Finding the perfect name for your perfect little pup

Let's face it -- names like 'Rex' or 'Buddy' or 'Lucky' ain't gonna cut it as a Yorkie name. But how to find a name that reflects your feisty little friend's personality, and your own?
Yorkshire Terriers - now the 3rd most popular registered breed in America - deserve a special name and there are lots of ways to find one.
Here are just a few:
go with the flow and pick one of the most popular names today; name your pooch after a celebrity or a celebrity's dog, or.... use geography to help you. Dakota? Paris? Sky? Play with flower names (Daisy?), months (April?)....

You could go with an old-fashioned name, or try a super modern tag. Use his looks or character for inspiration, or go with a name that's absolutely opposite like Joan River's Yorkie "Spike."

This lens will help you find the perfect yorkie terrier puppy names!

Pick the right name!

You'll call your dog more than 35,000 times in a lifetime

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NEW FOR 2012 - Top puppy names

Most popular dog names

A recent survey

…conducted by lists the top 10 pet names for both dogs and cats for 2012. examined the names of more than 1.26 million puppies born in 2012 from their records to come up with this year’s top contenders.

For female dogs, Bella is #1 for 6 years running! And Lola, on the rise for the past decade, is now at #5. Coco is in the Top 10 for the first time in 2012 and some new names likely on the list next year include Rosie, Luna, and Nala.

Max has been the top dog name for boys for 7 years and Rocky and Bear have been in the top 10 for 13 years!

Some new boy names that are gaining in 2012: Zeus and Thor are rising fast, along with Milo, Blue, Gunner, Bentley and Jax. (Bentley is the name of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout’s baby boy.)

Picture: photo: Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller, at

Bella and Max are #1 again for 2012!

Top 10 names for FEMALE puppies in 2012

New girl names

1. Bella

2. Daisy

3. Lucy

4. Molly

5. Lola

6. Sophie

7. Sadie

8. Chloe

9. Coco


Top girl puppy names 2012

You can make a cool word picture or cloud tag like this one for free at Wordle Just type in some words and see what comes up.

Here are the top girl names for 2012.

And another version…

Top 10 names for MALE puppies in 2012

New boy names

1. Max

2. Buddy

3. Charlie

4. Rocky

5. Cooper

6. Bear

7. Bentley

8. Duke

9. Jack

10. Toby

Word clouds of top names for male puppies

You can try your hand at a word cloud yourself here at Wordle

And another version…

Top KITTY names for 2012?

Yup, you guessed it!

Again, according to, the top names for Kittens in 2012 are MAX and BELLA! Just like the dogs!

Other popular names for kittens in 2012: (Females) Kitty, Lucy, Chloe, Luna, Sophie, Lily, Daisy and Callie.

For males, Oliver, Tiger, Simba, Charlie, Milo, Smokey, Jack, Leo and Kitty round out the list.

Wacky Dog Names

Check these out!

"I'm ready for my close-up"

Tinker Bell the Yorkie!

Disney dog names

For boy dog names

Abu – The monkey in Aladdin
Baloo – The big bear character in Jungle Book
Buzz – as in Lightyear
Colonel - the name of the Sheep dog hero in101 Dalmatians
Goofy – for dogs with long droopy ears?
Gus – The chubby mouse in Cinderella
Jiminy – The cricket in Pinocchio
Jock – The Scottish terrier in Lady and the Tramp
Scuttle – The sea bird character in Disney’s Little Mermaid
Tigger – A good name for a bouncy pup
Thumper – The rabbit in Bambi
Tramp – Perfect for the stray pup that you adopted
Woody – The cowboy in Toy Story

ABOVE, Movie actress Audrey Hepburn with her Yorkie “Mister Famous”

The Yorkie's humble beginnings

The breed that was born working

As the name implies, the Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire (and the adjoining Lancashire), a rugged region in northern England.

In the mid-19th century, at the peak of England’s industrial revolution, miners and mill workers from Scotland came to Yorkshire in search of work. They brought small dogs – the “pre-Yorkie” – with them to kill all the rats that thrived in mines and factories. Read about more famous Yorkie terriers here at Growing Up Yorkie

Yorkies & their famous owners

London & Britney Spears
Poncho & Missy Elliott
Dodo & Ivana Trump
Bella and Bearlie - Justin Timberlake's Yorkies
Shooter & Miley Cyrus
Doogie & Whitney Houston
Spike & Donny Osmond
Mr. Famous & Audrey Hepburn

Read about more famous Yorkie terriers here at

More sites where you can find a great Yorkie name

Lots of resources for naming your Yorkshire Terrier

Here are some more websites with great ideas and more on naming your dog.
Best Yorkie Names
Names from flowers, gems and royalty
Care2 Top Dog Names
A great site for lots of stuff... including dog names
PET MD Puppy Centre
More than 4,000 puppy names
Fun Dog Names
Wade through the TON of ads and you'll find some good info here
Yorkie Names at DogTime
Cute name ideas
Dog names by theme at DogTime
Pick by breed or by theme, from "literary" to "techie," "artsy," and more

More Disney dog names

Adorable female dogs names

Ariel – especially if she loves water
Bambi – the long, lean, sporty dog with a little stump tail
Bo Peep – the little shepherd girl in Toy Story. Perfect for any type of sheepdog
Briar Rose – Sleeping Beauty’s name while she hid out in the woods
Cleo – the beautiful goldfish in Pinocchio
Cruela – the bad girl in 101 Dalmatians
Daisy – Donald Duck’s main squeeze
Flower – the skunk in Bambi
Jasmine – the beautiful princess in Aladdin
Kiara – a lioness in The Lion King <
Lady – no Disney list would be complete without this one
Merryweather – one of the good fairies in Sleeping Beauty.
Minnie – Mickey Mouse’s gf
Perla – the lady mouse in Cinderella
Snow White – perfect for Maltese dog names
Tiger Lily – The Indian chief’s daughter in Peter Pan
Tinkerbell – This girl dog name is perfect for the tiniest girls

Big names for dogs from 1957

A year of famous canines!

This was the year that Laika was aboard the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2 (she was the first living creature in space); MGM released the movie Lassie, based on Eric Knight ‘s novel and the movie Old Yeller, based on the novel by Fred Gipson, was released by Walt Disney Productions.

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So what to name a YORKIE pup??

Vote for your favourites from my list


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Bella the Yorkie (my dog)

Bella the Yorkie (my dog)

Bella the Yorkie (my dog)

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    Searching baby names according to your choice is no more a task of frustration. Which can find easily here.
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    Our male yorkie is Boone and our female is Baylee.
  • chickie99 Feb 12, 2013 @ 7:12 pm
    yorkie's are wife named our yorkie "friday"
  • squidoopets Feb 08, 2013 @ 8:42 pm
    We had a beautiful Yorkie named Bella at one time
  • LaughingLady Feb 08, 2013 @ 8:39 am
    Cute lens! Love the pic of your yorkie, Bella!

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