completely turned my writing output around. I've never been stuck for ideas since despite being a prolific blogger and short story author over the last 12 years.

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Save NonFiction Writing Time by Recycling

Recycle 9) RECYCLE. If you write a lot but you’re currently going through a bit of writer’s block, look to recycle some of your old articles. Some subjects may be outdated but perhaps you could go back and freshen them up. How could you re-write an article? You could turn it into a list of important points. Or use just part of the article to give you an idea for writing something fresh and new. Even just looking back through your older content can spark new ideas for writing content.

10) DO INTERVIEWS. Interviews are good if you worry about enough producing content under your own steam. Instead, you need to focus on what questions you need to ask in order to make for an interesting read. Who would you like to interview? And be realistic with that because it’s unlikely you’ll get an interview with the President. But perhaps there are people who live locally who have interesting stories to share. What about starting by interviewing people such as elderly relatives about how life was when they were young, during the war, at school, raising children, fashions of old. You can use the interview to compare the way life was with how it is now and come up with something very relevant.

11) DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Although it can be easier to write about topics you already know, that might be a bit limiting. You can also write about subjects you think readers would like to know more about. Just go online and use a search engine like Google to find the information you need. Perhaps you will become intrigued by the topic, test it out for yourself and then write about how you got on. Or, even simpler, you could construct a hub-type article which points readers to where they need to go to find what they want. This will save online users time because you’ve done the research and grouped together all the relevant information by linking to other articles, videos and audio online.

12) LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Look to yourself as writing inspiration. What problems have you faced (health, wealth, family, work, home) that someone else would be interested to read about. And how did you you tackle those problems? Did you keep a diary which you might be able to share extracts from. Would you tackle the problems differently if you went through the experience all over again?

12 Article Writing Ideas Given ~ 5 More to Go

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Write the Way to Your Success

Write it down 13) JOT IT DOWN. As soon as you get an idea, make sure you jot it down before you forget. I keep the Evernote application on my Kindle Fire so whenever I get an idea, even if it’s a photo that’s where it gets sent. It isn’t unknown for me to wake up in the middle of the night, reach for my tablet and tap in something new I’ve thought of. It also means that you can end up with a nice long list for days when you’re just fresh out of ideas.

14) HOW TO. There are so many ideas for How To articles. Pick a topic of interest and show your readers how to achieve something. These types of articles normally have plenty of step-by-step images or a video. You can bet that information that was or is useful to you will also be useful to other people as well. Especially if there is a lack of detailed information about the subject online.

15) USE COMMENTS. When you get comments or questions on your blog or Squidoo lens, can you use those as the basis for an article? For one of my blogs, I ended up taking the questions that people sent in to me and turning them into blog posts so ALL my readers can benefit. I simply omit personal details, rewrite the question in my own words and post a full answer to it online. These question and answer posts are very popular.

16) PRODUCT PERFECTION. I’m not a big fan of people doing product reviews in order to make a fast buck when they’ve never actually tried the product themselves – and I think it shows through with the lack of depth in the writing. But there are clearly things that you buy which you could give an honest opinion on. Let other people know the pros and cons of a product. And don’t be afraid to give a truthful opinion – people appreciate honesty and are more likely to come back to you when they’re interested in related products.

17) POPULARITY WINS. Which blog posts or articles are are your most popular? Can you write more on those topics? Give your readers more of what they do want. Consider doing a poll to ask what your readers are interested in most. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my lens or article today, thanks for your visit.

17 Write Ideas Given ~ 0 More to Go

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  • mountainmist Feb 15, 2014 @ 11:07 am
    Terrific lens! As a newbie, I've gone through my best recipes and first ideas already. Now I have a roadmap for new ideas. As something of a geek, I keep ideas on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • graysquidooer Feb 02, 2014 @ 2:23 pm
    Wonderful informative lens, as to inspiration, the use of music or videos from YouTube or other share sites - Pinterest is another useful site for inspiration
    Beware these sites can get addictive and time consuming
  • TandCrecruitment Jan 12, 2014 @ 6:51 pm
    brilliant ideas, I will need to refer back to this at some point! thanks so much for sharing this.
  • Jan 10, 2014 @ 2:27 am
    This lens is superb! I've been going round and round google-ing but got nothing that worth mentioning. Should have come here earlier.

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful lens. =D
    I hope you'll be writing more on those we voted for. Looking forward to it.
  • kinworm Jan 10, 2014 @ 5:45 am
    I sometimes struggle to find what I want in Google as well - I often use Bing instead. But thank you very much for your visit. I hope to add in more articles on this topic when I get the time.
  • smine27 Jan 09, 2014 @ 9:10 pm
    These are some excellent tips every writer could use. Thanks!
  • kinworm Jan 10, 2014 @ 5:45 am
    Thank you, very much!
  • auntkake Jan 07, 2014 @ 11:19 am
    Thanks for all the great ideas you shared. I plan on trying a few of them or possibly all 17 ideas in the near future.
  • kinworm Jan 10, 2014 @ 5:45 am
    I'm glad you can use the ideas to help you, thanks.
  • libertyduckling Jan 05, 2014 @ 1:11 am
    some great ideas here! thanks :)

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